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Workplaces are evolving, and more organizations are looking into relocating to or allowing hybrid work arrangements and remote teams to take advantage of these new working arrangements. If you’re planning a move to a new office, you’ll want as little disruption as possible. Relocating to a co-working space or a serviced office requires careful consideration, preparation, and communication. However difficult it may seem, there are ways to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. This simple advice and a detailed step-by-step office moving checklist are here to assist you in completing the move without unnecessary stress. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with movers and packers Bakersfield, if you need any moving assistance.

How to start creating your step-by-step office moving checklist

These days, moving can be extremely stressful. In order to make things easier for you, our experts have put together this comprehensive moving checklist. Even if you’re expanding your small business for the first time, we believe this information will be beneficial.

meeting in an office
We recommend that you engage expert commercial movers to assist you in moving your office space to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 1: Starting with the basics

Get started on the preparations as soon as you’ve made up your mind to relocate. At least a year and a half before you plan to move, you should begin the process. If you’re moving, it’s important that you employ commercial movers Kern County that have a good reputation.

  • Pay close attention to the conditions of your commercial rental agreement (lease). Deposits may be forfeited if you want to leave early.
  • Moreover, you may be held responsible for any damage or breakage that occurs during the transfer. Do not forget to follow the newest developments.
  • Consider your company’s long-term survival and growth prospects when searching for a new location. Your office layout, technological requirements, and how they will benefit your staff are all part of this.
  • Safety practices that are COVID friendly should be taken into account. Is the new location favorable to social isolation and the need for additional hygiene and sanitation precautions? ‘
  • Make a moving committee within the company that can delegate roles and oversees the moving process.
  • Moving quotes from local movers Kern County will help you find the most value for your money.
  • Moving insurance may be necessary if you have a large piece of equipment.
  • Your IT team should prepare the technology you need for the day.
  • Get a detailed floor plan for your future place of business.
  • Set up a layout approach for the new workspace after you know the dimensions.
  • Informing your staff and partners is the second step.

Step 2: Make sure all of your employees and service providers are aware of the move

To ensure that your landlord/property management is aware of your plans to leave, contact them a few months in advance. Make certain that everyone on your team knows when and where you’re moving. It’s also a good idea to explain to your team member why the transfer is taking place, what it will mean for them, and what they may expect in terms of daily routines. You should create a list of everyone who needs to have their address updated so that everyone on the team can agree ahead of time on who is responsible for what. Notify your local partners, affiliates, and suppliers if you’re moving to a new city or state so that they are aware of your new location and contact information.

employees discussing the step-by-step office moving checklist
Make sure to let your employees know you’re moving on time and let them in on your step-by-step office moving checklist.

Step 3: Organizing Your Resources

  • Make a list of all of the current office equipment and decor.
  • If you need to take out old furniture, contact our storage Bakersfield to help you with that.
  • If you’re in the market for new office supplies and furnishings, start looking at furniture stores.
  • Use a color-coded scheme to group your departments. Label each department on a detailed floor plan with color-coordinated labels.
  • Each employee should have a unique number assigned to them, and their workstations and equipment should be labeled with that number.
  • Clearly define and identify the shared parts of your new floor plan.
  • Do not forget to sign all necessary paperwork, including licenses and permits.
  • Do not forget to book parking permits or other permit requirements ahead of time if you’re moving.
  • Schedule the cleaning of both your current workplace and your new workplace.
  • Finalize access codes and security measures for the new location.
  • Send your movers a detailed floor layout, or if necessary, they can meet you at the new location.
  • A detailed moving day itinerary can help you get your staff ready for the big day.
  • Assemble a list of contact information for movers and their assistants, elevator technicians, and the building’s management in case of an emergency.

Step 4: Time to move!

With all of your preparations in place, moving day will come quickly. These additional suggestions will help the big day operate well.

  • Every organization should prioritize having access to super-fast Wi-Fi. To ensure that phone lines and computer systems are operational, plan beforehand.
  • Always have a few people on hand to make sure that everything is labeled correctly and that the desks and numbered boxes are all in their proper places.
  • Ensure that your moving workers and company officials have some refreshments on moving day.
  • You can switch on the air conditioning if you need to throughout the move.
  • Keep a copy of your emergency phone numbers on hand.
  • Finally, organize an official inauguration celebration.
company celebration
Once you’re all settled in, celebrate your success with your employees.

Congratulations, your company is ready for a new chapter!

Let go of whatever anxieties you may have had about moving your work location. Thanks for using our step-by-step office moving checklist for your company’s relocation! Be aware that you can always rely on Hansen’s Moving and Storage for any further questions. As we are fully licensed and recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Get all of your municipal permits before you move. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful move! Wishing you and your company succeed in your new location.

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