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Certain life events demand that you part with your cherished belongings for a while. Sometimes, it’s only for a few days. But, sometimes, this period can be much longer. Regardless of the specifics, one fact is always true. Your belongings may be out of sight, but never out of mind. It’s the kind of situation that can cause many sleepless nights. However, if you know, for sure, that your items are safe – things become much easier. And that’s the kind of reliability Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA can provide. With your belongings in our care, you’re ensuring more than their safety. You’re ensuring your peace of mind. Get in touch with us to reserve your space in storage Bakersfield residents count among the best.

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Enjoying life is easy when your belongings are safe in the most reliable storage Bakersfield offers.

A combination of professionalism and family values is what makes us the best choice for your upcoming project

Hansen’s Moving and Storage is a family-owned and operated company, founded in 1972. As it usually goes, we started humbly – with a truck and a vision. That vision was ensuring a seamless transition for each of our customers. It wasn’t long before the vision turned into a mission. We wanted every relocation to be better than the previous one. To make every customer, new or returning, even more satisfied. A daunting task, for sure – but the one we were intent on seeing through to the end. And we did – but not only through training and practice. But because we chose to incorporate family values that define us into our services.

  • Loyalty – Our allegiance is to our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority and we always aim to exceed your expectations.
  • Responsibility – We respect the value of your items and resources. That’s why we always take the necessary steps to preserve both.
  • Honesty – We provide the most accurate moving estimate and transparent pricing. No overpricing, no hidden costs, no nasty surprises.
  • Integrity – Our moving and storage Bakersfield teams consist of trustworthy professionals. You can rely on them to guide you every step of the way.
  • Perseverance – We stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction. Simple as that.

These traits are what helped us build and maintain a reputation of excellence among Bakersfield’s residents. They’re what made us one of Kern County’s most prominent moving and storage service providers. Relying on them is what makes us the best choice to help you through turbulent times.

A young man using smartphone to reserve space in the best storage Bakersfield offers.
Traits that define us are what make your moving and storage efforts easy.

We have the right solution for all your storage needs

Different items have different storage requirements. As such, not every generic facility will suit your needs. Therefore, choosing the perfect Bakersfield storage can prove to be a daunting task. Fortunately, that’s not something you’ll worry about with us. Hansen’s Moving and Storage offers a variety of storage options:

Whether you’re looking to store your furniture, office equipment, or materials necessary for your business, we’ll have the right solution for you.

Hansen’s Moving and Storage can provide you with everything you want from Bakersfield storage in one place

One of the main traits of our storage in Bakersfield is high versatility. We use industry-approved crating techniques that provide adequate protection for your items. At the same time, they’re compact and efficient. Therefore, you can have more space at a lower cost.

Furthermore, every option on our list is suitable for short or long-term storage. You can leave your belongings with us for a few days or indefinitely. They’ll remain safe and sound under the watchful eye of our on-premise storage specialists.

A woman hugging a pillow while sleeping.
Choosing us means you won’t lose a minute of sleep worrying about the security of your valuables.

Finally, we emphasize security above all else. Our facilities boast modern monitoring and surveillance equipment that prevents intrusions and theft. Also, we’re mindful of smaller, but no less dangerous, threats. So, we keep our facilities clean and pest free at all times. We cover all the bases, so you can have peace of mind.

Combining our moving and storage services is a recipe for stress-free relocation

Of all the major life events, moving is among the most stressful ones. It is time and energy-intensive and doesn’t allow for the smallest mistakes. So, it’s no wonder most people dread the very idea of moving. However, you can make relocating easy and enjoyable. Simply combine our Bakersfield storage and moving services:

What you’ll end up with is the ultimate way to move: simple, easy, and stress-free.

The benefits of storage in Bakersfield are immense

In modern times, storage is much more than a convenience. It is a way to improve your quality of life, both private and professional. Over the past decades, there were many studies on the impact of immediate surroundings on the human psyche. And, the vast majority of them came to the same conclusion. Neat and tidy space positively impacts virtually every aspect of daily functioning. It can boost your mood, creativity, and productivity. Your home feels warmer and more spacious. Your office looks more organized, professional, and alluring to potential clients.

However, the era of online shopping and e-commerce we live in makes it hard to keep your space free of clutter. Everything you need and want, you can get with only a few taps. You don’t even have to wait for it. It magically appears at your door the very next day. Therefore, accumulating stuff became easier than finding a safe place for it. After a while, it inevitably creates the exact opposite effect from the one mentioned above.

Fortunately, mitigating this detriment is easier than ever. With the storage Bakersfield branch of ours provides, you can have excess belongings out of the way, but never out of reach. You can keep them safe, without cluttering your home or office. You can reap all the benefits the era of convenience brings, without worrying about the downsides. And, all it takes to make it happen is one phone call to Hansen’s Moving and Storage.

Start improving your life today

The journey of life improvement always starts with a small step. If your journey demands moving or extra space, that step is getting in touch with Hansen’s Moving and Storage. With 50 years of experience, exquisite moving services, and the most convenient storage Bakersfield offers, you’ll have everything you need to leap forward into your new life.


Carlos Soto

“I highly recommend Hansen's moving and storage, Jessie Montecino came out and help me move my house. Not only did he show up early but we also finished in a great time. Jessie made sure everything was wrapped and protected. He has a great sense for detail. I would use Hansen's again.”

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