Where people from Bakersfield are moving to most?

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Doing the proper research before you move to a certain place, surely is essential. It will help you get to know the new place better and adjust to it much faster. Nowadays, it is very easy to do it as all you need to do is click a couple of times and the Internet will give you all the answers. However, getting information first-hand is always a better solution, and professional moving companies Bakersfield can help you. Let’s see where people in Bakersfield are moving to most and everything else you should know about these statistics.

Welcome to Bakersfield

Located on the Kern River, Bakersfield is home to 407,615 people. It is famous for its many attractions and of course, lovely neighborhoods. Those who are living and working there often describe it as one of the most suitable places for raising a family and settling in. The closer you get to the city center, the more you will come across museums, fancy restaurants, and shops. Those who will be moving there with the help of Bakersfield long distance movers should leave plenty of time to plan some post-moving activities. Don’t forget to include the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, as it is one of the most popular locations in the city.

When it comes to population, Bakersfield is pretty diverse. You will get a chance to meet a lot of those who were born there, but a huge number of people who decided to move at a certain point. Most of the time they will choose this city because of excellent education and high-ranked schools. Other reasons for moving to Bakersfield include living costs that are 103/100 and pretty affordable for many households.

Reasons people move from Bakersfield

Just like any city out there, Bakersfield often says goodbye to a certain number of its residents. It is only normal to feel the urge to change some things in your life, including the place of living. When getting a better insight into official statistics, there are a couple of reasons that stand out. One of them surely includes job opportunities. Even though Bakersfield offers careers in different professions, the city is mainly focused on the oil and agriculture industries. Since this will not be suitable for everyone, some of its residents will turn to moving and packing services Bakersfield and move someplace else.

person getting a job representing places where people in Bakersfield are moving to most
One of the main reasons people move from Bakersfield include new job opportunities

The second reason is often the crime rate that goes a little above the average. Currently, it rates 24/22, and for some residents that is more than enough. Young couples who plan to start a family or already have small kids will decide to move to a place with a much lower rate. Other reasons include:

  • Air quality
  • Education
  • Joining a family member
  • Buying a property in another state or city

Where people in Bakersfield are moving to most?

Now that you know what are the common reasons for people from Bakersfield to leave it, let’s see what places they usually choose. Of course, this is a completely individual thing, but some places are on target frequently. Knowing where people in Bakersfield are moving to most can help you choose your next destination as well, especially if you have been thinking about moving for some time.

A dog on the street
The list of places where people in Bakersfield are moving to most often includes those with subtle neighborhoods

Los Angeles

According to official statistics, the favorite destination for Bakersfield residents is LA. With 3.849 million residents this city is way bigger than Bakersfield, and with that offers more opportunities in different fields. Back in 2019 before the global pandemic, around 4,769 people decided to pack and move to Los Angeles permanently. 

San Diego

The next perfect candidate surely is San Diego. If you are to ask locals where people in Bakersfield are moving to most they will even place it above Los Angeles. Only last year, San Diego welcomed around 3.254 residents from Bakersfield who moved there mainly because of a new job opportunity. But apart from that, some people just want to experience new beaches and parks and San Diego turns out to be perfect for that.

What states are people in Bakersfield moving to most?

While the places above are some of the most popular spots in California, residents of Bakersfield will sometimes move to another state as well. Neighborhoods in California for young professionals can become well-too-known and freelancers will simply decide to try new things. When it comes to moving to another state, residents of Bakersfield will often choose:

  • Texas
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Oregon
  • Washington

It is worth mentioning that getting a new job in another state is probably one of the most common reasons to move further from California. Since the global pandemic shifted so many lives all around the world, residents of California found more suitable job opportunities in different states.

What should you do?

If you are thinking about leaving Bakersfield for a specific reason, it is good to put it at the center of your research. Make sure to set aside a couple of good candidates and get a better insight into the lifestyles they offer. A city that is good for someone else may not be so good for you, so always have your priorities first. When you find a suitable place rely on movers and storage Bakersfield and make sure your items are in good hands. This will give you plenty of time to even visit the new place before moving and make all plans before officially moving there.

person packing their items
Of course, when the time comes, this information could be very useful to you

In conclusion on where people in Bakersfield are moving to most

Now that you know how much proper information can make things easier, you can proceed to develop the rest of your plans. No matter if you want to move in the next couple of months or years, statistics on where people in Bakersfield are moving to most can lead you to the right place. Start organizing things on time, and make sure to include professionals who will help you do it all on time.





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