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When choosing a suitable place to move to, it doesn’t take too much to understand that your priorities have to be set straight. This will not only make you choose better, but it will assure your entire future in the new place. While you can visit the place a couple of times and even get some information first-hand, there is a much easier way that can have equally good results. And once you decide, moving and storage Kern County companies will be there to help you relocate with ease. Let’s go through some pros and cons of living in Delano CA.

What to expect from Delano?

If you never had a chance to visit Delano before it will be good to know what exactly can you expect from this city. This city is home to around 52.173 people and is located in Kern Country. Your job matters a lot, and you must have an opportunity to do things you like in your free time.  Way before you entrust your items to movers Delano CA, you will need to make a good and strategic plan and it should include your budget and post-relocation activities. 

woman sitting in the park
Delano is famous for many green areas that are perfect for walking or running

Those who plan to move to Delano in the near future will be welcomed with huge numbers of things to see and do, mainly because this city is only 31 miles away from Bakersfield. That, in combination with its own attractions, Delano surely is a great candidate. However, we don’t like the same things nor do we dislike the same ones, and it is good to have all cards open before making a final decision.

Pros of living in Delano CA

We will begin by naming those that people usually love hearing about. Just like every big event you may plan can have its pros and cons, your new place surely has them as well. When it comes to living in Delano CA one of the best pros has to be the cost of living. A place that beautiful and with costs of living that rate 90/100 surely is not something to miss.

Delano is suitable for all generations

Another one has to be the diversity of this place. After movers Kern County unload your items and you officially settle in, you will get a better picture! Locals and those who recently moved to Delano, often claim that this city is suitable for all ages and professions. That means that even if you have kids or are moving alone, Delano will have something special to offer. The most notable attractions include:

  • Delano Heritage Park
  • Maya Cinemas Delano
  • Cecil Park
  • Kern County Museum

Considering that you will need to balance your post-relocation activities and social life, attractions in Delano can really help you. You will get a chance to meet new people, explore new places, and even find some hidden gems this city has to offer.

people jumping in the air
No matter your age and profession, living in Delano CA will get you closer to people from all over the world

Climate can be suitable for you

A couple of places in California can be extremely humid during summer. When it comes to Delano, a lot of people find it comfortable that it has a pretty distinct difference between winter and summer. The average lowest temperature is 13.0°F and was recorded in December. On the other hand, the highest temperature in the city is 118.0°F. Thanks to many parks and green areas, even the highest temperatures are not that severe. Residents usually visit parks early in the morning or late afternoon to take a walk and cool off. Of course, there are several public pools in Delano and you will surely want to check them out.

Cons of living in Delano CA

Now, back to some things that could pull you away from choosing this city as your new home. Keep in mind that not all cons mean that the place is a no-match, but you should keep them in mind. It will not take too long for a minor issue to cause even bigger ones to your budget or a new job, and that is not something you want.

The unemployment rate

In recent years, Delano had a really high unemployment rate. While the national average is 6%, in this city you can find a number to be over 29%. There are a couple of reasons for this to happen and the lack of investors and infostructures. While the local movers Kern County still operate and people move across the city, the unemployment rate still remains the same. However, Delano is taking serious measures to help its residents find suitable jobs and launch their businesses.

Traffic can also be an issue while living in Delano CA

In case you are moving from a smaller city or more subtle neighborhood, you may find it difficult to navigate at first. Delano can get really busy during working days and the traffic jams can easily form. Of course, if you have your vehicle and plan on using it on a daily basis you have to get to know the routes you will need. While logistics companies Kern County will quickly transport your items, it may take some time for you to learn how to reach important locations throughout the city.

cars in the intersection as traffic jams are the biggest cons of living in Delano CA
Make sure to get to know essential routes as traffic can get messy in Delano

Other things to know about living in Delano

In case you want to fully move and need commercial movers Kern County and their services as well, make sure to organize your time the right way. Considering professionals can help you with your items, you can focus more on learning about living in Delano CA. After all, the decision is absolutely yours and you should take all the time in the world to think it through. Once you write down all the pros and cons and compare them to your needs you will surely get the right answer.


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