Key difference between residential and commercial moving


Each move is different. There are all sorts of different relocation types. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at residential and commercial moving and how they differ. We will mention the key difference between residential and commercial moving and also go over other things that make them different. Furthermore, regardless of the type of your move, we will also mention why it is so important to have trusted and reliable movers such as Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA by your side when moving. Let’s take a closer look.

Residential movers can assist you with standard moving services

If you have moved to a new home or apartment before, you relatively know what to expect. Although each move is different, household relocations boil down to the same pattern. You do research, check several free moving quotes, enlist the movers that are right for your, pack your items on your own or with their help, and wait for their arrival on the relocation date. Of course, residential moves can be simple or complicated depending on several different factors such as:

  • Size of your inventory,
  • Type of your inventory,
  • Distance of your move,
  • The season of the year,
  • Time period.

Once you take a good look at all of these essential factors, you can go on with your search for reliable residential movers Kern County.

Couple reading key difference between residential and commercial moving.
The key difference between residential and commercial moving is in their approach to the relocation process.

Residential movers can provide additional moving services as well

Although we have said that commercial movers provide specific moving services, residential movers can also provide you with additional moving services. For example, you might be needed some help with your packing process. This is only natural if you have a ton of items in your inventory. So, you might look for residential movers who can help you with the right packing supplies as well as quality packing services. Furthermore, they can provide you with storage services.

Commercial moves require a bit more planning

Generally speaking, commercial moves require a bit more logistics and planning. Why is this exactly the case? Well, moving a business is a very sensitive procedure and you need to approach it with the right plan. Residential moves can be postponed or delayed when they start but a business sometimes cannot suffer due to these problems. You also need to notify your clients, partners, and workers on time. Some other things you need to ensure they happen on time are updated location on all media and websites, properly set up office space, enough room for customers in your new office space, and so on. Depending on the size and nature of your business, your commercial movers will need to bring specialized moving tools and materials. This leads us to our next difference.

Commercial movers use specialized tools and materials to properly relocate inventory

During a regular household relocation, some of the more sensitive items are likely going to be with you throughout your relocation process. It is even highly advisable to keep items such as passports, IDs, money, irreplaceable jewelry, and so on, with you at all times. However, with office or business inventory, there are all sorts of sensitive and easily breakable items that need proper handling. In order to achieve a safe relocation of all of your items to your desired location, commercial movers Kern County need to utilize some specialized tools and materials.

An office.
Relocating office inventory is not as easy as regular household inventory so movers need to use special tools and materials.

Commercial movers need to be highly experienced

When it comes to the process of relocating entire business inventory, it cannot be done by any mover. The commercial movers you hire need to be well-trained and experienced. Using this experience, they will be able to create the best approach for your inventory and relocate it safely to your desired location. Residential movers might take a bit longer to move some of your heavier items. However, commercial movers usually relocate on a tight schedule and need to be super precise. If you plan on relocating your office inventory, you might want to consider decluttering and downsizing some of it. This will help make the packing process and overall moving process in Kern County go faster.

There is a lot of heavy lifting involved in commercial moves

While moving and lifting heavy furniture is not easy, there is usually not a lot of it. However, office and business inventory consist of a great number of heavy vending machines, piles of documentation, and photocopiers. In addition to this, many office supplies consist of numerous electronic devices, office tables, etc. There is a lot more heavy lifting involved in the process of commercial moving. So, commercial movers need to be ready and prepared for this as well. Ensure you choose a quality moving companies Kern County to assist you with your upcoming move.

Piles of documents.
Office inventory consists of piles of documents and commercial movers need to do a lot more heavy lifting than during a regular, household relocation.

The key difference between residential and commercial moving

So, to conclude this article, one key difference between residential and commercial moving is pretty evident and that is the approach the movers take to the relocation process. Commercial moving is generally a lot more demanding and requires movers to be well-trained, well-organized, and equipped with the right tools for the job. Always remember that regardless of the type of your relocation, it is absolutely necessary to have reliable and trusted movers by your side. Only then can you experience a stress-free and easy relocation move. So, do your research on time and find the right movers for you.

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