How to have a fresh start in Kern County – the ultimate guide


The Kern County area, known for the opportunities and lifestyles it offers, is an ideal destination for those seeking a new beginning. Those who are going through a rough patch and want to have a fresh start in Kern County might just be on the right track. But help is always a bonus, so the following information and practical tips can help you transition to life in this area with ease. From securing employment to finding a comfortable living space, and engaging in local culture and services, you’ll know exactly what to do to turn your life around and aim for success.

What’s the local job market like?

Kern County’s job market is diverse and dynamic, offering a range of opportunities across various industries. Newcomers looking to have a fresh start in Kern County should explore what’s in store in terms of employment and tune their CVs accordingly.

Key industries and employment opportunities

Various parts of this particular area offer various job opportunities, but this is what one can expect to find:

  • Oil and gas: As a significant part of Kern County’s economy, this sector offers jobs in engineering, geology, and field operations.
  • Agriculture: Known for its rich agricultural land, the county provides numerous opportunities in farming, agricultural technology, and food processing.
  • Renewable energy: With an increasing focus on green energy, there are growing job prospects in solar and wind energy projects.
  • Healthcare: The region’s hospitals and healthcare facilities are regularly in need of medical professionals, technicians, and administrative staff.
  • Education: There are opportunities for educators and support staff in the county’s schools and higher education institutions.
  • Retail and hospitality: These sectors offer a variety of roles, especially in customer service and management.
  • Aerospace and defense: With several aerospace companies operating in the area, there are positions available in manufacturing, engineering, and research.

Understanding the main sectors and the types of jobs they offer can greatly help anyone looking to start a new career in Kern County. With a bit of research and some help from the right people, you can find the right opportunity to match your skills and interests.

an agricultural field which is an employment option if you want to have a fresh start in Kern County
Starting over often includes a career change, and agriculture is one option in this part of California.

Finding your new home

Moving to this part of California means starting the exciting journey of finding a new place to call home. Here’s what you need to know to find what you’re looking for in the local housing market and settle into the perfect spot.

Housing market overview

Kern County’s housing market offers a range of options, from affordable apartments to family homes. The median home price is generally lower compared to major California cities, making it an appealing choice for many. Researching online listings and local realtors can give you a good starting point.

Choosing the right neighborhood

Whether you’re looking for a quiet suburban area or a more bustling urban setting, Kern County has diverse neighborhoods to suit different preferences. Areas like Bakersfield, the largest city in the county, provide more urban living choices. On the other hand, there are smaller towns that offer a more laid-back lifestyle. When you’re choosing, consider factors like proximity to work, schools, and amenities when making your choice.

Moving and storage solutions

Once you’ve found your new home, the next step is moving in. Fortunately, finding the moving and storage Kern County companies can offer is straightforward. Many local companies offer a range of services to help with your relocation process. It’s a good idea to compare rates and services to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

As you navigate the process of finding a home in Kern County, you might find the need for temporary storage. Whether you’re downsizing or waiting for your new home to be ready, various storage facilities in the area, such as storage in Bakersfield. These solutions can hold everything from personal items to larger household goods, providing a seamless transition into your new residence.

a wooden board with the inscription "Welcome to our home"
Don’t worry about finding a home in Kern County because there’s a wide range of options.

Finding your place in the local community

After settling into your new home in Kern County, the next step is to become part of the local life and activities. Here’s how you can connect with the area and its people.

Local clubs and organizations

Kern County is home to a variety of clubs and organizations that are suitable for different interests. Whether you’re into arts, sports, or community service, there’s likely a group for you. Joining one of these can be a great way to meet new people and feel more at home in your new surroundings. After all, if you want to have a fresh start in Kern County, you should surround yourself with a new and supportive group of friends.

Participating in social groups

If you’re looking to make friends or network, there are numerous social groups and meet-ups. From book clubs to hiking groups, these gatherings are fantastic for those looking to share common interests with others. Keep an eye on local bulletin boards or social media groups for upcoming events.

Moving assistance

For those who are still in the process of moving, it’s worth noting that Bakersfield, the largest city in Kern County, has numerous reliable moving companies. These moving companies Bakersfield provides can help ease your transition into the county, ensuring your belongings are handled with care. It’s always a good idea to look up reviews and get a few quotes to find the best service for your needs.

a group of people such as the one you should join if you want to have a fresh start in Kern County
It would be a good idea to join the local social groups to meet people who share your interests.

Think of continuing your education to have a fresh start in Kern County

This part of California offers a wealth of educational opportunities, whether you’re seeking to advance your career, change fields, or simply learn something new. Here’s how you can make the most of the educational resources available.

Local colleges and universities

There are several colleges and universities in the area that are great for a wide range of academic and vocational interests. Institutions like California State University, Bakersfield, and Bakersfield College offer programs in various fields. They provide opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional students.

Convenience for students

If you’re a student moving to the area, you’ll find packing services Bakersfield companies provide. This can be particularly helpful for those balancing the demands of education and moving, ensuring that your transition to student life is as stress-free as possible.

a person writing something into a notebook while looking at a different notebook and a phone
One of the ways to change your life is to continue your studies and change your career.

Embracing the local culture and entertainment

In this area, there’s a rich cultural heritage and diverse entertainment options, offering something unique for everyone.

For those who might be moving from afar, Bakersfield long distance movers can assist in relocating to this culturally rich area and give you a few pointers on where to start your exploration of the city. Then, as your stuff arrives in your new home, the real excitement begins.

Have a fresh start in Kern County by exploring the local attractions

No matter where in this part of California you’re moving, here are some cool attractions you should spend your free time exploring:

  • The Fox Theater: Enjoy concerts, plays, and classic movie screenings at this historic venue in Bakersfield.
  • California Living Museum (CALM): Discover California’s native wildlife and flora in this outdoor museum and zoo.
  • Bakersfield Museum of Art: Explore diverse art exhibitions, from contemporary to traditional works.
  • Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace: Experience live country music and a museum dedicated to the country legend, Buck Owens.
  • Kern County Fair: An annual event that offers a blend of live entertainment, exhibits, food, and family fun.
  • First Friday Art Walk: Participate in this monthly event in Downtown Bakersfield, featuring local art, street vendors, and live music.
  • Kern County Raceway Park: Get your adrenaline fix with exciting motorsports events.
  • The Padre Hotel: A historic hotel offering a unique dining and social experience in its various bars and restaurants.

With such a wide array of cultural and entertainment options, Kern County provides residents and visitors alike with endless opportunities to engage, relax, and enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of the arts, an outdoor enthusiast, or a music lover, there’s always something to discover here.

Taking care of your health more if you want to have a fresh start in Kern County

When you start a new chapter in your life, looking after your health is very important. Being healthy means you can tackle new tasks and challenges easily. It keeps you strong and ready for all the changes that come with a fresh start. Plus, when you’re in good health, you can enjoy your new experiences to the fullest. Taking care of yourself helps make sure you’re able to do all the things you need and want to do in your new environment.

Kern County is equipped with various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialty care centers. Major hospitals like Kern Medical and Adventist Health Bakersfield provide comprehensive medical services. These facilities offer emergency care, outpatient services, and specialist treatments, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare.

Finding the right healthcare providers

For those new to the area, finding a primary care physician or a specialist is essential. So, as the local Kern County movers unload your belongings, you should start looking for your new healthcare provider. Apart from your new neighbors, online directories and local medical associations can be valuable resources in this search.

Health and wellness programs

Kern County also hosts several health and wellness programs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among its residents. These programs often include community health screenings, fitness classes, and nutritional workshops, all designed to enhance the overall health of the community.

a woman at the dentist's, a place to visit regularly in order to have a fresh start in Kern County
Your health is the precondition for any good change, so take care of it.

Making the most of outdoor activities

One of the joys of living in Kern County is the abundance of outdoor activities available. The area’s unique landscapes provide numerous opportunities for recreation and exploration, ideal for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Popular outdoor activities

While the logistics companies in Kern County handle your relocation, you can enjoy the great outdoors of your new home:

  • Hiking and biking: Explore the scenic trails at Kern River Parkway, or challenge yourself with the mountain bike trails in the Hart Park area.
  • Water sports: Lake Isabella offers excellent opportunities for boating, fishing, and windsurfing. Kern River is famous for its whitewater rafting.
  • Camping: Experience camping at the Sequoia National Forest or Red Rock Canyon State Park, where the landscapes are breathtaking.
  • Bird watching and nature photography: The Kern National Wildlife Refuge is perfect for bird watching and capturing stunning natural scenes.
  • Stargazing: Due to low light pollution, places like the Wind Wolves Preserve are ideal for stargazing.
  • Golfing: Enjoy a round of golf at one of Kern County’s picturesque golf courses.

These activities not only provide a way to stay active but also a chance to appreciate the local natural beauty. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or just looking to spend some time outdoors, there’s something here for everyone.

a man windsurfing in a body of water
Windsurfing is one of the outdoor activities to try out in Kern County.

The psychology of starting over in a different city

Starting anew in a different city involves significant psychological adjustments. Understanding the mental and emotional aspects of this transition can greatly make the experience better.

Coping with change

Change, even positive, can be stressful. It’s normal to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety when moving to a new place. Engaging in familiar routines, setting up your new living space quickly with the help of residential movers in Kern County, and establishing new connections can ease this transition. Additionally, bear in mind that it’s important to give yourself time to adjust. Essentially, you need to accept that it’s okay to feel a range of emotions during this period.

Building resilience

If you want to have a fresh start in Kern County, or anywhere else, you’ll need to build resilience. This is necessary to adapt to a new environment. It involves staying positive, being resourceful, and bouncing back from challenges. Starting over offers a unique opportunity to develop and strengthen these skills. Also, keeping an open mind and being flexible will help you navigate through the uncertainties and surprises that come with relocating.

Creating a support network

Don’t underestimate the power of social support. Making connections in your new community, whether through work, local groups, or even social media, can provide emotional support and practical advice. Sharing experiences and concerns with others who have undergone similar changes can be comforting and reassuring.

A fresh start in Kern County

To have a fresh start in Kern County, for whatever reason you may have, you should first and foremost be patient and do some research. From finding the right job and home to immersing yourself in local activities and culture, Kern County has plenty to offer. Just keep in mind that the key to a successful new beginning is to stay informed, be proactive, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. Kern County is a place of new opportunities, and now you’re equipped to make the most of them.

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