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Decommissioning Items

What to do with your unnecessary or unwanted assets when you move or renovate?

When relocating an office or business you are faced with a variety of challenges from coordinating the mover to having your phone lines switched over. One challenge that often gets over looked is what to do with the old items you will not need relocated.

In many cases companies purchase new furniture, or have modular furniture installed at the new location. However, you still need your old furniture out of the previous location in a timely manner. This is a portion of decommissioning.

The removal and recycling used electronics is an important part of decommissioning. Through our trusted partners we can organize the disposal of computer screens and televisions, as well as the secure destruction of hard drives and documents.

At Hansen’s Moving & Storage, we take our role in assisting our clients throughout the entire move process very seriously. This includes a cost effective and environmentally conscious way of eliminating the furniture you do not need.

Your Options include:

  • Reconditioning and/or Reconfiguration: We can help you contact the right company to clean, polish and recondition old furniture to make it fit in your new office setting. This can help breath life back into an old piece of furniture, or get it ready to be sold to someone who many have use for it.
  • Resale: Reselling furniture is typically a difficult task, and often times not a cost effective way of recouping cost. Often times you are likely to only return one percent of the items original cost. Hansen’s Moving and Storage does have contacts in the used furniture market, and can help make that connection if that is a viable option.
  • Donation: Often considered the first stop for perfectly good, but no-longer-needed furniture, donating to a not-for-profit or start-up organization is a great way to do the right thing and keep furniture out of a landfill. Donating is not always as simple as it may seem. There are still cost involved in the donation process, as well as accounting and tax steps that need to take place. This is however, a great alternative and a way to help give to the less fortunate and help keep unnecessary items out of our land fills.
  • Recycling: This is often what we would consider a last resort option, and most likely the least cost effective option depending on the type of furniture. Most all wood items can be sent to the wood recycling facility at no cost for the recycling process, and most metal file cabinets can be sent in for metal recycling for a small value. Quite often this process is not tax deductible and not always the best alternative for our environment.