How To Help Friends Pack For A Move?

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When people close to you decide to move, you may get caught in some blue feelings. While that is completely normal, it doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire time feeling that way. Your friends may need some help prior to moving, and who better to help them than you? One of the most suitable tasks for you two to spend time together is packing. This process tends to be very time-consuming and challenging. And it is certain that your friends will appreciate your assistance. To do it like a real pro here is how to help friends pack for a move!

Make a good plan

You and your friends surely have good communication and this is the time to use that for your own benefit. You can help them make a perfect moving plan that everyone can follow. Of course, you will include packing, exploring moving companies in Bakersfield, and much more. No matter where your friends are moving to, it will be good to know what steps to take and at what time. By the time you get to packing, the relocation will be almost over.

two people packing
To know how to help friends pack for a move you will need to think about smart and efficient solutions

Steps on how to help friends pack for a move

On the day of packing, you and your friends should be ready to spend some time among their items. It is highly advised that you begin as early as possible. This will make things much faster and you will be ready once the movers arrive. Keep in mind that your friends should carefully choose moving services in Bakersfield as these can help them move much easier and faster.

Gather the packing supplies and materials

Your first job will be to help them get the right packing supplies and materials. Depending on how many items they wish to move, you will need a certain number of boxes as well. Getting these on time will prevent you from losing too much time on packing in bags and other household items. They will also be useful and will prevent their items from breaking or damaging. Also, you may divide the tasks. While your friends are doing research on Bakersfield long distance movers near me, you should get:

  • Moving boxes in different sizes
  • Wrapping materials including, paper, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts
  • Tape
  • Markers for labeling
  • Scissors
  • Bags for packing but for junk as well

Once you have it all, double-check your list. The last thing you need while packing is to go out of boxes or some other materials. You can also add a bunch of other items to the list if you think you need them.

Go with the room-by-room packing method

This is one of the most useful methods when it comes to packing. It will save you and your friends a lot of time and no matter how big or small their space is, it will give awesome results. The entire point is to focus on one room at a time and pack it completely. This is how to help friends pack for a move and avoid making a mess or forgetting something along the way. When you choose a room to start with, carefully pack everything and place boxes in the corner or other specific areas.

person wrapping an item
Make sure you have proper packing supplies by your side

Help them decide what items to leave behind

During packing your friends may come across some items that will put them in dilemma. Chances are small that they will bring everything with them and that is where you will need a solution. The most suitable one is to simply rely on vaulted storage in Bakersfield. You can place all those items there and they will be safe for as long as you want. Make sure all the boxes all labeled properly and that items are ready to be transported there.

How to help friends pack for a move on short notice

This is a completely different situation and you will need to speed up things a little bit. The good news is that the process remains the same, you will just need to change a couple of things. Make sure you begin on time no matter if you are moving to or out of Bakersfield City. Next, you must avoid dealing with huge items alone. Hire professionals that can disassemble and move those items. This way you will avoid losing a lot of time and getting yourself hurt. When it comes to using materials, you can stick to regular ones and in case you need more you can go with some DIY solutions.

When someone is moving on short notice, they must be careful not to overflow the boxes. This is a pretty common thing to do but it may cause even more issues down the road. Try to place items there so that boxes can close properly and everything will be just fine during transportation.

Other things to know

By following some of these simple steps you will be able to do a pretty good job. Your main goal is to pack all the items in a safe way and label the boxes properly. If you come across complications along the way, make sure to have professionals help you out. They can even prevent some other matters from popping up, like choosing poor packing supplies and packing delicate items. The more you and your friends know about the process the better the outcome will be!

a group of friends laughing
This gathering will be a perfect way to spend more time with your friends and help them as well

And finally, learning how to help friends pack for a move, will result in an amazing time you will spend together. This is especially important if they are moving far away. This time you spend together will be amazing for everyone involved and it will be a perfect way to say goodbye. While packing will make you a little bit more tired than usual, you can easily consider this to be a perfect goodbye party!

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