Should you move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids?


When you have a couple of good candidates for a new home, it is essential that you gather all the information about them. Comparing and even further exploring will just lead you to a perfect home in no time. When kids are involved in your relocation some of your priorities and goals must change. You will need a suitable neighborhood, affordable living costs, and of course, good schools. If the choice is to move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids, you can easily manage to choose the perfect one. Let’s go through differences, similarities, and what to expect!

What exactly to focus on?

Professional companies like Hansen’s Moving and Storage California will help you move quickly and effectively, so you can count on having enough time to prepare. The question is, how to properly divide all that time? You will have to deal with your items and of course, choose a place to move to. But your new home shouldn’t be just beautiful and in a nice area. It should also be suitable for different daily tasks and the lifestyle you and your kids prefer. Both Ridgecrest and Maricopa have different pros and cons that can affect your life one way or another. According to many who live there or recently moved, here are some of them!

people sitting in the park
In Ridgecrest, people love exploring its wonderful locations including parks and museums

Should you move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids to stabilize the budget?

In case you are looking for a place with lower living costs and cheaper in general, there is an easy way to find it. All you need to do is compare the living costs of these two places and see which one fits your budget better. Currently, the living costs in Maricopa rate 94.1/100 while in Ridgecrest they are 96.1/100. The difference is really small but for some even that much matters a lot. Movers Maricopa CA can help you organize your relocation, and avoid spending too much on that part as well. In case housing costs will help you decide whether should you move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids, you are on the right track again. Maricopa is more affordable in that field as well and housing costs there are 77.3/100.

Which city is more suitable for families?

Thinking about moving to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids will quickly lead you to check out the neighborhoods. What you are looking for is a nice and safe community where your kids will spend their childhood. If we take a look at both cities, it seems that Ridgecrest will take a win on this one. Movers Ridgecrest CA can take you to places like Inyokern or Westend. Both neighborhoods have lovely homes and a lot of families with kids. This will suit you well as they will need to start making new friendships after moving and slowly blending in.

people sitting in the restaurant
To find out if you should move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids make sure to include them in the process as well

Move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids based on things to see and do

Wherever moving and storage Kern County providers move you, you must know what will be waiting for you there. Both you and your kids will adapt much easier if the place has a lot of interesting things to offer. When it comes to these two cities, both of them are pretty good candidates. In Ridgecrest, you will have a chance to see Maturango Museum and get to know Northern Mojave Desert better. Casa Corona restaurant will be a perfect example of how great the cuisine in the city is and will soon become your favorite location.

The Petroglyph Park will be a real adventure as well. You and your kids can spend hours exploring the desert and playing games with other visitors. There are also a lot of animals living in the park including donkeys, goats, and horses. In fact, a lot of residents of Ridgecrest often visit the park on the weekend but during working days as well. 

On the other hand, Maricopa offers beautiful hiking trails that almost all residents love. Around the city, nature is perfect for your daily walks or even a picnic on the weekend. You will also find a lot of parks close to your home and a huge number of restaurants. And if you want to get your kids closer to nature, you must visit The Carrizo Plain National Monument. A huge green area covered with flowers will be something you will remember forever and gladly come back to in your free time.

So, should you move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids?

As it turns out the choice is completely yours. Both places can suit you and your family very well, so make sure to follow your instincts. The best way to make a good decision is to simply set your goals straight. Organize your budget on time and see which one of these cities fits better. Once you do that, you can proceed to even visit both Ridgecrest and Maricopa. If you currently live in Kern County it will not take too long to get there. These two cities are 148 miles apart so one weekend will be enough if you want to make a decision in peace. Your kids can travel with you, especially if they are older, as their suggestions will surely help you decide.

flowers in the forest as things to see and do can help you decide should you move to Ridgecrest to Maricopa with kids
Maricopa is famous for its beautiful parks and hiking trails you will love

When the time for moving comes and the dilemma should you move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids is over, rely on professional help. Movers will help you with your items and will make sure that you arrive on time. This will be a real lifesaver especially if you are moving for the first time or didn’t have a chance to visit your new home in advance. When you finally arrive and settle in, feel free to explore the place even more and enjoy everything it has to offer.


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