How to move a hot tub


There’s a unique charm in the serenity of a new home or a change of scenery, but the process of getting there can be a nightmare. From sorting through cherished memories to packing up essentials, each step towards the big move can feel like a mammoth task. Add to that the logistics of transporting heavy and delicate items, and the whole process can become overwhelming. That’s where professional assistance can be invaluable. Whether you’re shifting across the town or relocating to a different city, opting for experts like moving services Bakersfield offers ensures that your transition is seamless, stress-free, and efficient. If you are relocating and have been struggling with how to move a hot tub you love so much, you’re about to learn all that is necessary to accomplish this task.

Safety should be paramount

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Begin by switching off all the connections to your hot tub to prevent any electrical hazards. Wear personal protective equipment like gloves to safeguard against potential slips, and safety shoes to protect your feet from accidental drops. Did you know that the average 6-person hot tub can weigh up to 1,000 pounds when empty? That’s the weight of a small car! Ensuring a safe environment isn’t just about protecting the hot tub. It’s about safeguarding you and your helpers too.

some items used to ensure personal safety
The safety of all involved in your hot tub relocation should be your top priority.

Disconnecting the hot tub 101

Proper preparation starts with the disconnect and drain phase. Here’s a straightforward checklist to guide you through this stage:

  • Power off.
  • Drain the water
  • Clean and dry
  • Secure loose components
a hot tub in the yard
Before proceeding with any other work, make sure you disconnect your hot tub the right way.

To successfully move a hot tub, you need the right team

Moving a hot tub is not a one-person job. It requires strength, coordination, and a good understanding of the task at hand. Assembling the right team for the job can make all the difference. Ideally, you’d want at least 4 people, depending on the hot tub size. Choose individuals who are physically capable and understand the importance of teamwork. Good communication among team members is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety. Keep in mind that a hot tub can weigh hundreds of pounds. Working together makes the lifting process more manageable and safer for all involved.

No job can be done well without the right tools

The success of your hot tub move significantly depends on having the right equipment at your disposal. Dollies, straps, and moving blankets are just a few essential tools you’ll need. While some might try to source these independently, there’s undeniable value in consulting with experts, especially when dealing with an item as bulky and delicate as a hot tub. If you’re anticipating a move that spans a larger distance, it’s especially prudent to consider professionals well-versed in such relocations. For instance, Bakersfield long distance movers are not only equipped with the tools required but also possess the necessary experience to manage long-distance hauls efficiently. Relying on such expertise will not just ensure a safer move for your hot tub, but also alleviate a significant amount of stress that comes with longer journeys.

Securing and protecting your hot tub for the ride

Once you have the hot tub ready for transport, it’s vital to secure any loose parts. Wrap and pad the entire tub to avoid scratches or damage during the move. Utilize moving blankets or specialized wraps to cushion the tub and protect its finish. The first hot tubs were calderas in which hot stones were placed to heat the water, a far cry from today’s sophisticated models. Ensuring your modern-day luxury item is well-protected during the move guarantees that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come, without blemishes.

Plotting the safest course for your hot tub

The route of your hot tub’s transport should be planned meticulously. Surveying and preparing the moving path in advance will help you remove any obstacles that might come your way. If you find that you need to keep the hot tub in a safe place before it reaches its final destination, consider looking for a temporary holding facility. In cases where homeowners are in between moves or waiting for the perfect spot to set up their tub, solutions like storage Bakersfield residents trust can come in handy. They offer a secure place to keep your hot tub safe. Furthermore, ensure there’s enough space for the hot tub and movers to pass safely and avoid areas with steep inclines or declines. Planning your course meticulously not only ensures the safety of your hot tub but also saves time and prevents unforeseen challenges.

Loading and the actual transportation need to be done correctly

When you’ve successfully prepared and packaged your hot tub, the next challenge is the actual move. It’s crucial to safely load the hot tub onto a moving vehicle. It should be properly positioned to avoid any potential damages during transit. This is a step where many homeowners appreciate the expertise and equipment that professional movers bring to the table. Especially if you’re in the area, opting for experienced teams like movers Bakersfield provides can be a game-changer. Their familiarity with handling such bulky items ensures your hot tub remains in pristine condition during the journey.

Once loaded, make certain the tub is securely fastened, avoiding any unnecessary shifting during transportation. Finally, choosing the right vehicle, preferably with a flatbed, will ensure the tub remains stable throughout its journey to its new home.

a professional moving a bulky item which might be exactly what you need to move a hot tub
Some people find that to move a hot tub help from the pros is all that you need.

Reinstallation tips

Once you’ve successfully moved your hot tub to its new location, the reinstallation process begins. Following these steps will ensure your hot tub is reinstalled smoothly:

  • Choose the right spot. Ensure the chosen area is flat, sturdy, and close to necessary electrical and water connections.
  • Reconnect. Plug in and set up any necessary systems or pumps. Take care of potential leaks by making sure everything is properly sealed.
  • Refill and test. Once connected, refill your hot tub. Before diving in, test the systems to ensure functionality.

Relocate your hot tub the right way and enjoy the relaxation it provides

In the journey one must take to move a hot tub, from disconnection to reinstallation, each step serves to ensure the safety and longevity of your beloved relaxation haven. While the process might seem like a drag, with the right team, equipment, and a dash of patience, you can smoothly transition your spa sanctuary to its new home. As you sink into those soothing bubbles post-move, the effort will seem all worthwhile. Remember, a hot tub is more than just an item. It’s an experience, a tradition, and a space of tranquility. Treat it with care, and it’ll reward you with countless hours of relaxation and joy. Happy soaking!

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