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Are you wondering why storage establishments have been shoving up all over the place? What could somebody possibly be keeping inside? What are the reasons to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield? Over the years this industry has become increasingly popular as people have been using it for various reasons. Although the Covid-19 pandemic also influenced its growth significantly. And now you can find many different options for storage Bakersfield residents recommend.

Is storage expensive?

The usual cost to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield is about $180 per month. If you look at 3,500 quotes it will show that prices for storage and moving services Bakersfield companies offer range from around $70 to $300. Of course, this depends on size, type, and availability. Because storage unit fees are established on demand, you can usually cut expenses by corresponding quotes from several storage companies in your neighborhood.

A man going to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield
If you rent a storage unit in Bakersfield make sure to pick one that fits all of your needs.

Storage units are usually, approximately $200 per month. Nevertheless, storage costs range can change on size, kind, and availability. For instance, you can find a small unit for less than $100. On the other hand, a unit that’s bigger can set you back about $300. Usually, your price doubles every time you jump a size.


People often decide to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield when moving. As those are instances where unexpected situations can arise. Although you can always get professional help, as well as packing services Bakersfield movers offer, there will always be some things you cant influence. For example, the move is in a week but your lease expired already. So what can you do? You can’t move your things but they can’t remain in the house? And this is where storage units come into play.

Just by renting one, you save yourself so much trouble. Also sometimes we find ourselves in a slight predicament. For example, the new home is much smaller than the one we were in previously. That means there will be some things that can’t fit anymore. So renting storage helps a lot. You can place the items there until you figure out what you want to do with them.


There are many people that travel due to work. The best example of that is soldiers. So most of them decide to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield. This way all of their items stay together, and they dont need to pay rent for an apartment. Although they will need to pay storage fees, it is a lot cheaper than paying rent for a whole home, that they won’t even use. Not to mention homes also have added bills.

Security monitor in a storage facility
Storage companies take a lot of pride in their good security.

And are usually left alone while they travel. That brings the question of safety. When people travel a lot most of the time their homes are empty. Meaning there is no one to take care of them. So if something happens no one will know until they come back. On the other hand, storage facilities have constant security and are closely monitored. Storage workers and movers Bakersfield has are the best of the best.


If you are decluttering rent a storage unit in Bakersfield and free up space. You see sometimes we want to get rid of items by selling them or donating them to places like The Furniture Bank. But oftentimes we can’t send or sell them at that exact moment. So we place them in storage for safekeeping. This way you will free up the space you need. And at the same time, you won’t need to pay a lot for storage fees. Not to mention that the items will be safe and in perfect condition.


Since forever many people have kept their business items in huge warehouses. But over time especially in recent years with all of the Covicd-19 measures and repercussions, a lot has changed. Now people especially small and startup businesses decide to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield. This way they save a lot of money. Usually, when renting a warehouse you will need to find security and other perks by yourself. But that’s not the case with storage units.

A woman checking on her items in storage
No matter what your business does, there is a storage solution for you!

From the option of different storage unit options, all the way up to constant security. There are more perks for storage than warehouses. No matter what you need to store there will be a storage option for it. From climate-controlled storage all the way up to outdoor storage.

Seasonal storage

There are many of us that rent storage in order to keep our sessional items in it. Doing this makes a lot of free space at home. For example, you can keep your skis, snowboard, sleds as well as other winter equipment here during summer. And during winter you can pack your inflatable pool, floaties, grills and so much more. The items are easy to access and will be kept with the car. Not to mention that for that you won’t need a lot of space. So naturally, the price will be quite reasonable.

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit in Bakersfield

There are many reasons why people rent storage. From the many benefits, they receive up to the times when due to various reasons they might not have any other choice. But the main thing you need to know is that everyone is left satisfied at the end of the day. Anyone can rent storage. And on top of that, there are even some storage units that are meant for a specific clientele. For example storage for students, the elderly, cars, and so on.  So there is no way to make a mistake if you rent a storage unit in Bakersfield.

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