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Pros and cons of starting a business in Delano CA

Delano, CA, unfolds as a landscape filled with potential for those looking to start a new venture. There are significant…

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a man sealing a cardboard box as part of expanding a business in Bakersfield

Benefits of expanding a business In Bakersfield

Bakersfield, a city in California, is increasingly becoming a focal point for companies looking to expand their horizons. Each year,…

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How to move an office in Kern County on a budget

Moving an office is a significant undertaking, especially when constrained by a budget. It requires smart planning and strategic decision-making.…

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a woman holding a presentation for her 3 employees

How to prepare your employees for relocation

In an increasingly globalized business world, the ability to effectively prepare your employees for relocation is more important than ever.…

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Tips for avoiding moving scams in Seattle

So, you've decided to make Seattle your new home. With its iconic skyline, rich culture, and buzzing tech scene, who…

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Time for change

How to decommission an office space

Embarking on a new chapter in your business journey often involves bidding farewell to your old office space. However, before…

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Donating your old office furniture? These charities offer free pickup!

Have you ever thought about donating your old office furniture? At Hansens Moving and Storage, we often find businesses grappling…

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A computer monitor surrounded by a lot of IT hardware.

How to plan for a seamless IT transition during your office move

Relocating your office can be an exciting new chapter in your business journey, offering opportunities for growth and innovation. However,…

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Colleagues in the office managing complex moves for businesses

Logistics for corporate relocations: managing complex moves for businesses

Managing complex moves for businesses requires careful planning, strategic coordination, and efficient execution. In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations often…

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two hands with yes and no as an example of living in Delano CA

Pros and cons of living in Delano CA

When choosing a suitable place to move to, it doesn’t take too much to understand that your priorities have to…

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