Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield: Quality of life comparison

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We never really think about the main differences between the two places until we decide to move. Only then, we will consider things that are much more than how the place is popular and does it offer interesting things to see. Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield is not only your dilemma, and a lot of people wonder which city is better for living and working. We decided to settle this once and for all, and to help you make the right decision. Here is everything you should know about both places and which one is more suitable for you!

Living costs

One of the most important factors when comparing two cities is the living costs. These will affect many essential parts of your life, and you must be sure that they will fit your budget. After you make a good deal with movers Bakersfield CA you will be able to focus your finances on the post-move activities. When it comes to these two cities, it is pretty clear that Ridgecrest is more affordable. Currently, the living costs there rate 96.1/100 while in Bakersfield they are 103.4/100. This means that your finances will be more stable if you choose to move to Ridgecrest.

woman calculating bills
Ridgecrest has lower living costs than Bakersfield including housing and utility costs

It is worth mentioning that housing is cheaper in that city as well. The median housing price there is $200.000 while in Bakersfield you will have to spend around $290.000. The difference matters a lot to those who want to buy property so make sure to think this one through.

Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield: Job opportunities

Your moving companies Kern County will help you pack and transport your items, so you will have plenty of time on your hands. Those who are looking for a job can use it to explore the job market and see which city has more of them. Considering that Bakersfield is a more populous city with around 390.000 people, it surely has more to offer. But not only it has more residents, but Bakersfield is also focused on a larger variety of professions. The city is always looking for new teachers, cashiers, waiters, and nurses, and you will surely not spend too much looking for a suitable job.

girl at the job interview
Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield in terms of jobs leaves the bigger city as the winner

On the other hand, Ridgecrest is home to 29.000 people and its job opportunities are more focused on the aerospace industry and military. A couple of important establishments that are based in the city are encouraging young people to apply and lead successful careers in this field. In terms of jobs, Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield has the winner.

What about the climate?

The climate is another important factor that affects almost everyone’s lifestyle. Some people love long and hot summers while others prefer cooler weather. Even though they are 112 miles apart, the climate differences are worth mentioning. If you move to Ridgecrest you will get much cooler summers than in Bakersfield. Both cities are located in the Mojave Desert, but Bakersfield is the one that is famous for its hot and long summers. Winters are pretty mild, so if you don’t like cold, then you have your candidate.

If that happens and you decide to move in the summer, count on storage Bakersfield. You may need a safe place for your items until you settle in and prepare your new home. It will be much better to leave them in storage than to move them around at high temperatures. 

Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield regarding accessibility to green areas

In this sphere, these two cities are pretty similar. However, there are a couple of differences that you should keep in mind if you love spending time in nature. Ridgecrest and Bakersfield have beautiful parks and other green areas including:

  • Hiking trails
  • Public gardens
  • Forests

But you will find Ridgecrest to be much closer to national parks and other similar centers. When you move there with the help of movers Ridgecrest CA, you will be close to Little Petroglyph Canyon, Rademacher Hills, and Chimney Peak Byway. Even if you are not so into exploring and hiking, this factor could be important if you are moving with your kids. Keep in mind that it will be good for them to spend time outside after the relocation and later on.

Communities in these two places

One of the things that these two cities have in common is beautiful neighborhoods and lovely communities. You can choose the suitable one depending on your needs, profession, and age and it will not be hard to find it at all. A quick search or visit will help you narrow them down, and chances are really slim that you will make a mistake. Way before residential movers Kern County come to pick up your items, you will have to choose one and explore it in more detail. In Ridgecrest, the best options are Ridgecrest South and Ridgecrest Heights. They have a mixed population as they are popular among families and young professionals.

Bakersfield is famous for its neighborhoods like Central Bakersfield, North Bakersfield, and Southeast. Each one of them is pretty urban and dynamic, but you can find parts that are perfect for raising kids. Make sure to find a good real estate agent who will help you get to know them better and proceed to find a perfect home.

bike in the park
Ridgecrest is surely closer to more national parks and outdoor activities

So, what is the score on Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield?

It seems that the decision is absolutely yours to make. Ridgecrest vs Bakersfield depends on your need, wishes, and of course, your budget. Try to do all the necessary calculations before making the final decision. This way, you will choose the one that suits you the most and you will not have to go back and think about “what ifs”. Now that you know all the details, it will be easier to settle at least some important matters. Make sure professional movers are by your side the entire time so that you can enjoy this experience even better.




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