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Moving a wine collection is not easy! Whether you’re a small collector or a full-fledged specialist, you’ve presumably put quite a lot of effort, cash, and time into creating your wine collection. It’s an important investment. So if you’re moving, you need to prepare ahead to ensure you can move your wine with care. There’s a lot more to moving wine than merely loading bottles into a cardboard box. Actually, there are even some special moving services Bakersfield offers for moving vine. To help you move your collection, we’ve set together a few steps for preserving your wine and keeping it safe as you relocate.

Why does moving a wine collection require special attention?

Fine wines need unique handling and storage when transporting. Their delicate nature and chemistry can be influenced by motion, temperature, and direct rays of light. We advise extra protection when moving these priceless assets. When you need to select the best strategy for moving a vine collection, certain steps need to be considered. Actually many people take their time when moving vine. Some even store their vine in a climate-controlled storage Bakersfield moving companies offer. And either leave it there. Or slowly relocates it into a new residence.

A wine storage of a big collector before moving a wine collection
Moving a wine collection will need certain standards to be maintained.

Those types of storage units are often used by collectors. As you can control the temperature as well as humidity and other factors to perfection. Not to mention good security and the ability to access it at all times. But the thing is even if your vine was stored in storage, you would still need to move it there. And that again brings us to the topic of moving a wine collection.

Make an accurate inventory

First of all, evaluate your wine collection and decide how much of it you’re going to relocate. If your new residence doesn’t have room for your whole collection, think about selling some or gifting it to friends and family. Having a list will help you get a more accurate moving quote from movers Bakersfield residents recommend.

Organize an appraiser to value your collection

Comprehending the present market worth of your wine collection is critical. Before moving a wine collection, it’s vital to take out insurance to protect your wine during transit. To get factual and cost-effective moving insurance, you will need an updated wine appraisal.

Man pouring wine in a glass
Knowing your wine collection’s worth will help you choose the right insurance.

Also, make sure to take your time to pursue respected appraisers and evade the impulse just to pick randomly. If you’re still having trouble finding someone, ask local liquor shops and distributors to give you some suggestions.

Select from a variety of wine shipping companies

Moving a wine collection cant be done by any random company. Numerous interstate movers are prohibited from transporting dangerous materials like alcohol in their moving trucks. Alcohol is regarded as a risk unless the movers are authorized by the PHMSA‘s approvals and permits division. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration is the regulatory agency improving dangerous materials transportation security and safety. So when examining movers, make sure you tell them about your wine collection prior to organizing a consultation.

Before securing your movers, examine them entirely – from a license check to their online prestige. Verify that your mover has knowledge of moving delicate and pricey collectibles. Ultimately, obtain extensive insurance, which some businesses will offer. Mishaps can and do occur. If your moving business does not have insurance, make sure to pursue a trustworthy third party.

Optimal conditions and wine storage

Specific conditions must be met to maintain your wine quality during the move. Oscillations in temperature, humidity, and light can bring unimaginable consequences. Moving a wine collection across the nation requires a good plan and additional finances. Make sure the company you select can maintain ideal requirements at all times. Of course, some companies also offer packing services Bakersfield that will ensure that your bottles are well-protected and transported safely.

Wine in a celer
Some wine collections are big, but some are small. Depending on the size the method of moving can change.

Moving a wine collection will take more than one day to finalize. So make sure the moving truck can hold a consistent temperature and humidity during the whole trip. If you can’t place wine in your new home straight away, consult people for temporary wine storage with the company in advance.

Look up customs restrictions for global wine shipping

If you are moving worldwide, then don’t overlook looking up the customs laws. In most circumstances, you will need to pay tax in order to move a wine collection to a new country. While home products arriving in the USA may be imported for free, alcohol is not included in the duty-free category. The U.S. Customs Border Protection lets you import up to one liter of alcoholic liquid for private use. And that’s free of duty and inner revenue tax.

The quantities above one liter are not excused from duty and internal revenue tax. Moving a wine collection worldwide is tough. Reach out to the customs division to negotiate a safe transport of your wine collection, and be sure that you comprehend the laws on shipping wine before you make your move.

Moving a wine collection that is small

If your wine collection is small, and not extremely expensive and your new home is not far, you can move it by yourself. The most significant thing to keep in mind is to preserve a constant atmosphere for as long of the move as feasible.

Also, you can make moving a wine collection a little more comfortable by bringing the right boxes. There are sturdy boxes, specifically made for wine bottles that have foam dividers. Just pack the wine on its side and keep an even temperature of around 55 – 75 degrees F in the back seat of your auto. It’s best not to move small wine collections in your trunk or with a moving truck.

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