Retirement living in Bakersfield: what to expect


There is a huge number of people that retire in one year. And what most of them decide is to either move somewhere peaceful where they can live a nice and calm life. Or to go into a senior home. Over the years many places were built with the purpose of retirement as their main goal. From senior homes, and senior building complexes to retirement villages. Of course, there is a lot of attention placed on the happiness of our elders. So how is retirement living in Bakersfield? Should you contact moving companies Bakersfield has to offer and move?

The city of Bakersfield

Being the largest city in Kern County, it is no wonder that the population of Bakersfield is around 403,455. Actually, that number of residents makes it the 9th biggest city in California when it comes to residents number. As well as 48th in America. So it’s no wonder that moving services Bakersfield has are constantly being used. The city is surrounded by nature. And at the same time rich with history. For seniors interested in history, and nature lovers retirement living in Bakersfield is a dream come true.

A woman celebrating her retirement living in Bakersfield
Retirement living in Bakersfield is something we strongly recommend.

The climate is hot climate. The summers are usually hot and dry, while the winters are quite mild. Although sometimes in the winter nights can be chilly. So the elders that cant stand heat might think this through. But in our opinion, it’s worth it.

Moving to Bakersfield

If you decide that retirement living in Bakersfield is for you, moving it is actually pretty easy. There are many packing services Bakersfield has to offer, along with other types of services for the elderly. As you are someone that has lived quite a long life and worked most of it,  it is time to relax. Why would you want to pack your items and move them around when there are people that can do that for you? It’s time for you to relax and not do anything.

Moving to Bakersfield is a new start. The city is relatively safe when taking its size into account. Although it did have an increase in gang activities around the early 2000s the city is now under a program. And became relatively calm. The best thing is that the city has an extensive highway network, a good bus route as well as a railway and an airport!

Home prices

Although most residents in Bakersfield are homeowners there is still a big number of people that rent. Your retirement living in Bakersfield depends on what you would like. Are you interested in buying a home? The usual home price is around $258,700. While renting is $1,124. Which is quite cheap in comparison with some of America’s bigger cities.

A home for sale in Bakersfield
Retirement home prices in Bakersfield are affordable

There are many different price ranges all throughout America. And Bakersfield is somewhere in the middle. Although not exactly cheap, buying a home here is still affordable and is definitely less than in some of the US’s bigger cities. But there are seniors that decide retirement living in Bakersfield is for them, but not this way. They opt for some of the retirement homes. We understand that sometimes people don’t want to be alone. And would like that there is someone constantly there to take care of them. But one of the things that can be a problem when moving into a senior home is space.

The room size is limited and as such many people find that they don’t have room for all of their belongings. And a nice solution for that is the best storage Bakersfield has. There is even some storage meant for retired people. Here you will have unlimited access to all of your belongings, while at the same time keeping them safe.

Nature and parks

Most elderly people prefer to have some nature around. And as they look into retirement living in Bakersfield most are interested in the surroundings as well. The city is full of parks. Making it a perfect place for seniors to go out for a walk. But there is more. For those that are more daring and in good condition there are many places to see.

  • Kern Canyon-  This is a canyon located near Bakersfield. The perfect place to go camping, hiking, and fishing. Although for some reason there is a big number of people that never heard of it, this place is definitely a hidden gem.
  • Aquatic Center- We already mentioned that the weather is mostly hot. So an aquatic center is a big plus. No matter what age you are, everyone deserves the option of cooling down. So don’t skip out on this!
  • Lake Ming- This is a manmade lake located west of the Greenhorn Mountains. Many people visit it and go waterskiing or boating. Not to mention that the lake is home to many kinds of fish. So it’s a nice place for seniors to sit next to the water and fish.
  • Park at Riverwalk- How can you enjoy retirement living in Bakersfield without wisting the park at Riverwalk?
Two people fishing by a lake
There are many hiking and fishing spots in Bakersfield making it a nice place for elders who like peace and relaxation.

Diversity of Bakersfield

The city of Bakersfield is one of the most diverse cities in California. Making it acceptable to all kinds of people from all walks of life. And as such retirement living in Bakersfield is relaxing. Filled with many new friends and people that are welcoming. Surrounded by many different cultures and ethnicities this is a beautiful place where you can always learn something new. As well as meet new people that will make your retirement living in Bakersfield more fun.

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