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If you prefer being outside in a big city, moving to Bakersfield, California, can be a terrific alternative. Here you will find a rising job market, reasonably priced housing, and close proximity to numerous larger cities around California. All of these make Bakersfield, which is located in the Kern River to the north of Los Angeles, a desirable place to live. There are many movers Kern County can offer you for help. But first, let’s see if you should move and live alone in Bakersfield. Is this the correct decision for you?

How is living alone in Bakersfield?

Due to its excellent quality of life, reasonable cost of living, and abundance of housing, this southern Californian city in Kern County has been voted as a wonderful place to live. So many recommend that you should move and live alone in Bakersfield. Bakersfield has a lot of potential for future citizens and is located along the main road from southern California to northern California.

A girl thinking if she should move and live alone in Bakersfield
Before you decide to move and live alone in Bakersfield make sure you first learn a little about the city.

Worthy of the move, Bakersfield provides its citizens with pleasant weather and a wide range of business and entertainment possibilities. Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, two well-known country music performers, call Bakersfield home. If you think that this is the right place for you movers Bakersfield has are always ready to help you relocate. All that you will have to do is choose the services that you need. But before that learn some important things about Bakersfield.

Cost of moving and living

Moving expenses can vary from $800 to $2500, with the average national cost being around $1,400. But keep in mind that this cost range applies to a 2-person moving crew performing a local transfer of up to 100 miles. The average price of movers increases somewhere between $2200 and $5700 for long-distance relocations. When hiring local movers Kern County there are two things to check.

  • Check to see if your movers handle long-distance moves as well; some don’t, while others subcontract these operations.
  • Demand that the business conduct a face-to-face assessment. If you skip this crucial step, the moving day may come with an unpleasant financial shock.

So after you decide to move and live alone in Bakersfield, and figure out the moving part you still have one thing left. What will life be like for you there? Bakersfield is less expensive and more accessible than the majority of other regions and cities in California, despite the fact that it may not be cheap. In comparison to purchasing a property in LA or San Francisco.

Woman counting money
Living here is much cheaper than in most of California. And as such is great for young adults.

Bakersfield’s housing costs are lower than the national average. Due to Bakersfield’s lower potential for making an income than the surrounding towns, housing is significantly more affordable than it is elsewhere. As a result, there is less of a demand for housing, and prices are consequently lower.

What are some things you need to know before moving?

  • You will need a car- The first thing you need to know when you decide to move and live alone in Bakersfield is that the city is spaced out. That means it has poor pedestrian accessibility for locals. You will require a car to travel and get around. Unless you choose to reside downtown close to all the activity and business hubs. If you choose to transport your vehicle with you, don’t forget to register it.  This way you will obtain a driver’s license for your new state within ten days of moving. Use the city’s public transit if you choose not to travel with or purchase a car. While Bakersfield’s public transportation may not always be dependable, the city is actively working to expand its facilities and public transportation.
  • Weather- The local steppe climate is arid with little to no humidity, similar to the remainder of southern California. Residents can anticipate hot, clear weather in the summer and chilly, partly gloomy weather in the winter. The hot season runs from June through September, during which time the daily low temperature falls to approximately 72 degrees. The typical high temperature climbs to about 91 degrees. July is the hottest month. While this is going on, the best months are November through February, when the daily high averages are below 66 degrees.  December is the coldest month, with an average high of 58 degrees and an average low of about 41 degrees.
  • Job opportunities– Bakersfield has experienced a 10.6% rise in employment during the last ten years. However, Kern County currently has a 10.8% unemployment rate. Even though the economic climate in Bakersfield may appear dire, possibilities still exist. In the coming years, job growth is anticipated to reach 24.2%. There are numerous big corporations with headquarters in Bakersfield. Numerous jobs were added to the neighborhood by an Amazon fulfillment center, despite its recent age. Young professionals looking for employment will find plenty of things after they move and live alone in Bakersfield.
People shaking hands
There will always be jobs for those that actively look for them!

What to do in Bakersfield when you live there alone?

Are you going to move and live alone in Bakersfield? Moving alone is easy with the help of residential movers Kern County. But what will you do there alone? Bakersfield is a hidden gem and the entrance to the vast outdoors. It is full of thrilling sights and adventures that must be taken. There are plenty of things to do in Bakersfield, from national forests and hiking paths to museums and concert halls. And all of them you can go and see alone!

Bakersfield is conveniently located, only three and a half hours from San Diego, and four hours from San Francisco. The city makes for the ideal weekend vacation because Santa Barbara, the closest beach, is only 138 miles away. Our team is available to assist you if you have made the decision to make the city of Bakersfield your home. Contact one of our trained moving specialists after you decide that move and live alone in Bakersfield is the right choice for you.

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