DIY move vs hiring professional movers – best way to move


The never-ending dilemma is whether to move on your own or to rely on professionals. When it comes to making this decision, don’t rush. The facts are there to help you. Making an adequate decision can influence significantly the whole relocation process. Therefore, oppose and make a choice, DIY move vs hiring professional movers. Remember, each choice has its positive aspects and downsides. However, we consider that with the moving companies Bakersfield you’ll experience the safest relocation free of stress. Sometimes it’s better to pay and relax while true professionals handle everything.

What to decide – DIY move vs hiring professional movers?

Start from observing the positive and negative sides in both cases. Moreover, don’t let saving money leads you. Of course, you must take into account the money needed for the move. However, observe other factors such as time, stress, physical strain, the complexity of the process, equipment. Only then will you be sure you’ve got the right decision.

DIY move seems appealing mostly because of the costs

People usually opt for a DIY move to cut costs. Of course, the expenses are lower. We can’t deny that. Nevertheless, don’t forget there are other costs.

  • rent a truck
  • fuel
  • toll road
  • purchasing packing supplies
  • meals for friends who are helping you

Control your own move

You decide when to start, rest, and finish. Thus, the relocation is totally under your control. This especially relates to the packing process. Organize the packing depending on the free time you have. However, this isn’t as perfect as it might seem. Who will do the planning and solve any problems that may occur? Who will lift and carry your furniture and other belongings? Well, nobody else except you.

a couple packing their items in boxes
After hard work when packing your items on your own, a decision to be made isn’t that difficult, DIY move vs hiring professional movers. Indeed, leave the hard work to professionals.

The relocation process is demanding and requires careful preparation and a detailed plan. With no experience, problems arise. With this in mind, residential movers Kern County will handle every obstacle and organize the entire process without trouble. Experience and professionalism come to light in these situations. Also, you’d avoid injuries since professionals are ready to do the heavy lifting. Moreover, they are equipped with adequate equipment that facilitates the process.

Is hiring professionals a much better decision?

In case you are ready to rest and handle other chores while experts handle your relocation process, hurry up and hire local movers Kern County. It may cost more, but the things you’ll get in exchange are much more valuable. To cut the long story short, sometimes it’s worth paying for and enjoying the benefits of it.

two mobvers holding boxes in a room facilitating a decision DIY move vs hiring professional movers
Let highly skilled staff take care of your possessions. Relax while professionals do the job right.

Less stress is definitely a positive aspect of relying on professionals

When we opt for the best alternative for the relocation – moving by yourself or with the help of experts, we should consider what we actually get from the movers. Definitely, a more relaxed and less stressful move. After all, this isn’t a surprise. Someone else is doing practically everything instead of you and the results are magnificent. While the professionals handle your relocation, you’ll have more time for other chores.

Efficiency and quality are inevitable

Professional movers possess the things you definitely lack. The movers and their staff will show you efficiency, experience, quality, and professionalism. You’ll have trustworthy people giving their best to safely transport your possessions to the new destination. Moreover, you’re saving the trouble your friends and family members. After all, in the case of a DIY move, you’d need all the help available. Thus, who would help other than your dear ones.

Packing and storage in the hands of your movers

Packing is so demanding that you need to devote most of your time to handling the packing process thoroughly. However, your movers are ready to provide high-quality packing supplies and to pack your items properly. Also, they possess adequate equipment. Hence, speed and quality are the things you can count on. Moreover, if the need for storage appears, your house will remain spacious. Your items will end up secure and safe in storage Bakersfield. Therefore, let your movers take care of everything. Peace of mind has no price.

How expensive is it to hire professional movers?

In most cases, people have second thoughts about professional movers because of the high costs. Thus, what is the safest way to relocate, on your own or with the help of professionals? Which is the best choice for you? Let’s be realistic, you need to pay for their services. But be aware that the right movers will always bear in mind your budget. Thus, they’ll surely adjust to your possibilities. You just need to search and find the best ones. Furthermore, we have mentioned that a DIY move has its costs too. For instance, renting a truck will cost between $120 and $200 for local moves, and between $1,500 and $2,300 for long-distance moves. What about other expenses? On the other hand, in case you opt for full services with your movers, you are about to pay between $550 and $2,000 for local and $2,000 and $7,500 for long-distance moves.

One person writing something in a notebook and typing on a calculator while the other is holding money
Consider your budget first. Determine the expenses.

Be smart in making your decision and enjoy your relocation and new beginnings

Altogether, having a choice in front of you – DIY move vs hiring professional movers – best way to move, rushes you into opting for the best alternative. After observing the facts, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Though both options have both advantages and disadvantages, be aware of your goals. If you want a less stressful move, efficiency, professionalism, more time for yourself, reliable movers are your best choice. Certainly, you can organize the move yourself. However, at what cost. And we doubt think about the money only. The lack of free time, compromised health, physical strain, sleepless nights are definitely things you would like to avoid. Be that as it may, search thoroughly for the best movers and have them handle your move.


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