How to prepare kids for a big move


Even when relocation brings positive change, it is always stressful for everyone. All family members are stressed when the time for leaving their current home comes. Nevertheless, moving can be most stressful for your little ones. When they realize something is going on, they could feel frightened and powerless. In case your kids face relocation for the first time, you should know how to explain to them what is going to happen. Also, for you as a parent, moving can be challenging in many ways. Luckily, there are many ways to simplify relocation and prepare kids for a big move without trouble. Our experienced movers Bakersfield will share with you simple and useful tips that will help you take the stress out for relocation with children. With our help, you and your beloved ones will remember moving as a joyful and unforgettable experience. Let’s see what steps to take!

Take enough time to prepare kids for a big move

When you know you need to find a new home, organize and conduct packing, it seems like you will be busy for days. But even if your move is large and you have a lot to do, remember your kids are the top priority. Many parents are not even aware of how difficult can be for them to relocate. But before you put too much burden on your shoulders and regret it, take the advice from our local movers Kern County and enlist help. Yes, you will need all help you can get, because that is the only thing that will leave you enough time to give your kids all attention they need during this period.

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Give your kids as much attention as you could.

For that reason, be free to consider hiring movers and let them help you handle the most challenging moving task. Also, let your family and friends know you are moving. Neglecting your kids and their emotions about the move is the last thing that you want. But if your move is urgent and you don’t have any help in taking care of your kids, that could happen. You will need to find enough time and some way to give them all attention they need and start preparing your kids for the upcoming move. So, try to calculate your budget, find reliable moving services Bakersfield, ask your family and friends to help you. If you want to avoid mistakes and prevent telling them something wrong, just follow the tips below.

Keep in mind their emotions

For many kids but also adults leaving home presents a loss. On the other hand, some kids will believe you if you tell them about all those amazing things you can do after moving with residential movers Kern County. This mostly depends on the child’s character and maturity. However, it will be hard not to spot changes in your children’s behavior when they find out that you are moving. For that reason, you need to tell kids as soon as possible that you are moving. Before you tell them, be sure it is the ”right moment” for them to move and find out they will. Moving in between school years can be too stressful for kids. So, you should consider the middle of the summer, it is a better idea.

Small girl drawing on paper
Help your child understand its feelings and don’t break its routine.

Do not procrastinate to tell your kids about the move. If you try to hide it and kids find you, you risk losing their trust. And this will make them feel even worse. Luckily, moving your home is an opportunity for you to make stronger your relationship with your children. Therefore, be honest with them from the start about the reason for your move. Keep in mind every child is different and some kids will need more time to accept it.

Talk with them all the time and you will prepare kids for a big move

One of the reasons why you should simplify your move is to save time. So, place some of your belongings in storage Bakersfield and do it ahead of the move. Include your kids and explain to them you are getting ready for the big day.  Your task is to help your kids cope with all emotions they will deal with when moving. Find your own way to announce your moving plans. For instance, come up with some interesting way to explain to them when your new home is (use huge flor map). Your kids should know it is okay to feel all feelings. Encourage your kids to share feelings about the move.

Visit your new home together

One of the best ways for kids to learn something new is to visualize it. So, show them the photos of your new home and talk to them about decoration for their room. This will help them feel involved and more excited about the change for your family. So, once you find your new home in the state of California, make sure to save some photos and ask your estate agent to visit your new home if possible.

A mother thinking about ways to prepare kids for a big move while hugging her child
Visiting your new home is an excellent way to prepare kids for a big move.

Once your kids see their new backyard and new kitchen, they will become happy and impatient about the moving day. In case they are not old enough to understand the reasons for the move, find a way to turn moving into fun. For example, let them pick the name for a new house.  If your kids are old enough, let them pick out their room decor. Let them anticipate and they will become ready to spend the first night at your new home.

Be supportive when the big day comes

Leaving their familiar home and friends could be the reason your kids will face certain feelings for the first time. Whatever they feel sadness, anger, or insecurity, be there to talk about it. Do those small things that will make moving easier for them. Remember to pack an essential bag where you will place things your kids will need on the day of the move. Pack their favorite toy or candy. Hope our article helped you to prepare kids for a big move. We wish you smooth relocation and a lot of fun when moving with your children!

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