Top reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield


Bakersfield is a beautiful city that is rapidly becoming a sought-after destination for homebuyers. With its recent developments in the real estate market, it presents several opportunities for those looking to invest in a new home. Apart from its strategic location and economic potential, there are many good reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield. But before you make the final decision, let’s explore what makes this city a wise choice for prospective homeowners.

There is a neighborhood for every lifestyle and budget

There are many different neighborhoods in Bakersfield, each offering unique characteristics and housing options. Some of the most notable areas include Seven Oaks, Laurelglen, and Oleander-Sunset. Seven Oaks represents the higher end of the market with a median listing home price of around $699.9K. On the other hand, Old Town Kern offers more affordable options, with median prices of around $200K. This range of options makes it possible for people of different preferences and budgets to find a suitable home.

When it comes to the amenities and services, here’s what you can expect:

  • There are several high-rated schools, such as Ronald Reagan Elementary and Downtown Elementary, ensuring quality education for residents.
  • The city is well-serviced with grocery stores like WinCo Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market, providing convenient shopping options.
  • A variety of dining options are available, including popular spots like Carniceria La Carreta and numerous Walmart Supercenters.
  • The essential services like pharmacies and healthcare facilities are also available.
  • Bakersfield offers numerous parks and recreational areas for outdoor activities.
  • For those relocating, there are reliable logistics companies Kern County provides, that can assist with moving and settling into the new home.

The real estate market is very dynamic

Homes in Bakersfield are selling quickly, typically spending an average of 33 days on the market, a slight improvement from the previous year’s 34 days. In December, there were 268 homes sold, indicating an active market despite a marginal decrease from the previous year. This brisk pace is a clear sign of Bakersfield’s growing appeal in the real estate sector.

Competitive pricing and market balance

Reflecting a competitive edge, Bakersfield’s housing market sees the median sale price being about 3% lower than the national average. The sale-to-list price ratio in Bakersfield stands at a healthy 99.1%, suggesting homes are selling close to their asking prices. This balance in pricing, coupled with a market where homes often receive multiple offers, makes it a potentially lucrative market for both buyers and sellers. Also, it’s the reason why companies such as Hansen’s Moving and Storage are seeing an increase in demand for their services in this city.

You and your children will have access to high-quality education

Bakersfield’s education system is an attractive aspect for families considering a move to the area. The city hosts a range of public schools that are well-regarded for their quality of education. For instance, schools like Buena Vista Elementary School, Downtown Elementary School, and W. A. Kendrick Elementary School have received high ratings on GreatSchools. This indicates strong academic performance and a positive learning environment. This emphasis on education is one of the main reasons why people hire movers from Kern County to transfer their families to this area. Here’s what makes studying in Bakersfield great:

  • Diverse educational opportunities. Bakersfield offers various public and private schooling options.
  • Top-rated schools. Several schools in the area boast high GreatSchools ratings. That speaks of their quality
  • Emphasis on learning. The city’s schools are known for their focus on student achievement and overall development.
  • Supportive educational environment. Bakersfield’s schools offer a range of programs and resources to support student learning.
  • Community involvement. The schools in Bakersfield are supported by active and engaged communities, enhancing the educational experience.
books and a tablet on a desk in a classroom
Great schools are among the reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield.

Positive migration and relocation trends

If anything speaks of a city being great to live in it is the fact that many people are moving there. Bakersfield has been experiencing notable migration and relocation trends.

Positive migration trends

Bakersfield’s population has been steadily growing, reflecting positive migration trends. The city’s population increased by approximately 2.12% from 2020 to 2024, reaching around 413,783. This growth signifies a continuing trend of people moving to Bakersfield, attracted by various factors such as its economic opportunities and quality of life. Even the local movers Kern County is home to have noticed the steady increase in demand for their services in the area. This population growth clearly shows that the city is becoming a popular choice as a place to live and work.

Relocation patterns

Regarding relocation patterns, a significant portion of Bakersfield’s homebuyers, about 69%, prefer to stay within the metropolitan area. This shows that the local housing market is strong. That internal migration trend within the city’s metropolitan area underlines the residents’ preference to remain in Bakersfield while possibly seeking different housing options within the city.

two people who have decided to buy a house in Bakersfield are holding boxes with their belongings
More people each year choose to move to Bakersfield.

Proximity to Los Angeles is one of the reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield

Bakersfield’s proximity to Los Angeles is a great feature of this city. The residents have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a major metropolitan area while living in a more affordable and less congested environment. In fact, the Bakersfield long distance movers often help relocate people from afar who love LA but can’t afford to live there. They have found Bakersfield a happy alternative. Here’s why they chose this city:

  • Ease of commute. Just a two-hour drive from Los Angeles.
  • Access to big-city amenities. Proximity to Los Angeles means easy access to its cultural, entertainment, and dining options.
  • Professional opportunities. Residents can tap into the diverse job market of Los Angeles.
  • Best of both worlds. Enjoy the benefits of a major city while living in a more relaxed and affordable setting.
  • Cultural and recreational activities. Access to Los Angeles’ museums, theaters, and recreational facilities.
a street in Los Angeles
Living in this smaller city that is near Los Angeles brings the best of both worlds.

There’s a house for every taste and budget

Bakersfield offers different housing options to suit various preferences and budgets. From affordable single-family homes to luxurious properties – whatever you may need, this most likely has it. The real estate market in Bakersfield is dynamic. This means that there are a lot of homes for sale, so potential buyers have a lot of choices.

  • Types of houses you can hope to find: single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and luxury properties.
  • They are affordable: Bakersfield is known for its relatively affordable housing compared to other California cities.
  • The number of homes available for sale is growing, and at the moment, it is at an optimum level.
  • There are options for every budget. Housing options are available across a wide range of price points.
  • The development of new housing projects is continuous to meet demand.

Bakersfield housing market forecast for 2024 and 2025

The Bakersfield housing market is expected to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years. Let’s explore the details of this prediction.

Market growth and forecast

According to some reliable sources, Bakersfield’s housing market is on an upswing. The average home value rose to $376,023, a 4.0% increase from the previous year. The market is dynamic, indicated by the swift movement of homes to pending status, averaging 20 days on the market as of January 31, 2024. The Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of Bakersfield also shows promising growth, with an estimated 5.2% increase by January 31, 2025. This positive momentum makes Bakersfield an attractive market for both buyers and sellers.

Market stability and opportunities

Despite some factors such as homes selling close to or over their list price, Bakersfield’s housing market remains balanced. The median sale-to-list ratio as of December 31, 2023, was 1.000, indicating homes are selling at their asking prices. This stability suggests a healthy market for potential buyers. For those looking to relocate to Bakersfield, services like Kern County residential movers can offer valuable assistance, simplifying the process of moving into this promising market. This convenience, among many other ones that can be encountered within the area, is another reason why people opt for Bakersfield more often in recent years.

a woman exploring the housing market forecast because she has reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield
Housing market trends prove that investing in real estate in Bakersfield is a good idea.

Investment potential

When you are making such a big purchase, you usually hope that the money you spend will at least be able to come back to you in case something happens. When it comes to buying homes in Bakersfield, you can rest assured that it can be considered a good investment. Bakersfield’s real estate market offers substantial investment potential, considering the recent trends and future outlook. As we said, the market is growing and doesn’t seem to intend to stop. This means a house you buy today will be even easier to sell in the future without losing any of the money you paid for it in the first place.

The benefits of owning a house are many

Another of the reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield is that it is fantastic to live in a house! Owning a house brings with it a range of personal and lifestyle benefits that extend beyond mere shelter. This sense of ownership offers a unique combination of stability, freedom, and opportunity for personal expression.

Freedom and personalization – among the top reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield

One of the most significant advantages of owning a home is the freedom it offers. Homeowners have the liberty to personalize their living spaces to reflect their style and preferences. This is something that’s often restricted in rental properties. This includes the ability to remodel, decorate, and landscape according to one’s taste. Whether it’s painting walls, changing floorings, or adding extensions, homeowners can create a space that truly feels like their own. For example, experts providing packing services in Bakersfield have noticed heightened enthusiasm in people moving to their own homes, because, as they say, now they can finally make it look as they want it to. This customization enhances personal comfort and enjoyment and can also increase the property’s value.

two people painting a wall in their living room
In a house that you own, you can make any modifications you like.

Stability and community engagement

Homeownership typically brings a sense of stability and permanence. It allows individuals and families to set down roots in a location, fostering stronger connections with neighbors and the local area. This stability often leads to a heightened sense of belonging and involvement in the community, as homeowners are more likely to invest time and resources in their surroundings. Engaging in local events, joining neighborhood associations, or participating in community projects are ways homeowners contribute to and benefit from a cohesive community environment.

More living and storage space are among the top reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield

Another compelling reason for owning a house is the additional living and storage space it typically provides. Unlike many rental properties, owning a home often means having more room both indoors and outdoors. This extra space is not just about larger living areas. It also encompasses additional storage options like attics, basements, garages, and even outdoor sheds. Homeowners have the flexibility to utilize these spaces for various needs, be it for a home office, a playroom for children, or storing personal belongings. Although there are always solutions such as Bakersfield storage, it’s great to be able to comfortably keep all your belongings at home. This extra space contributes significantly to a more comfortable and organized living environment.

a large living room and a staircase illustrating more living space as one of the reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield
Houses usually provide more living and storage space.

There are very strong reasons to buy a home in Bakersfield

Bakersfield emerges as a promising destination for homebuyers. The city’s real estate market shows positive growth trends, backed by a strong educational system and advantageous proximity to major urban centers like Los Angeles. The diversity in housing options, coupled with the competitive pricing and investment potential, underscores Bakersfield’s appeal. And apart from all that, among the reasons to buy a house in Bakersfield is the fact that living in a house is truly awesome! Therefore, Bakersfield has rightfully earned a place on a list of cities to consider when you are buying a house. Whether for settling down with a family, investment purposes or simply enjoying the perks of a dynamic city, Bakersfield warrants serious consideration for anyone looking to enter the real estate market.

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