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Unfortunately there are many sleazy moving companies out there that have given the industry a bad reputation. We at Hansen’s Moving and Storage believe that an educated customer is a good customer, and a good customer becomes a happy customer. We believe in fully educating our customers on the entire move process, and any charges they will incur ahead of time. Some moving companies do not operate this way, and that is why we have created this page to teach you some of the tools that can save you from a moving nightmare with bad moving companies.

Most common moving scams

The two most common scams are hostage goods scams and advance deposit scams. Hostage goods scams occur when your belongings are in the possession of a moving company, usually after they have been loaded on a truck, after a price has been quoted. However, just when you think that you’re smooth sailing, the movers refuse to hand over your goods until you pay a different, higher, price. In the case of an advance deposit scam, movers will request money up-front, and then never show up on moving day. Fortunately in a small community like Bakersfield, movers do not last long operating these scams.

How to protect yourself from a bad move

The best way to avoid a moving scam is to be aware that they exist and that they do happen. With this being said, a little research goes a long way. These simple steps will help you avoid scams and have a better, and safer moving experience.

  • Don’t fall for a front company – Don’t fall for rogue movers. A real moving company should have a bricks and mortar address. It’s a good idea to drive by or even stop-in at the company to make sure the address is legitimate. Visit Hansen’s Moving and Storage and see our operation at 6301 Schirra Ct. in Bakersfield.
  • Don’t give a deposit – You should not have to pay a deposit for moving services. If a mover asks for money up-front, choose a different moving company.
  • Get a receipt – A proper California moving will have a PUC regulated move form that dictates your rights as a customer. If you pay cash and do not get a receipt, you will not have any evidence to your rights in the event something happens during the move.
  • Make sure the moving truck is branded – A real moving company will use real moving trucks with branding, making it less likely that scammers will drive away with your belongings. Do not use a moving company that has old used rental trucks with no identifying names or licensing.
  • Fake pictures online – A reputable moving company will not be afraid to show you actual pictures of their operation and equipment. Be careful of companies that you stock photos of moving trucks, fake people and no warehouse. You do not want to send you belongings to a storage facility that might not actually exist.
  • Purchase extra insurance – A good moving company will offer various types of moving insurance (Valuation) to protect your possessions.
  • Ask about the moving company’s claims policy – Should you need to file a claim, you want to be sure that it is handled correctly and in a timely manner.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is – Remember that cheaper does not mean better. Do your research and get quotes from several different moving companies to ensure that you are getting the best moving services possible for your money.
  • Do your homework – Check the company’s website, advertising, physical location and online reviews. Make sure you are dealing with a real company, with a local reputation. It is always smart to go with a company affiliated with a national van line.

If you have any questions about moving companies or scams, do not hesitate to contact us at 661-834-2411. We also know and deal with the reputable moving companies in town, and would be happy to answer questions about any moving company you are considering.

TJ Frantz

“George, Rudy and Andres were very competent and efficient. They moved our stuff nicely from dusty Shafter to the crisp, fresh air of San Luis Obispo. We are very satisfied.”

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