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Choosing the right packing services in Bakersfield is one of the first steps to your successful relocation experience


Every relocation is an event that is accompanied by a lot of tasks that could present a huge source of problems. While every moving task will be challenging in its own way, none of the upcoming phases of relocation will be as big of a problem as packing. The mere thought of having to pack and protect all the items in one’s home is enough to push you over the edge. To avoid such thoughts, it’s always a good idea to seek our professional packing services Bakersfield residents love. Contact Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA for support and request a free moving estimate. We will come to your residential or commercial property ready to get your items packed for the big day.

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Dial our number, ask for packing assistance, and make your move enjoyable and stress-free with packing services Bakersfield recommends.

Hansen’s Moving and Storage – a trusted provider of high-quality moving services

As a relocation professional with more than fifty years of experience in the industry, we have gotten accustomed to catering to the different moving needs of our customers. We understand that moving is one of the most stressful processes a person can go through. It’s only topped by a health crisis or a divorce. In order to help you have an easier and more enjoyable relocation, we have taken it upon ourselves to create a range of moving services in Bakersfield and Kern County. Feel free to count on our assistance when in need of:

Our customers get full liberty to tailor their own relocation package, meaning that you can opt for one, two, or various assistance options. It is our job, as well as pleasure, to provide as much help as necessary, whenever needed. To make the initial step towards a successful relocation, all you have to do is contact us and request a free quote. We’ll take it from there.

Get access to full or partial packing services Bakersfield loves

With every relocation being a completely different and unique endeavor, it’s impossible to predict how much assistance one person could need. Since we didn’t want to impose any restrictions, we let you choose how involved you want us to be. Hansen’s Moving and Storage can provide you with full or partial packing of your possessions. Our experienced Bakersfield packers can arrive at your property and pack all the items you possess. We know how to utilize our time and resources in order to handle a job of such proportions in the optimal time span.

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Provide your items with the highest level of protection by opting for our packing team in Bakersfield.

On the other hand, we are fully aware that not everyone is in need of full-service packing. A lot of people feel competent enough to handle the packing part of the job – they simply need help with special items. Whether you need help with the protection of your fragile items or bulky furniture, feel free to rely on us. With our packing services in Bakersfield, you can pack and protect all types of items without ever being involved in the process. For our company, nothing matters more than doing a good job and reaching a high customer satisfaction rate.

Our Bakersfield packers arrive at your property fully equipped

Packing is a process that requires plenty of resources. Not only does one need a team of packers who have sufficient knowledge and experience, but he/she also needs suitable packing materials. You should never underestimate how many materials and supplies are necessary in order for all of your items to be safely packed inside cardboard boxes. But we at Hansen’s Moving and Storage know just what it takes to pack your items in such a way that they remain safe. Thus, our Bakersfield packing professionals arrive at your property armed with all the necessary packing supplies.

Rest assured that we will bring the protective packing materials that are paramount during relocation. Supplies such as packing peanuts provide the ultimate level of safety for your items. Likewise, layers of protective packing ensure that your items don’t get damaged by external factors. Once you opt for some of the best packing services Bakersfield has to offer, you will get to keep your items out of harm’s way. As a business with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, you can be certain that we offer a high-quality level of services.

Competitive prices are our trademark

We know that the main reason why some people forgo professional assistance is due to having a limited budget. Likewise, we believe that every person deserves to have access to high-quality moving services. Thus, we have made sure that our pricing list is competitive and in accordance with the average earnings in the USA. You will notice that our pricing list showcases a great quality-to-affordability ratio. After all, we want to honor the work our movers do, as well as do right by our customers.

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Our reasonable prices will fit into your moving budget quite nicely.

Feel free to request a commitment-free moving quote and get access to our pricing list. It will be our goal to calculate the most accurate price by relying on the pieces of information you provide us with. We want to eliminate all chances of negative moving day surprises. Nothing can ruin a moving endeavor faster than seeing that the final bill and the estimate differ significantly.

Contact Hansen’s Moving and Storage for premier packing services in Bakersfield

At times, moving can be an event that comes hand-in-hand with stress and anxiety. But those that get to avoid the packing part of the job report having much smoother moves. If you are in need of packing services Bakersfield residents can trust, feel free to give us a call. At Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA, we take good care of our customers. That’s why we make it our mission to safely pack all of your household or office possessions. Start by requesting a free moving estimate and proceed to book your move with us.

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“I highly recommend Hansen's moving and storage, Jessie Montecino came out and help me move my house. Not only did he show up early but we also finished in a great time. Jessie made sure everything was wrapped and protected. He has a great sense for detail. I would use Hansen's again.”

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