Last minute moving: what to expect


Moving usually takes lots of time and preparation. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get packed in a few days. It’s just important to remember all the things you need to get done. Like anything else, last minute moving can be done with some short planning and preparing beforehand. For example, utilizing checklists is going to help you do all the things you planned. You can also use lots of trashbags to help you pack faster. Moreover, there are many other tips you might want to consider.

Plan ahead and create a checklist

Advising you to plan ahead and write a checklist when you’re already on a tight schedule might seem silly. However, you don’t have enough time. You probably don’t know where to start, and you definitely aren’t as prepared as you should be. That’s why it’s best to take an hour or two and create a good checklist. This is going to help you when you get to do these things. You’ll be able to just look at the checklist and know what needs to be done, and move to the next one afterward. Remember the saying: if the Sun is up, you should be too? This is a great moment to start doing exactly that. This will give you more time to get everything ready for the moving day.

What to put on a good last minute moving checklist

There are many options you might want to put down on your list. For example, here are some of the questions you might want to consider.

  • How many rooms do you have? How many boxes do you need for each one, based on a guess?
  • Do you need to call anyone because of your last minute moving plans? Cancel any services?
  • Buy any bubble wraps? Any boxes?
  • … and so on!

These are all the questions you want to consider. People who are good at scheduling use checklists constantly, which means you can use them too. However, if you think this is overwhelming and you cannot plan your entire relocation by yourself, consider hiring some of the logistics companies Kern County. They can help you get everything sorted and under control. While it is true they’re going to charge you for their services, consider whether or not all the stress is worth it. In the end, you decide and you can do it either way – whatever works best for you.

A checklist is good for last minute moving since it helps you organize the little time you have
Last minute moving requires good organization – so make checklists to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything.

The sudden realization you forgot something

When you’re in the middle of last minute preparations for the move and remember there was something you had to get done and forgot might seem scary. Maybe you forgot to tell your local movers Kern County that you got a piano you need to move. Pianos need delicate handling and a special way of transporting (due to their odd shape, weight, and so on). Or you forgot anything else that seems important. In these cases, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t panic. The more time you waste panicking, the less time you get to solve the issue. Give your movers a call and explain what happened. They are probably used to such scenarios and will be able to help you.

An alternative to a DIY move and packing

DIY moving can be a great memory for you and your family. Packing together, traveling by car to your new home, and so on can seem exciting. However, it’s also quite stressful. Instead, a lot of people choose the moving companies Kern County when they find themselves in a situation of last minute moving. They specialize in all sorts of relocations and will know how and in what way to pack. This will greatly help you focus on other things. Moreover, while it might seem easy to pack yourself when living in a smaller apartment, it’s a nightmare to pack a big house. Even more so when moving at the last notice.

A mother and her daughter packing some items.
Both a DIY move and hiring moving companies have their pros and cons, so choose whatever works best for you.

Last minute moving and unpacking

This is especially important if you’re doing a DIY move and packing yourself. Consider the ways you are going to unpack. For example, put all the essentials in the same box. This refers to all the items you are going to need straight away in your home. Putting them in some box in the back of your trailer means you need to get everything out to get it. Similarly, pay attention to where you are putting which boxes. It’d be good to group all kitchen boxes in the same area, for example. This means you’re going to have an easier time unpacking. This is especially important when you are moving at the last minute since you need everything packed and unpacked fast.

A woman and a man packing some things in boxes
Consider how you are going to unpack after moving to shorten the needed time!

Your mental health when moving in the last minute

Humans are prone to stress when doing something hastily and without too much preparation. Moving is a hard job as is, and the late decision to move only makes it worse. But remember that it is perfectly doable and normal. Many people relocate like that. People have done it in the past, which means you can do it too. Moreover, with the help of Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA, you can get the much-needed help. Companies who offer moving services are experienced and know how to pack everything fast – exactly what you need. They will also take care of all the little detail and special needs of any kind. Hiring one of such companies will save you from a lot of stressful days and overthinking whether you’ll get everything ready.

Last minute moving can be exhausting but it can also be done. Lots of people move that way, and you can too. The key to doing it successfully is to know how to use the remaining time. It also means doing everything quickly. This can all be very stressful. You should also consider hiring one of the moving companies to help you ease the burden.

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