Pros and cons of starting a business in Delano CA

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Delano, CA, unfolds as a landscape filled with potential for those looking to start a new venture. There are significant advantages that this city offers in a commercial sense, from its expanding workforce to the vibrant sectors of its economy. However, starting a business in Delano CA also comes with its own set of challenges. So, before you hire Bakersfield movers to transfer to this city and start a company there, make sure you explore all the pros and cons of this type of business decision. 

Pros of starting a business in Delano CA

Delano offers great opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. In fact, several strong advantages make Delano an attractive destination for starting a new business.

Growing labor force

The recent increase in the Bakersfield-Delano area’s labor force is an encouraging sign​​. Here’s why this growth matters:

  • Increased talent pool. More people in the workforce means a wider selection of skills and experiences for employers.
  • Diverse skill sets. With varied industries in the region, workers bring diverse capabilities, beneficial for businesses with specialized needs.
  • Potential for lower wage costs. An expanding labor market can lead to more competitive wages, potentially lowering business labor costs.
  • Opportunity for local hiring. The growth in the local labor force means businesses can contribute to the local economy by employing residents.

Diverse economic sectors

The diverse industrial sectors of California present the biggest advantage for starting a business in Delano CA. The state’s top industries, like electronics, mixed freight, and pharmaceuticals, have shown constant growth​​. This diversity means that no matter your business focus, there’s likely a relevant and growing sector for you in the area. If you’re in a niche market or offer specialized services, you can find your space in the local economy. The variety of industries also opens doors for B2B (business-to-business) opportunities. Being in an area with such a range of sectors can make it easier to find suppliers, clients, or collaborators. It’s one of the main reasons why commercial movers Kern County offers have more and more clients each year requesting to relocate to Delano.

a bottle with some yellow pills spilling from it
If you are interested in starting a business in Delano CA, bear in mind that one of the thriving industries is the one dealing with pharmaceuticals.

A dynamic economic environment – opportunities for new ventures

Several positive trends characterize the economic environment in Delano, and essentially, cause numerous businesses to hire logistics companies Kern County is a base of and transfer there:

  • Sector growth. Key industries in the state, such as electronics and pharmaceuticals, are expanding, offering new business opportunities.
  • Increased B2B opportunities. The growth of diverse industries opens doors for business-to-business collaborations.
  • Innovation and development. The dynamic economic landscape encourages innovation and development.
  • Support for startups. The varied economic environment can offer support networks and resources for startups.

Disadvantages of starting a business in Delano CA

While Delano presents promising opportunities for business growth, there are also unique challenges that entrepreneurs must handle.

Facing economic headwinds in Delano

One of the primary challenges in Delano is finding your way around the local economy, particularly marked by its higher-than-average unemployment rates. Recent statistics from the Bakersfield-Delano area show an unemployment rate of around 9.5%, notably higher than national averages​​. For businesses, especially new ones, this could mean a smaller customer base with less disposable income. Certain non-essential services might find it challenging to attract a steady stream of clients in such economic conditions. This situation also reflects a broader economic challenge, where consumer spending power is limited, impacting various sectors. To deal with this situation, companies must find a balance between offering valuable services and being sensitive to the local economic climate.

a man who has just received a message on his computer that someone no longer needs his services
The unemployment rate in Delano CA is higher than the national average.

Few college graduates and its effects on business

In Delano, only 8.3% of people have a college degree or more. This is a lot lower than in most places and means there aren’t many highly educated workers around. This situation can be tough for businesses that need skilled workers, like in tech or healthcare. They might have to spend more money to hire people from other places.

Since there are fewer people with higher education, the kinds of businesses that do well in Delano might be more about hands-on work or services that don’t require a college degree. This could also mean that people in Delano might not earn as much money on average, and there could be more people without jobs. These issues can affect what businesses can succeed there.

Therefore, before you hire Bakersfield packing services to prepare your company for the move, or before, you open up a business in this city, think thoroughly if this situation works for the type of business your company does.

Income and spending power

An important aspect to consider in Delano is the economic capacity of its residents. The median household income in Delano stands at $53,639​​. Unfortunately, this is lower compared to broader state and national averages. This factor can significantly impact consumer spending behaviors, especially on non-essential goods and services. A lower median income could translate to cautious spending habits, affecting how much consumers are willing to spend and what they prioritize.

Furthermore, the city’s poverty rate is approximately 19.6%​​. This high rate indicates a substantial portion of the population might not have the disposable income necessary for certain types of businesses to flourish. You must have this in mind when you are starting a business in Delano CA. It’s not just about offering a product or service. It’s about understanding the financial landscape and tailoring your business approach to meet the community’s economic conditions.

a man holding a dollar bill and a wallet while thinking about starting a business in Delano CA
Lower median household income in Delano is a disadvantage for the local businesses.

Infrastructure and resource limitations

In Delano, certain infrastructure and resource aspects can present challenges for new businesses. These limitations may include:

  • Limited commercial spaces. Finding the right commercial location can be challenging, with limited options for certain business types.
  • Infrastructure development. The city may have areas where infrastructure like roads, utilities, and internet connectivity needs improvement.
  • Access to funding. Securing start-up capital or business loans might be more challenging due to local economic conditions.
  • Supply chain constraints. For businesses reliant on external suppliers, there could be limitations in logistics and supply chain efficiency.

Should you start a business in Delano CA?

When it comes to starting a business in Delano CA, entrepreneurs encounter both advantages and challenges. Certain features of this city’s economy set the stage for potential business success. Yet, it’s crucial to be mindful of the economic challenges that can shape the business environment. Understanding these facets of Delano’s economic and social landscape is key for any business aiming to succeed in this unique California city. And should you start a business in Delano CA? It depends on what business it is and how prepared are you to develop it.

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