Tips For Spring Cleaning And Moving At The Same Time

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Neither spring cleaning nor moving is an easy or quick task. Both require quite a bit of planning ahead and often involve investments. These include time, energy, and money. The good thing, however, is that these two tasks can be tackled simultaneously. That’s right – even though both are big jobs, they can be very complementary. In fact, doing them both at the same time can be a very smart decision. With professional help, such as Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA at your disposal, this can be a breeze. In this article, we are going to go through some of the best tips for spring cleaning and moving at the same time.

Why you should consider doing your spring cleaning and moving at the same time?

You may be wondering why anyone would tackle these tasks within the same time window. It may seem like it lacks the common sense to try to handle two demanding jobs simultaneously. However, spring cleaning and moving at the same time can be very practical. A lot of the tasks one needs to do are on the checklists of both of these activities. Be clever and kill two birds with one stone. Here are some of the many benefits of spring cleaning and moving at the same time.

Cleaning a table
Spring cleaning usually involves sanitizing surfaces and areas you haven’t usually given as much attention to.

Create a strategy

Whatever you do in life, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. This rings true even more so when you’re taking on tasks such as spring cleaning and moving at the same time. Try to imagine what the process would look like. Think of all the things that need to be cleaned, and do so with utmost precision. You may even look into some of the most popular cleaning hacks online. Remember that during your spring cleaning, you will be cleaning surfaces and areas you usually do not pay as much attention to. These are areas and surfaces such as:

  • Under beds
  • Behind and under appliances
  • Cleaning bathroom and kitchen walls (if tiled)
  • Cupboards and other storage units you’re not using regularly

Consider hiring moving experts

Moving can be a tough task to tackle by yourself. The bigger the house you’re moving out of, the higher the chance of having more bulky and heavy pieces to relocate. Trying to handle this by yourself can be tedious, time-consuming, and even risky. This is why you should consider hiring local movers. Hiring local movers is the best thing to do as local movers will be more expedient and readily available. So, for example, if you’re moving around or out of Tehachapi, consider hiring one of the movers Tehachapi has on stand-by. Having expert help for packing and moving furniture and appliances is very welcome.

Moving furniture

One of the key reasons for this is having to move furniture around, as well as empty it out. When you do your spring cleaning, you will have to move everything out of place to be able to clean behind and underneath these hefty pieces. If you are moving out as well, you can hire residential movers Kern County has to take care of the heavy lifting. As your furniture will have to be moved to the new location, the movers will be taking it away. This would leave you with plenty of space to maneuver and access those hard-to-reach places. You can dust the furniture off before having it moved by the movers’ packing team. The team will secure the furniture with protective materials so that it doesn’t sustain damage or get dirty during the transportation.

Armchair packed in bubblewrap
Hire professional movers when doing your spring cleaning and moving at the same time to make the most of their services for both jobs.


When you do your spring cleaning you are likely to go through a lot of random clutter that has accumulated over the past year. Sorting through this clutter is a task that you will also need to do when you decide to move. You will need to decide which items will go with you to the new residence, after all. This is why cleaning and moving go hand in hand in this situation. Get some boxes and label them into categories. Make sure you have a discarded box, a box with items you will take with you, and the third box can be for donations or a sale. Now that you’ve packed everything away, you are able to clean and move around without restrictions.


When doing your spring cleaning and moving at the same time, it may be a good idea to invest in some storage. There are plenty of high-quality and high-security units for storage Bakersfield has available. Storage can come in handy when you need to set some things aside during your move. Additionally, if you have items you’ve removed from the property, it makes cleaning floors and other surfaces easier. You may still need to do some work at your new residence, or you’re still unsure about how to arrange everything. Having a place to store these items without having them remain at your old home is very practical. Once you’ve decided on your new set-up, it’s easy to have the things in your storage unit brought to the new residence.

Bathrooms and kitchen

Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens are arguably the toughest of jobs. They require using stronger chemicals and getting into every last nook and cranny. You will need to disinfect these rooms due to their purpose. Make sure you leave these for the end. Once every other room has been thoroughly cleaned and the furniture has been either moved out or set in place. When doing your spring cleaning and moving at the same time, consider which of the appliances in your bathroom are going with you to the new home. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, wipe the appliances down and have them moved or stored by local movers.

A picture of the bathroom
When doing your spring cleaning and moving at the same time, the bathrooms and kitchens will require the most care and effort.

Spring cleaning and moving at the same time

Spring cleaning and moving at the same time can be very complementary jobs. Even though they take quite a bit of time and energy, it often proves to be the smart thing to do to bundle them up together. With our short guide on how to do this and our useful tips, your spring cleaning and moving should be seamless and swift.

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