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Moving from your home town in pursuit of a better career and education opportunities often makes people wander for a while. Eventually, many people decide to settle back in their hometown, once they figure out the path they want to take. Moving back home to Bakersfield can make you even more sentimental. That’s especially the case if you’re coming back from urban and metropolitan areas. While Bakersfield is a great city with an urban feel, it can also be a great retreat from the higher-intensity cities. If you’re coming back, you should know how to organize. If you used moving and storage Kern County services before, some things might be waiting for you already. Here’s how to organize and what to expect when coming back to Bakersfield.

Make use of the storage when moving back home to Bakersfield

If you stored some of your belongings in one of the storage facilities when you moved out of Bakersfield, it may now prove handy. Instead of moving heavy furniture and household appliances across great distances, consider using something you already have stored. If you haven’t used storage Bakersfield services, you can still make use of them for your relocation. Any extra furniture or other chunky items can go to storage instead back to your home. Winter clothes might not have great use in California, so consider storing them as well when coming back home to Bakersfield.

man walking in a storage facility
Using something you stored before is a great way to carry less stuff when moving back home to Bakersfield.

Choose only reliable movers

You may have had a good experience with the moving company when you moved out of Bakersfield, but things now may be different. You should look up some of the local movers Kern County community values most before scheduling your relocation. Make sure the best candidate both fits your budget and they have positive reviews online.

If you still have friends or acquaintances in the city, feel free to ask for a recommendation. Note that every move can be different, but a general impression about the quality of service matters. Also, make sure the company you plan to hire can provide free estimates so you have a rough idea of the final cost. Make sure you double-check every company, and not only go with the most expensive option. While the high price may imply high-quality equipment and service, that’s not always the case. You can find many shady companies out there, so you should be careful and rely on real experiences.

When should you hire professional movers?

Professional movers are convenient for any relocation, and they will always make your move easier. However, some parts of the moving process you can take on yourself. That’s especially true when you’re trying to cut corners and reduce the overall cost. On the other hand, if you’re ready to pay the fitting price for a quality service, movers and packers Bakersfield has will help you settle in in no time.

You should note, though, that sometimes hiring professional help is required. For example, if you’re trying to pack and move in a hurry, trying to do it alone can yield bad results. Professionals can easily pack your home in a day and provide adequate protection during transport. Additionally, they can help you unpack and settle in, leaving much time for yourself and your family.

man moving back home to bakersfield
Professional movers can help you wrap up your home in a day at your convenience.

Another scenario where professional movers are required is when you need to move musical instruments or other specialized equipment. Apart from the heavy lifting which can be both hard and dangerous to do, they know how to keep it safe. Therefore, hiring movers for some items keeps your health, as well as preserving the good condition of your belongings.

What to expect from moving back home to Bakersfield by yourself?

Moving on a very tight budget sometimes means skipping hiring movers. While that’s not advised for most cases, it’s not impossible. However, note that you’ll need much time to take every part of the process on yourself. This can be hard to do when trying to balance it between work and other things on your schedule.

You should clear up your schedule to make an inventory and pack your items. Make sure you time pack well so that it leaves enough time to not pack in a hurry. Also, note that it should be close to the moving day, as a packed home may not be functional. Unlike with professional help, packing can take a few days. It all depends on what you plan to move and if you have any heavy items. Try to identify everything before you start packing to have a clear idea of what to expect.

bubble wrap on a piece of furniture
Make sure you get all the right materials before you start packing, or something may get damaged in transit.

How to pack when moving back home to Bakersfield?

Get all the right materials before you start packing. Check some guides online for each fragile type of item you may have. For example, packing your kitchen requires following a certain technique that can keep porcelain safe. If you’re trying to save money when moving alone, you don’t want to break any items. Otherwise, fixing or replacing them may be heavy on your budget, even more than hiring movers.

Moving materials may differ based on what you need to move, but some things are regularly used for the most. For example, make sure you these:

  • Carton moving boxes
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wheeled dolly
  • Plastic bins
  • Vacuum bags

You may not need everything from the list, but each has its purpose for common items.

How to pack clothes before coming back to Bakersfield?

You won’t need your winter clothes in the city of Bakersfield, so consider storing them away. This will create more space in your home that you can use for other things instead. When packing winter clothes, consider using plastic bins to best protect them. Use vacuum bags only for certain fabrics and don’t use them if you plan to use long-term storage. They are safe only for shorter periods because they can deform and damage your clothes if left in a vacuum for too long. Just clean and press your clothes before placing them in plastic bins to make sure they stay safe after moving back home to Bakersfield.

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