Moving from Bakersfield to Fresno: What to expect

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Just imagine spending months, or even years trying to find a perfect place to move to. Once you do, the only reasonable step is to actually start planning your relocation there. And it is not so uncommon for people from Bakersfield to choose Fresno as their new home! Both cities have a lot of similar traits, but there are some differences you shouldn’t ignore! But way before your relocation begins and you find yourself in your new home, there is research waiting for you! To help you on your journey of moving and settling in, let’s go through some of the most important things you should expect when moving from Bakersfield to Fresno!

How often do people move from Bakersfield to Fresno?

These two California cities are 109.1 miles apart which means it will take you around one hour to get from one to another. So, just like you would expect, the migration between Bakersfield and Fresno is frequent. In 2019 before the Global Pandemic Fresno was the 4th most common destination for residents of Bakersfield as 1,246  people moved that year. The reasons vary, but people hired movers and packers in Bakersfield mainly because of a new job offer, a different lifestyle, or a property purchase. It is good to mention that people move a lot the other way around as well. That same year around 1,527 people decided to move from Fresno to Bakersfield.

green farm
Get ready to experience farms and agriculture like anywhere in California

Most common reasons for moving

Fresno is the 5th largest city in California, but it is famous for something else apart from being huge. After moving there, you will soon realize that this city is very rich in agriculture and organic products. As a result, its restaurants, street markets, and supermarkets are always filled with domestic products from Fresno farms. Locals put a lot of effort into agriculture and that is how a lot of fresh goods end up in bigger cities and other states as well. So, if you are a fan of living and eating healthy reliable Bakersfield long distance movers can help you get there quickly!

Apart from living healthily, a lot of young professionals are looking for a suitable neighborhood to settle in. Fresno has plenty of them, especially in its suburbs. Residents can choose to rent or buy a property and the majority of them will actually pick a house rather than an apartment. The main reason for this is that homes in Fresno are beautiful and spacious, and usually come with a lovely garden!

Moving from Bakersfield to Fresno: Living costs

And while some things in your life will change after this relocation, some will remain the same. It is very rare to find a place to move to that has similar living costs s your hometown, let alone the same. Bakersfield and Fresno share that trait as both cities have ratings of 103/100. However, housing costs in Fresno are 108/100 while Bakersfield holds 106/100. Even though the difference in numbers is not huge, you still must be careful with your budget. The post-relocation expenses are always tricky and usually tend to spend a lot. Rely on movers and their packing services in Bakersfield so that you can save even more on your move!

What about the unemployment rate?

The good news for those who plan on looking for a job after moving is that Fresno has a lower unemployment rate than Bakersfield. Currently, it is 6.20% while your hometown holds 6.70%. Knowing that Bakersfield is famous for its history, country music, and art in general, chances are high that you already have a small business there. If you plan on moving it with you, it will be well accepted in Fresno. Residents love seeing new things, and your workshop or any other type of company will find its targeted audience. On the other hand, if you are moving to Fresno to find a job, some of the biggest employees that could hire you include:

  • San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital
  • InfraRoad Trading & Contracting
  • California State University
  • Community College District
A person having a job interview after moving from Bakersfield to Fresno
Moving from Bakersfield to Fresno means great job opportunities

If you rely on some of the best moving services in Bakersfield and prepare everything on time, the job interview will happen much sooner than you thought! Those who wish to join the educational field in Fresno should probably wait until the beginning of the new school year. 

Things to see and do after moving to Fresno

You know how in Bakersfield you had a chance to enjoy Hart Memorial Park or California Living Museum? Well, in Fresno you will have plenty of similar things to see and do. In fact, your new home is packed with attractions for both adults and kids. Woodward Regional Park for example is an area of 300 acres and it is perfect for celebrating a successful relocation. There is also Fresno Chaffee Zoo that your entire family will love. It is home to over 200 animal species and it hosts special tours for schools and families! Considering that with a good moving company, your relocation will not last for too long, you can reserve tickets in advance. This way, you will get to relax after the move by spending some quality time in popular Fresno locations.

monkey eating vegetable
After moving from Bakersfield to Fresno, don’t forget to check out Fresno Zoo

It is no secret that moving from Bakersfield to Fresno will change your life! You will soon be surrounded by a lovely new community, so let it help you adapt. Just like in Bakersfield, summers in Fresno are hot, but there is enough fresh breeze in the afternoon that will let you explore it to the fullest. Communities organize all sorts of events and festivals, especially in the time of national holidays! Of course, if you ever feel like you miss Bakersfield too much you can be there in a very short period.


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