How to safely move long distance with small kids


When you plan to move long distance with small kids you need to pay close attention to several different factors. A long-distance move can be quite challenging and demanding. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready and prepared on time. We are going to take a few tips and tricks you can do in order to safely relocate long distances with your small kids. Following these simple yet effective guidelines will make your relocation journey stress-free and safe but you also need to ensure you have trusted movers and packers Bakersfield when relocating.

Communicating with your kids is crucial when trying to safely move long distance with small kids

When relocating over long distances with kids, it is essential to communicate on time. Any kind of change that is brought about by the moving process can be potentially stressful for your kids. Therefore, it is not recommended to do last-minute moves with kids. Introduce the idea gradually to your kids when planning a move. Talk with them about the move and what it means as well as what they can expect to change or stay the same. However, do so slowly and gradually as mentioned above to avoid any unwanted anxieties and tension that the thought of a sudden move might create. While you are in this initial conversation stage with your kids, make sure you also do research and find the right Bakersfield long distance movers to assist you with your move.

Parents preparing for moving with a kid
When you plan to move long distance with small kids, introduce them to the idea of the moving process gradually and slowly.

Try to maintain the regular routine as much as possible

Young kids love routine. When this is changed, they can get stressed, anxious, and worried. This is the last thing you want when relocating. The most essential routines that you need to ensure maintain the same are regular mealtimes, naptimes, and bedtimes. When the moving process starts, some things might change of course but you should work hard on maintaining these essential routines close to what they used to be as much as possible. To have more time to do this, you should hire trusted experts who can provide you with proper moving services Bakersfield leaving you with enough time to focus on your kids.

Involve your kids in the packing process in a fun and interesting way

There is no doubt that the packing process can be intimidating for everyone. This is especially the case with long-distance moves as you will likely pack more items. However, packing does not have to be inherently stressful. Achieve a stress-free packing process by first starting your packing on time. Last-minute packing is not good for anyone, especially not for your kids. Furthermore, you can try to think of different ways to involve your kids in the packing process that are fun and enjoyable. They should see it as a fun activity. A few things that you can do to make your packing process with your kids more fun are:

  • Let them decorate moving boxes,
  • Let your kids pack their own toys,
  • Organize a garage sale where everyone is involved,
  • Turn packing into a fun game.

Of course, in case you have a ton of items to pack, there is no need to do everything on your own. You should contact experienced movers who can assist you with quality packing services Bakersfield to help you with your long-distance packing process.

Mother packing with a kid as a symbol of move long distance with small kids
Make the packing process fun by turning it into an activity in which everyone is involved.

Visit your new home with your kids before you relocate

Before you relocate to a new home that is far away from your current one, it may not be a bad idea to visit the new area a few times with your kids. Make it a fun road trip if possible. You can check out all the new fun locations such as parks, playgrounds, a new school, a cool restaurant, and so on. This will help your kids adjust faster to the new area. In addition to this, once you move, not everything will be entirely new since you would have already visited a few places around your new home.

Prepare an essentials box for the moving day and be patient as well as positive

When the moving day comes, it is a must to have an essentials box. This box should contain all of the key things your kids need to feel safe, secure, and relaxed. Pack their favorite snacks, meals, toys, and other necessities they need until you reach your new home. Apart from that, maintain a positive attitude throughout the relocation journey no matter how long it lasts. This will lower stress and make them feel relaxed while in transit. Be patient with them as well. Make sure you give them your full attention if you see them act nervous when the move starts.

Kid high five to a mother
Be patient with your kids and stay positive throughout the relocation process.

Enlist the help of trusted movers to assist you with your move

The moving professionals you hire are going to be crucial when you move long distance with small kids. Choosing the right movers can be tough so it is best to do research on time. Give yourself at the very least 6 months before the actual relocation date to find them. The benefits of having reliable movers when relocating with kids are many. To begin with, you can be sure that you will have more time and energy to focus on your kids.

Meanwhile, reliable movers in Bakersfield, CA can focus on your moving-related tasks. They can provide you with quality moving services which are crucial when relocating over a long distance. Furthermore, you will know your items are safe and protected throughout the relocation journey. So, get ready on time, and enlist the help of reliable movers, and your move long distance with small kids is going to be fun, easy, and stress-free.

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