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Whether you plan to pack yourself, or hire Hansen’s Moving and Storage, we recommend using professional grade moving supplies. Our supplies are higher quality than you will find at any big box store, for reasonable prices.

Boxes we sell:

  • 1.5 cubic foot (Book Box) – This box is very durable. Designed for heavy, high density items such as books an dishes.
  • 3.0 cubic foot (Medium Box) – This box is great size for bulky items that are not too heavy. Good for small kitchen appliances, lamps, picture frames, clothing.
  • 4.5 cubic foot (Large Box) – This box is designed for bulky and light items. This box is great for pillows, linens, clothes and lamps.
  • 5.0 cubic foot (Dish Pack) – This box is the most sturdy of all. Extra thick corrugation, and designed for heavier bulky items. Great for dishes, glasses, tools, office supplies.
  • Wardrobe Box – The wardrobe box, including the clothes bar is designed to hang clothes. Allowing for for the transport of hanging clothes, without wrinkling or damaging. Wardrobe boxes and wardrobe service are included during any local move.
  • Mirror Pack – The mirror pack is designed for mirrors, pictures and small televisions. This box can be telescoped for size.
  • Lamp Carton – The lamp carton is a long, slender box. It is designed to accommodate lamps and other long items like brooms and outdoor equipment.
  • Packing Paper – Packing paper is sold by the 35lb bundle and has the texture of newspaper. This is the standard for wrapping dishes and other breakable items before placing them into the boxes.
  • Paper Pads – Paper pads are designed for wrapping larger items like lamps and other valuable large items before being boxed or crated.
  • Tape
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Computer Screen Covers

How many supplies do I need?

The average, uncluttered 3 bedroom home, with 2 adults will take the following materials: 1.5 – 45, 3.0 – 31, 4.5 – 8, 5.0 – 5, Mirror – 9, Wardrobe – 4, Packing Paper – 1 bundle, Tape – 3 rolls, Plastic Wrap – 1/2 roll. The cost for these materials will run around $500.00. Visit and check out their Packing Calculator to find out your specific needs.

We always provide delivery for your packing items, and remember we will only charge you for the materials you use. Contact us for more information.

Carlos Soto

“I highly recommend Hansen's moving and storage, Jessie Montecino came out and help me move my house. Not only did he show up early but we also finished in a great time. Jessie made sure everything was wrapped and protected. He has a great sense for detail. I would use Hansen's again.”

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