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If you’re about to move to Kern County or just settled in, you’re in for a treat. This place is buzzing with activities and events throughout the year! From fairs and festivals to music and art, there’s always something happening. But what are the top events to look forward to in Kern County? Essentially, that depends on what you like, but the following suggestions are a great start to your exploration of the region. Each one of these events is a chance to have fun, explore new things, and get to know your new home a little better. So, gear up to mark your calendars!

Kern County Fair

The Kern County Fair is a much-anticipated event that offers a variety of experiences. It attracts both locals and new residents. In fact, according to the experienced Bakersfield long distance movers, the newcomers love to arrive in time to enjoy this cool event and get the whole family to fall in love with the region. In essence, this fair is a celebration of the region’s agricultural heritage and much more.

The diverse range of attractions and activities

This fair treats visitors with the following:

  • Agricultural exhibits: Showcasing the best of local agriculture, these exhibits include livestock shows, farming demonstrations, and gardening displays.
  • Carnival rides: The fair is filled with fun rides for all ages, from thrilling roller coasters to gentle carousels.
  • Live music and entertainment: Stages across the fairgrounds feature live music, including country, rock, and pop acts, along with other entertainers like magicians and comedians.
  • Food stalls: Enjoy a vast selection of foods, from traditional fair snacks like cotton candy and corn dogs to unique local specialties.
  • Crafts and shopping: Artisans from around the region display their crafts, offering everything from handmade jewelry to home decor.
  • Competitions and contests: Participate in or watch various contests, from baking and cooking competitions to talent shows.
  • Family activities: The fair provides numerous family-friendly attractions, including petting zoos, educational workshops, and interactive games.

The Kern County Fair is not just an event. It’s a lively gathering that provides fun, entertainment, and learning opportunities for the entire family.

a carousel at one of the top events to look forward to in Kern County
At Kern Fair, there are many cool attractions including the carousel for the young ones.

Bakersfield Jazz Festival

Another of the events to look forward to in Kern County is the Bakersfield Jazz Festival. It is an exciting event that takes place in May for music lovers. It is one of the highlights for anyone new to Kern County, especially those recently assisted by movers Bakersfield offers in finding their new home. This annual event showcases a variety of jazz styles, offering something for every taste.

Musical line-up

Each year, the festival brings together a diverse array of jazz musicians. From traditional jazz to contemporary and fusion genres, the line-up is always an eclectic mix. Notable jazz artists, both local and national, grace the stage, providing audiences with unforgettable performances. Whether you’re a die-hard jazz enthusiast or just exploring the genre, the festival’s music has something to captivate everyone.

Festival atmosphere

Beyond the music, the festival is known for its lively atmosphere. Set in the beautiful outdoor spaces of California State University, Bakersfield, it offers the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the tunes. Food vendors, art displays, and merchandise stalls add to the festival vibe, creating a well-rounded experience for attendees.

Engaging with music

The Bakersfield Jazz Festival isn’t just about listening to music. It’s about engaging with it. Workshops and meet-and-greets with artists offer an interactive element, providing insights into the jazz world. It’s a great chance to deepen your appreciation of jazz and maybe even discover your new favorite artist!

a silhouette of a man playing jazz on an instrument
Bakersfield Jazz Festival is one of the events to look forward to in Kern County

Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival – one of the events to look forward to in Kern County

For those intrigued by history and ancient art, the Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival is a must-visit event. If you have recently relocated to the area with the help of movers Ridgecrest CA provides, you should allow this event to introduce you to the area in the coolest way possible. This unique festival celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the region with its ancient rock art.

Exploring ancient art

The festival’s centerpiece is the petroglyph tours. These guided excursions take you to see ancient rock carvings, some of which are thousands of years old. They’re both fascinating to look at and a window into the lives of the area’s earliest inhabitants. The knowledgeable guides provide captivating stories and insights, making these tours both educational and awe-inspiring.

Cultural celebrations

Alongside the petroglyph tours, the festival features a range of cultural activities. Native American music and dance performances are a highlight, offering a vibrant glimpse into the traditions and arts of the indigenous people. There are also various crafts and food vendors, showcasing local skills and flavors, adding to the cultural immersion of the festival.

Family activities

For families with children, the Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival is an event to look forward to in Kern County. Educational workshops, interactive art displays, and hands-on experiences make it a fun and engaging outing for attendees of all ages. It’s a perfect weekend destination for families looking to explore and learn together.

Delano Harvest Holidays

Delano Harvest Holidays, a cherished event in Kern County, is a delightful celebration of the area’s agricultural roots. It’s an event that both longtime locals and newcomers, freshly settled by movers in Delano CA, look forward to each year.

The Delano Harvest Holidays offers a variety of activities and attractions

Here’s why Delano Harvest Holidays is on our list of events to look forward to in Kern County:

  • Agricultural displays and competitions: Highlighting the region’s farming achievements, these displays and competitions include everything from the best produce to the finest homemade jams.
  • Parades: A signature feature of the festival, the parades showcase creatively decorated floats, marching bands, and community groups.
  • Live entertainment: Stages around the festival feature live performances from local bands, dance troupes, and other entertainers, providing continuous entertainment throughout the event.
  • Carnival rides and games: The festival includes a funfair area with rides and games suitable for all ages, adding to the festive atmosphere.
  • Food vendors: A range of food stalls offers a taste of local and international cuisines, satisfying all kinds of food cravings.
  • Crafts and local products: Artisans and vendors present a variety of crafts and local products, ideal for those looking to take a piece of Kern County home.
  • Community contests: Engaging contests, such as cooking competitions and talent shows, invite community members to showcase their skills.

Delano Harvest Holidays is a fusion of tradition, fun, and community spirit, offering something enjoyable for every visitor.

different vegetables grouped together at one of the events to look forward to in Kern County
Delano Harvest Holidays celebrate agricultural achievements and it is extremely fun to visit.

One of the events to look forward to in Kern County is the Tehachapi Mountain Festival

Mid-August brings the Tehachapi Mountain Festival, an annual highlight for locals and those recently moved to the area by Tehachapi CA movers. It offers an exciting blend of outdoor activities and cultural events amidst beautiful mountain scenery.

Outdoor adventures

One of the biggest draws of the festival is the abundance of outdoor activities. You can participate in organized events like mountain bike races, hikes, and even hot air balloon rides that provide breathtaking views of the Tehachapi Mountains. These activities are a great way for newcomers and long-time residents alike to experience the natural beauty of the region in a fun and active way.

Local culture and crafts

Apart from the outdoor thrills, the festival is a celebration of local culture and crafts. Visitors can browse through numerous stalls showcasing handmade crafts, local art, and unique souvenirs. It’s a fantastic opportunity to support local artisans and take home a piece of Tehachapi’s culture.

Family entertainment

The Tehachapi Mountain Festival is very family-friendly, offering entertainment and activities that appeal to all ages. From carnival rides and games for the kids to live music and food stalls for the adults, the festival ensures that there’s something enjoyable for every family member. It’s a perfect weekend outing where families can create lasting memories together.

Wasco Rose Festival – one of the events to look forward to in Kern County

The Wasco Rose Festival, a renowned event in Kern County, is a delightful experience for both long-term residents and those who recently moved to the area. The residential movers Kern County those moving to the area usually rely on, often suggest their clients to attend this event when they ask about the fun things to do in the area. Celebrating Wasco’s rich heritage in rose cultivation, this festival blooms with beauty and activities.

A Rose show and garden tours

A major highlight of the festival is the stunning rose show, featuring a wide variety of roses in all colors and sizes. It’s a feast for the eyes and a great opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to gather ideas and tips. Additionally, garden tours are available, allowing visitors to stroll through beautifully curated rose gardens, showcasing the best of what Wasco’s growers have to offer.

Workshops and educational sessions

For those interested in gardening, the festival offers workshops and educational sessions led by expert horticulturists. These sessions cover various topics, from rose care and cultivation techniques to landscape design. It’s a great way to deepen your understanding of gardening while engaging with fellow rose lovers.

Family-friendly activities

The Wasco Rose Festival is also known for its family-friendly atmosphere. With activities like face painting, games, and live entertainment, there’s something to keep every member of the family engaged and entertained. In essence, it’s an excellent opportunity for families to spend quality time together, surrounded by the beauty and fragrance of roses.

many red roses at one of the events to look forward to in Kern County
If you like roses, the Wasco Rose Festival is a place for you.

Kern River Rock n’ Blues Fest

If one of the Kern County logistics companies has helped you settle into the city of Kernville, you should go see Kern River Rock n’ Blues Fest.  In late September, this event melds the beauty of nature with the soul of music.

Music and performances

At the heart of the festival are the performances, featuring a variety of rock and blues bands. From up-and-coming local artists to well-known acts, the lineup ensures a rich musical experience. The sound of guitars and soulful singing, paired with the river’s natural ambiance, creates a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Scenic riverside setting

The Kern River provides more than just a picturesque setting. It’s an integral part of the festival experience. Attendees can enjoy the music while relaxing by the water, making it an ideal spot for those looking to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of Kern County.

Community and charity

Beyond entertainment, the festival also focuses on community involvement and charity. Portions of the proceeds often go to local causes, making it an event where enjoyment aligns with giving back. This sense of community involvement is especially meaningful for new residents looking to connect with their surroundings and contribute positively.

a black-and-white picture of a man playing an electric guitar
Kern River Rock n’ Blues Fest is a cool place to be in September.

Shafter Colours Festival

The Shafter Colours Festival is a brilliant way to celebrate arts and culture. This festival offers a palette of artistic experiences.

In a single day at the festival, attendees can immerse themselves in a world of creativity

  • Visual art exhibitions. Featuring local and regional artists, these exhibitions showcase a range of artistic styles, from traditional paintings to modern installations.
  • Live performances. The festival hosts an array of performances, including dance, music, and theatrical acts. Each performance brings a unique flavor to the festival’s artistic celebration.
  • Interactive art workshops. For those who prefer a hands-on experience, various workshops are available. They range from painting and sculpture to more contemporary art forms, offering something for everyone, regardless of their artistic skill level.
  • Art installations. Interactive and immersive art installations provide a unique way for attendees to engage with art. These installations often encourage participation, making them a hit among all age groups.
  • Children’s activities. The festival ensures that young ones are also engaged, with plenty of kid-friendly art activities. These often include face painting, craft making, and other fun artistic projects. So, if you happen to be moving to the area in March, you can let the moving and storage Kern County company deal with the logistics of your relocation, while you take your kids to this event and show them the best of their new hometown.
  • Food and craft vendors. Alongside the art, a selection of food and craft vendors offer their goods, ranging from gourmet treats to handmade crafts.

Discover Kern County through its events

As you explore these events to look forward to in Kern County, remember that these are just a glimpse of what your new home has to offer. Each of them is a doorway to understanding the culture, history, and spirit of the area. They’re perfect opportunities to make memories, meet neighbors, and enjoy the unique flavors of Kern County. So, as you settle in, don’t miss out on these experiences. They’re not just events. They’re the beginning of your journey in this wonderful region.

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