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If you chose Bakersfield as your moving destination, you surely know what is best for you. This lovely city is way smaller than LA and, with that, completely different and unique. And since every relocation deserves a good plan, you should have one as well. Your movers Bakersfield CA will back you up with good services, and you will have all the time in the world to learn as much as possible about this city. Today, we present you with a comprehensive guide on moving from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and every single detail you should know about this process.

What things to focus on?

When getting to know your new home, you can’t only focus on its beauty and attractions. Your entire lifestyle will depend on the things it has to offer, and it is good to know them in advance. At first, you may not be aware of some essential things that should be on your mind, but with a trustworthy guide to rely on, this entire process will be much more simple. Down below, we will go through all the important factors you have to consider and dive deeper into crucial details.

person at the job interview
You have to keep in mind some important factors before moving, including job, weather, and living costs

Cost of living in Bakersfield

Probably one of the most important comparisons you will have to do is one regarding the living costs. To get all the moving services Bakersfield that you need, you first need to set the budget and get your finances in order. When it comes to moving to Bakersfield, your budget will be much more relieved. The living costs there currently rate 103/100, while LA goes way above the average with 176/100. This will instantly affect many different parts of your life, and you will get a chance to make some plans you couldn’t make earlier. Other major expenses compared to LA look like this:

  • Groceries: Bakersfield 99/100 Los Angeles 104/100
  • Housing: Bakersfield106/100 Los Angeles 302/100 
  • Transportation: Bakersfeild 103/100 Los Angeles 165/100
  • Utilities: Bakersfield 111/100 Los Angeles 93/100

If you plan on buying a property in Bakersfield, make sure to find a good real estate agent. They can help you find a better offer and avoid spending a fortune on your new home. Just like with the rest of similar tasks, you have to begin looking for them on time.

grass in the field
Spring is probably the best season to be in Bakersfield, and you will get a lot of sunny and clear days

Climate and weather

Another thing of great importance will be the weather difference. These two cities are 113.4 miles apart, which is more than enough to mention a couple of important weather factors. The main difference is that summers in Bakersfield are a little bit arider than those in Los Angeles. Your new home will have hot and long summers as well, and once the winter comes, there will not be freezing cold and long snowy months. You will get to keep the majority of your old habits from LA regarding weather which surely is something to be excited about. Just in case, before Bakersfield log distance movers arrive, double-check if you need to make some changes in your wardrobe.

Job opportunities after moving from Los Angeles to Bakersfield

Chances are high that you are scheduling your move for this matter in the first place. If that is the case, you should know a couple of facts about this factor as well. Currently, the unemployment rate in this city is 8.9%. In Los Angeles, the numbers are a little bit lower, 5.4%, but that doesn’t mean you will have to wait too long to find a suitable job. All you need to do is start looking in time and focus strictly on your field. Bakersfield is getting more and more suitable for freelancers and those working in healthcare, which is something people from this field will be happy to hear.

On the other hand, if your plan includes moving your business as well, make sure to prepare everything for your arrival. Announce that your business will be moving and make sure residents of Bakersfield are aware of that. Storage in Bakersfield will keep your equipment safe, so feel free to transport some of them earlier. One of the top industries in this city surely is agriculture, followed by manufacturing and tourism, so set your goals towards them.

And finally, let’s talk about education

In case you will be moving with your kids or you plan on starting your family after moving, you should know what this city can offer. Bakersfield has 45 schools in total, and they have around 29,307 students. Choosing the perfect one shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you focus on their needs and future plans. Depending on the neighborhood you choose, there will probably be a couple of them in your area, and your research must begin on time. You can even pay them a short visit, talk to teachers and check the rating. As a result, you will be one step closer to choosing what is best for your kids and their future. Just to help you out more, some of the best schools in Bakersfield include:

  • Stockdale High School
  • Garces Memorial HighSchool
  • Delano High School
  • Robert F. Kennedy High School
  • Cesar E. Chavez High School
person putting money in the piggy bank
Moving from Los Angeles to Bakersfield will preserve your budget as living costs there are much lower

The conclusion about moving from Los Angeles to Bakersfield

As long as residential movers Kern County are by your side, your relocation will be successful. Try to surround yourself with positive vibes, and keep on learning about your new city before the moving-out day. Carefully go through your inventory, as you really don’t have to take everything with you. Bakersfield is full of shopping malls and places where you can get new items, so try to be economical about your move. Moving from Los Angeles to Bakersfield will surely change your life for the better, and all you need to do is be patient. Rely on your new community to help you blend in, introduce events and festivals to you, and show all the hidden gems in this city. 

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