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You have to admit it, there is nothing better than having enough time to organize a day trip. No matter if you want to do it with your family or friends, there is something really magical about doing it. If you live in the area, Kern County day trips will be much more often than you think. In fact, a lot of locals consider this to be their tradition, as this county has so many wonderful things to offer. In case you recently moved and are still not familiar with the area, we will gladly help you! Here are some of the locations that will perfectly fit your plan!

California City is calling you

When you have professional movers and packers Bakersfield to help you move, you will have all the time in the world to plan some activities for later. It is understandable if you are not into traveling right away, but once you rest well, you will need to continue with your social life. As one of the most beautiful cities in Kern County, California City will have many interesting things to offer. So, if you decided to move close to this city you should write down some of the locations you can visit during your day trip. 

One of the most beloved places in this city is Central Park. It is the largest green area in the city, and one of those places that are always full of people. After you had lunch in some of the nearby restaurants, feel free to take a walk and enjoy lots of fresh air. Central Park has many cozy benches and even a couple of tables. If your kids will be traveling with you, make sure to bring a picnic blanket and their favorite toys. Of course, if you end up moving there with the help of movers California City CA, this park will soon become one of your favorite spots.

Brite Lake has to be included in one of your Kern County day trips

Located in the lovely city of Tehachapi, Brite Lake is an absolute must for all those who love spending time in nature. If your movers Tehchapi CA carry out your relocation in spring, you will get to see the best of this place right away. Nature is breathtaking, and there are countless activities you can do while there. You and your family can go swimming, fishing, or simply take a walk around the lake. There is plenty of space to park your vehicle close to the lake so you can take all your equipment with you. Brite Lake is usually very popular in summer, as people love cooling down by the lake. Keep in mind that if you don’t feel like taking your food on the trip, there is a nearby restaurant that serves delicious meals.

forest next to the lake
Visiting Brite Lake will be a great opportunity for fishing or having a picnic

California Living Museum in Bakersfield is an excellent candidate as well

Everybody loves spending time at the zoo! California Living Museum in Bakersfield really offers an experience of a lifetime to all who come to visit. You will get a chance to see almost 100 species that are native to California. If you have kids, make sure to organize this trip as a surprise as they will surely love it. Even though a lot of people, including locals, consider this to be a regular zoo. California Living Museum is so much more than that. In fact, it is a sanctuary that is providing animals with everything they need to survive. Get ready to see eagles, mountain lions, and many other magnificent animals.

woman taking a selfie with lamas
One of your Kern County day trips must include visiting the California Living Museum

Desert Empire Fairgrounds are perfect for all thrill seekers

Located in Ridgecrest, Desert Empire Fairgrounds are always the center of at least two huge events. Locals and tourists can attend rodeos, food fairs, or watch car races. Considering that it covers a large area, this spot is often hosting concerts. Young people will come from nearby counties and cities and spend a wonderful time in Ridgecrest. However, you will need to be careful about the timing. Moving and storage Kern County companies will advise that you avoid moving when temperatures are high. California during summer can experience temperatures up to 78°F which is too high for being outside. If you plan your relocation in early spring, you will have plenty of time to visit this location and many others.

The sooner you get to know the area the more Kern County day trips you will be able to organize

When people decide to move, it usually takes some time to adjust to the new area. As a newcomer, you will feel the need to explore the places as much as possible, and that is exactly what you should do. Yes, you will have a lot of tasks around your new home, but you must learn how to balance all of them with your social life. Those who are moving with their family and kids will need to focus on them as well, so constantly spending time with your items is not a good option. The wonderful news is that Kern County indeed has so many interesting locations, and as you spend more time there you will slowly learn all about them.

ride at the fair
With many fairs and festivals in the county, you can include them in your plans as well

Enjoy the beauties of Kern County

Thanks to professional movers and their services, you will have enough space to organize your post-moving activities. Apart from checking out restaurants, galleries, and museums in your new city, always try to spend some time in nature. Having Kern County day trips will be a perfect relaxation from your working week, and will get you closer to your new community. After all, they will surely have a couple of good suggestions for you, so make sure to consider them as well. Locals always know at least one spot that is not filled with tourists and that is not a chance to miss.

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