How to stage a house for sale in Kern County


Selling your house is surely not something that should last a long time. Not only you may need the money fast, but some other things may be waiting too. You could be moving to another place, sending your kids to college, or dealing with any kind of important project in your life. So, why does selling a home last long for some people? You probably heard that some of them were waiting for years before finding the perfect buyer. Well, the answer may be simpler than you would think. To secure that the buyer will come faster than expected you must prepare it for them. Movers in Kern County and you can achieve amazing results and all you need to do is follow the right steps. Take a look at how to stage a house for sale in Kern County!

It all begins with cleaning

And when we say clean we mean completely decluttering your home. Every buyer wants to see a neat space without junk lying around. Their main goal is to find a suitable place without having to clean it and renovate it after the purchase. And while companies like Hansen’s Moving and Storage California can take care of your inventory, you should deal with what is left. To get a better picture of your house, make sure your inventory is not there. As soon as you remove everything, you will be left with junk that has to be removed.

real estate agent showing the place to a couple
Buyers want to see neat and clean spaces with a lot of light

Of course, not everything will be just for throwing away. Some of the items you no longer need can be sold as well. The income you will get, you can use for renovation works or some other tasks in your home. Once there are no items left, you can clean floors, windows, and other areas. 

Going with creative solutions is how to stage a house for sale

Your house needs to look fresh and ready for buyers. Once they come they must envision themselves in your home, so try not to leave personal items around. But once you remove all the artwork and decorations, your home may seem a little empty. Luckily, there is a perfect solution for this that will not cost you too much. If your house has a garden, you can plant flowers or set fresh grass. This will make the outdoor area look much nicer. When it comes to the interior of your home, simple solutions will do just fine. You can add a lamp or a vase, just to add more soul to all those rooms.

Let the lightning help you

But there is one more solution that can help you even more than those lamps. Use the natural lighting of your home as clients usually love seeing it. Those who will be moving to Kern County should know that there are a lot of sunny days in summer there, especially from April to September. Remove all the curtains and blinds and make all the windows crystal clear. The more light the space has, the more attractive it will be to any buyer out there. 

person renovating the living room as that is how to stage a house for sale
Don’t renovate your home too much as some of the tasks you choose can last longer than needed

Doing essential renovation works

As we already mentioned earlier, not every buyer plans on spending additional time and money on renovating their new home. A lot of real estate agents will inform you that you must do some of these yourself. To avoid buyers giving up on your home, you can go with some simple solutions that are pretty affordable. Before seeing the first clients you can:

  • Paint the walls
  • Fix the floors or paint them as well
  • Fix the cracks in the ceiling or the walls
  • Check if all the doors fixated
  • Make sure that staircase is properly attached

Many logistics companies in Kern County will give you the approximate price of your relocation and other services. And since you will know it in advance, you can perfectly plan your budget for these works. This way you will not spend too much and will have awesome results. Just make sure not to overdo it. Some renovation works may seem too simple and easy to do when in reality they can last for days. They can take a lot of your time and money and the last thing you need is a client coming while they last.

Paying attention to small details is how to stage a house for sale like a pro

And once you do all of these, you may easily think that the job is done. However, you can still level up your skills and surprise your buyer with a couple of final touches. For example, bring fresh flowers into your home and put them in the living room and hallways. From there, open the windows and let the fresh air fill out your house. The entire Kern County is beautiful in spring, so rely on nature for this one. They will also love it if you:

  • Put clean towels in the bathroom
  • Place fresh fruit or cookies on the counter
  • Turn on the subtle air freshener in some of the rooms
  • Put a huge smile on your face

With these small tricks, success is almost certain. Everyone will love seeing the neat space that smells good and people surrounded with positive energy.

real estate agent and buyer looking at documents
A good real estate agent can teach you how to stage a house for sale as well

Be careful when making deals

When you put a lot of effort into doing this it is not fair to accept a deal that doesn’t suit you. Even if you are short on time, don’t rush through the process. One of the most important things you should do is find a good real estate company. Make sure they are licensed and have good reviews from previous clients. And as soon as you realize how to stage a house for sale you will end up with countless useful skills. Not to mention that the duration of your house being on the market will be way shorter than you would expect.

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