What to do with old furniture before moving?

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Making some huge decisions is what the relocation is all about. And while choosing the place to move to and setting up the date are essential parts, dealing with your inventory is something you will not be able to avoid. Soon enough, your entire household will need to be moved to another place and you will have to make some smart steps. Probably the biggest issue standing in your way is what to do with old furniture before moving. No matter how many pieces you have, it is not so easy to make a final decision. Let us help you do it while we name a couple of good options. 

Forming the category

Old furniture can be pretty much anything. Sometimes even the pieces we have had for a couple of years no longer have the same function. That is why it is so important to decide what exactly is old in your household. Before moving companies in Bakersfield send their team to help you, all these items should be set aside. So, how exactly to do it? Well, it is much easier than you would think as all you need to do is think about the following:

  • Do you still need to use the item?
  • Does it need to be repaired?
  • How often was it repaired before?
  • Is there enough space in the new home?
  • Can it be replaced with something new?

As soon as the item in question fits the description, it is probably best to set it aside. Carefully inspect your entire household until you have the group of items that are too old to be moving with you.

chair in the garden
To know what to do with old furniture before moving you must know what items are considered to be old

What to do with old furniture before moving?

The good news is that you will have a couple of options, and each one of them is not bad at all. The result will remain the same and that is more space and a chance to buy new furniture after the relocation is over. And while Bakersfield moving services can help you with the rest of them, you should prepare the old items yourself. This will be a great chance to inspect them one more time and eliminate the possibility of keeping them.

Consider selling your old furniture

This will not only help you remove them from your home, but you can even earn something. Today, the internet is one of the best places to list and sell your items, no matter their condition. What you need to do is find a good website or agency that buys and sells old furniture. Check out their conditions and whether will they be able to come and pick your items up. If they can’t, that means you will be the one transporting them and that will cost you. In case you still get to earn some money even after that, then selling them will be a great idea.

couple closing the moving box
Before you sell your furniture make sure it is clean and properly packed

And prior to listing your items, you should probably take a couple of photos and add an informative description. This will help buyers understand the items better and get back to you with additional questions. Don’t forget to clean your furniture as well, as this will surely affect the final price. This will not be the time to mask the flaws of your furniture as the buyer already knows it has been used. It will be much better to sell it the way it is than to deal with complaints and return issues. 

Giving it to a charity is what you can do with old furniture before moving

And if you would rather give than sell, or if you don’t have time for a buyer to show up, there is another option. In your area and the city, there should be at least a couple of charity organizations that will accept all these items. Some of them will proceed to give them to those in need, while others will start using them. And if you choose packing services Bakersfield for the rest of your items, you can include these as well. Whoever gets to use them, it will be much better if the furniture is properly packed and secured. Sometimes doing a good deed is all we should do, and it will surely affect your mood in the days that follow!

Using storage

In case none of the options above work for you, then using storage will be the solution. Good storage in Bakersfield will keep your items safe for as long as you want, and you can even get a good price for it. This will be a perfect option for those who lack time to organize and prepare for the entire relocation. The employees will make sure your items are properly placed there and once you decide what to do with them, you can go and pick everything up. The best thing is that you can do this with the rest of your inventory as well. Moving is all about coming up with good solutions quickly and storage surely is one of them!

brown sofa
Always keep in mind that your new home deserves to have at least one new furniture item, if not most of it

Don’t be afraid to simply throw away some of your furniture items

Let’s be honest, we all have at least one item in our home that would hardly fit any of these categories. Even though you may not have a lot of them, throwing them away is not so scary at all. Yes, you may get a little bit emotional but just think about all those new items you will get for your new home. And if this turns out to be the only answer to what to do with old furniture before moving, then you should find a waste disposal company in your area and let them know. Furniture items tend to be larger than residential waste containers so you can’t get rid of them that way. The estimated time of their arrival is one day which is not too long considering that you will deal with a huge issue.

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