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Moving is not an easy process and brings with it many unknown challenges for the individual. From choosing a relocation date, and setting a budget to choosing one of the moving companies Kern County and packing things, there are many challenging situations. One of the most challenging obligations that await you during the move is the move of large and heavy furniture. When planning the moving heavy furniture, good and smart organization is important. You must take care not to damage anything, but more importantly, not to injure anyone. So here’s how to properly move heavy and bulky furniture.

The organization is half the battle when it comes to moving heavy furniture

It may seem impossible when you hear that organization is half the battle, but it is true. If you organize yourself well and follow a few useful instructions, everything will be easy. Okay, not very easy, because we are talking about moving bulky furniture, but you will finish everything successfully. So think ahead and get all the equipment you need. You can get everything you need from logistics companies Kern county. Moving furniture on parquet and carpet is not the same, so you need different tools. When you prepare everything on time, there is less chance that something will not go well.

Movers moving heavy furniture.
You can always rely on movers to help you move heavy furniture.

Hire help to move large furniture

One of the first things you need to do is hire a reliable moving company. Experienced movers Bakersfield CA will know the best ways to move heavy furniture. In addition to experience with moving weighty furniture, they certainly have all the necessary equipment. Then you can relax because they will take on all the hard work, and we just have to prepare everything you need to move to a new home.

What do you need to know when moving heavy furniture?

If you have decided not to hire a moving company, but to try to move your heavy furniture yourself, there are a few things you need to know. Regardless of whether you are moving your furniture to a new home or simply planning to take it to a storage Bakersfield, it is important to do so in a way that makes it easier for yourself. If you stick to these rules, your move will be successful.

Do not try to move heavy furniture yourself

If you don’t have to, don’t try to move the furniture all by yourself. Invite friends or family to help you move the hefty furniture to your destination. Everyone will be happy to help you, and it will be much easier and safer for you.

A woman assembles furniture.
Disassemble all the furniture into as small pieces as possible to make it easier to carry. But be careful not to lose any part!

Remove the door from the frame

When moving bulky furniture, every inch of space is important. No matter how skilled you are, you can damage your furniture. This is especially important if the furniture is heavy and large. In addition to carrying something too heavy, you must also take care of space. That’s why it’s always a good idea to remove the door from the frame. This protects the door from damage, but also provides you with additional space for passage.

Disassemble everything you can

Sometimes it is possible to facilitate the whole process of moving large and heavy furniture by disassembling it. If you need to move a large double bed and closet, this is a convenient option. With the help of a mover or yourself slowly, disassemble the furniture into small parts. If you do it yourself, take care to remember how everything was connected. As if you don’t lose small parts such as screws. Don’t rush, but dedicate time to that job so that you don’t accidentally damage something. After that, adequately protect and pack all parts for transport. It is a good idea to mark the parts with numbers so that you can later know the order in which they are assembled after moving.

Here’s what else can help you move heavy furniture:

  1. Moving straps – Furniture belts will help you transfer some of the weight from your arms and back when lifting heavy furniture. They are easy to adjust to the size of the furniture you are moving.
  2. Furniture sliders – Furniture sliders are made of plastic and serve to be placed under the legs of furniture to make it easier to slide on the floor. They help with all types of substrates, including moving furniture on carpets. In addition, they reduce the risk of damage to both furniture and the floor.
  3. Furniture dollies – There are different types of furniture carts. Four-wheeled carts that are used to put furniture on them that is large. For moving tall furniture, two-wheeled carts with steering and driving handles are better. Whichever one you choose, it will make it much easier for you to move large furniture.
Movers carry a heavy couch.
Do not try to move heavy furniture alone to avoid the risk of injury.

Be careful when moving heavy furniture

Moving bulky furniture is not easy. Especially if it cannot be disassembled into smaller parts. That is why you need to approach it with a lot of caution. You have to be careful not to accidentally injure yourself. There are many dangerous moments, from the fact that you fall from the lift to the fact that it accidentally falls on you. On the other hand, there is the possibility of furniture damage, which you would not want. So always be careful and take a good look at the best way to move that particular piece of furniture. Provide everything you need, from people to help you to tools that can make it easier for you.

Tip plus!

If you are moving the office, do not try to move it yourself. Bulky office furniture is heavy and very inconvenient to move. It can easily happen that something is damaged or injured. This will only delay your move. And when it comes to moving heavy furniture,  offices and companies, speed is one of the most important factors. Therefore, be sure to leave these relocations to professionals who have the knowledge and experience to relocate heavy furniture.


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