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California City may not be the first name that springs to mind when you think about moving to the Golden State, but it certainly offers its own set of advantages. Known for its expansive landscapes and affordability, this city provides a unique living experience that contrasts sharply with California’s bustling urban centers. Discover the perks of living in California City, and who knows, you might find yourself packing your bags and moving there.

Affordability is one of the top perks of living in California City

There’s one list this city tops – the most affordable places in California. Here’s a quick rundown of how living costs in California City stack up:

  • The average home price is significantly lower than the California average. That makes homeownership more accessible to a wider range of people.
  • Residents typically pay less for utilities compared to the state average, which includes electricity, gas, and water.
  • Both groceries and healthcare are also below state averages, providing further savings for households.

Sometimes it’s better to be able to afford a higher quality of life in a smaller town than to move to a big and popular city only to suffer. Therefore, if your budget is a bit lower, moving to California City may be the answer to all your prayers.

a black piggy bank on top of a lot of coins
One of the biggest perks of living in California City is that you can afford a lot more there than in other places.

There’s a lot of space and a lot of serenity

One of the most compelling reasons to consider relocating to California City is the abundance of space it offers. Unlike the densely populated coastal cities, California City boasts a vast expanse of land. This means larger property lots and more room for everyone. This spacious environment allows for a serene lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of big-city life. It’s the kind of place where you can enjoy a morning walk without bumping into crowds or relax in your backyard without being overlooked by neighbors.

Therefore, if peace and privacy are what you prefer, call the movers California City CA has to offer, and initiate the change you won’t regret. Additionally, the city’s sprawling landscapes are not only a haven for residents seeking peace but also offer potential for outdoor adventures right at your doorstep. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, or just savoring the desert views, there’s plenty of nature to be explored.

There are a lot of locations to spend time in nature

And what outdoor activities are we talking about there? If you are a person who likes spending time in nature, you should know that, after one of the logistics companies Kern County offers, unloads your stuff, you will have a lot to see. With its wide-open spaces and unique desert landscape, residents have access to a variety of activities that make the most of the natural environment. Borax Bill Park, known for its off-road vehicle trails, offers excitement for ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts, providing a perfect blend of adventure and accessibility. For a more relaxed day, Central Park is ideal with its fishing facilities, playgrounds, and swimming areas, catering to families looking for leisure activities.

two off-road vehicles racing each other
There are a lot of outdoor activities to take part in, such as an off-road trail in the Borax Bill Park

The job market may be specific, but it offers hope

California City offers a range of employment opportunities, particularly benefiting from its proximity to major employment hubs like Edwards Air Force Base. The base is a significant employer in the region, providing numerous jobs in various capacities ranging from engineering to administrative roles. Additionally, the city’s recent embrace of commercial cannabis cultivation has opened new avenues for employment and economic development. This new commercial strategy contributes significantly to local tax revenues and job creation.

Therefore, unless your professional plans are very specific and differ greatly from what can be found in this city, there’s no reason to worry about employment. All you need to do is make arrangements with some of the moving companies in Bakersfield and start looking for a job there. The growing job market, coupled with the supportive services from nearby cities, makes California City an appealing option for those seeking new career paths in a less congested environment.

Safety and crime rates

When considering a move to a new city, one of the top concerns is often the safety of the area. One of the perks of living in California City is feeling safe. The city prides itself on having a manageable crime rate. Its figures are slightly above the national average but offer a secure environment compared to larger metropolitan areas. The city’s police department is active in community engagement and preventive measures, which contributes to a feeling of safety among residents.

Additionally, for those needing secure temporary solutions during transitions, storage in Bakersfield options are just a short drive away. They ensure that your belongings are safe while you settle in. The local law enforcement agency also holds public safety workshops and is transparent about crime statistics and prevention strategies, making residents well-informed and better prepared. This open communication helps to maintain a secure environment where people feel protected and have a high degree of trust in the capabilities of their local police force.

Climate and weather are on the warmer side

The climate in California City is one of its standout features, offering more than just hot summers and mild winters. Here’s what you can expect throughout the year:

  • Summer: Hot with temperatures often reaching above 100°F, perfect for those who love warm weather.
  • Winter: Generally mild, with occasional cold snaps but rarely any snow, making it ideal for outdoor activities year-round.
  • Rainfall: Limited throughout the year, which means more sunny days and less worry about rain disrupting your plans.

This predictable weather pattern allows residents to plan outdoor and recreational activities without the frequent interruptions faced by those living in more variable climates.

bright and yellow sun in the sky
If you prefer sunny days to snow and rain, this city is ideal for you.

Why California City could be your next home

After exploring the perks of living in California City, it’s clear that this city has much to offer. Those seeking a quieter lifestyle away from the chaos of larger cities couldn’t agree more. From its affordable living costs to its abundant outdoor activities, California City presents a compelling case for anyone looking for space, tranquility, and a slower pace of life. Whether you’re drawn by the economic opportunities near Edwards Air Force Base or the recreational spaces for family activities, California City welcomes those who appreciate its unique blend of desert beauty and practical living.

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