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We are not always aware of how much love our clothes actually deserve. And the better we treat it, the more grateful it will be to us. A lot of people have the habit of storing it from time to time, but what many don’t know is that storing it properly is one of the best ways to preserve it. So if you have been thinking about it, that is the best sign that you should consider doing it. Today, we offer you some of the most useful tips for storing seasonal clothing in order to make it last longer and look better.

Start by categorizing your clothes

The best way to begin is to simply organize them properly. The type of items you will be storing can easily determine the categories you can rely on. In case you are moving, this method will make the unpacking much easier. By the time movers and packers Bakersfield arrives, everything will be nicely packed and organized. Making the categories should be relatively easy, but in case you need some heads-up, you can sort them according to:

  • Their purpose– separate trousers from tops, accessories, and jackets
  • The materials– you can also categorize your clothing according to the material they are made of
  • The size– some of your clothing items will be of different sizes or even weights and you can use that as your main category
clothes on hangers
Tips for storing seasonal clothing will not only help you gain more space but protect your items as well

This will be the perfect time to also prepare for labeling your boxes. These categories will be perfect names for the boxes that you will take to storage. Not only everything will be much more organized, but this will make the unpacking much easier. Get yourself markers in different colors and make sure to know what is in every box. 

Washing and drying as one of the main tips for storing seasonal clothing

Before your items find themselves in storage, they need to be prepared for it properly. Storage Bakersfield will keep them totally safe, but you will need to do some work as well. Try to take enough time to wash all the items you plan on storing. The majority of them you can wash at home, and those who need a special approach you can take to dry cleaning. Even if your laundry room has everything you need, this process takes some time. Make sure you begin as soon as you decide to store seasonal clothing so that everything can dry properly.

Speaking of that, your main priority is that all of your items are dry before you take them to storage. The last thing you need among your seasonal clothing is mold. Your items will be there for a certain period of time and you will feel much better knowing that each piece is dry and ready.

Use good packing materials for storing seasonal clothing

This is even more important if you are packing delicate and expensive clothes. Packing services Bakersfield can be of good use, in case you plan on combining relocation with using storage. For those clothing items that need hangers, you should use special vacuum bags. These can keep your clothes fresh even if you decide to put them into packing boxes. Keep in mind that not all clothing items can be hung. Avoid hanging sweaters or any kind of woolen material clothes as they can lose their shape. One of the best tips for storing seasonal clothing is to use good packing boxes as well. The more durable the boxes are, the safer your items will be in there.

different clothing materials
Clothing materials matter, so make sure you keep an eye out for delicate ones

You can use plastic containers as well

Summer clothing is known for being much lighter than winter one, and you can use this to your advantage. Plastic containers will be great for t-shirts and other clothing as they can fit a lot. Those who live in Bakersfield City know that summers can get petty hot and by the time winter comes, there will be a lot of them to store. You will probably need just a couple of larger containers to pack everything. Once you are done you can use the containers’ original lids for extra protection.

Of course, these containers shouldn’t be used for everything. When storing winter clothes, not many items will be able to fit no matter how big the containers are. These clothing items are usually layered and bulky and you will just be losing time in vain. Those who are storing winter clothes should stick to packing boxes in different sizes no matter what.

Slow down on vacuum sealing

The first thing that will come to your mind as a perfect solution is to vacuum seal some of your clothes. And while this is a great idea and will help you a lot, you must know that not everything is suitable for this method. If you are moving and your moving services Bakersfield providers gave you enough time to prepare, then you should set aside items that are made from natural fibers. These materials need the circulation of air to stay fresh and a vacuum will get in the way of that. Materials you should avoid vacuuming include:

  • Leather
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Bulky jackets
clothes in drawer
Even if you think you are packing too much-you are probably not

Let go of your emotions

We all love making different combinations when it comes to our style and the way we dress. Because of that, we usually love to keep a couple of clothing pieces from a previous season close. And while this is pretty common, it shouldn’t take over. Once you decide to try out tips for storing seasonal clothing, make sure your wardrobe is spacious and fresh for the upcoming season. After all, your beloved items will not be away for too long and before you know it, everything will be back in its place.

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