Cost of living in Bakersfield: Guide for newcomers


Even though a lot of people don’t think about living costs as something very important, they are shaping our entire life even when we are not paying attention. Every state and every city holds a different rate, and people are usually looking for cheaper ones. But since not everyone has the same budget, not everyone is looking for the same place. If you have been thinking about moving to Kern County’s most beautiful place, it is good to know how exactly your finances will stand there. Here are more details about the cost of living in Bakersfield and how will they affect your lifestyle there.

Welcome to Bakersfield

This beautiful city in California is home to around 407,615 people. But its metropolitan area counts even more, and the numbers go up to 909,235. And while you can choose any of its neighborhoods and areas as your new home, the living costs will remain the same. Some of the best Bakersfield movers will get you there on time and for a good price, but you will still have to gather some information on your own. But before you hire them and share your plan, you will have to know how exactly will this city treat your budget.

person holding money
To know the cost of living in Bakersfield means to know how much, on average, will you be spending in the future

Bakersfield is not only one of the most popular cities in California, but it also has a very rich history and some of the best universities in the USA. To help you get to know the city from a financial perspective, let’s break down its living costs so that you can settle in faster.

Cost of living in Bakersfield

We must mention that the living costs in California go above the average. And even though the difference is not huge, it is still worth noticing. For some people, the current number of 149.9/100 is pretty affordable, while others will find them to be high for their wallet. You will get a chance to reduce some costs once your relocation begins, especially if you choose proper Bakersfield moving services. Unlike some other states, like New York where living costs go over 170/100, California is still holding its standard.

Bakersfield on the other hand has different rates and is often compared to other cities in California. On average, the current living costs there are 103.4/100. As you can see, they are even closer to the national average, which makes Bakersfield suitable for living and working. But, the living costs of a particular place depend on different factors, and as a newcomer, you should get to know them as well.

Groceries costs

At the 99/100 this is one of the financial spots that will immediately prove to be different. If you come from a place like Florida, you are probably used to higher groceries costs, mainly because of tourism. In Bakersfield, the situation is different and the place relies on its own resources most of the time. The outskirts of the city are home to multiple farms that are always supplying it with fresh goods. This is immediately affecting the economy and the price of groceries in Bakersfield tends to remain the same.

In case you are coming from states like Mississippi where these costs are even lower, it won’t be that hard to organize your budget. With packing services Bakersfield you can reduce the cost of your relocation and instantly get a head start.

Housing costs in Bakersfield

Those who plan to settle permanently in Bakersfield must be aware of the housing costs as well. Nowadays, buying a property is not as easy as it may sound, and even the smallest mistake can damage your budget. The city of Bakersfield currently has housing costs at 106.7/100 which will give you a chance to find and buy a lovely home there. Considering that you are a newcomer, make sure you have a good real estate agency by your side. They will help you reduce the cost even more and still end up purchasing a dream home.

couple looking at a new house with a real estate agent
The good news is that you can even consider buying a home in Bakersfield thanks to affordable housing costs

Cost of living in Bakersfield regarding utilities

And when there is a lovely home, there are always utilities to pay. You will not have to worry too much, as in this city the costs for utilities on average rate 97.1/100. Even if you buy a larger home you will still have to pay less than people in some other states have to. Preserving your finances this way will also open some new opportunities for you. Once you have all the calculations, you can leave your items in storage Bakersfield and focus on some renovation work if necessary.

And finally, here are the transportation costs in Bakersfield

As a newcomer, you will have to get used to some things that will be different after your relocation. You can easily decide to leave your vehicle behind and fully rely on public transportation. This is not a bad idea as in Bakersfield it operates perfectly and under control. Those who settle in Downtown Bakersfield will find using it much more suitable, than being stuck in traffic jams. On the other hand, if you wish to keep your vehicle, take as much time as you need to blend in. The transportation costs rate 83.4/100 which makes them the lowest on the list. Even if you have multiple vehicles in your family, you will get to pay less for transportation costs than residents of New York or Florida have to.

man looking at his laptop
Make sure that your budget is always monitored no matter when you decide to move

Knowing all of this, it seems that the cost of living in Bakersfield can easily be a match for you. Before you make any final decision, make sure to go over your budget a couple of times and ask professionals for advice. And even if you come across some unexpected expenses, it shouldn’t be so hard to deal with them. As a result, you will be able to find a nice home and enjoy everything this city has to offer, while your budget remains under your control.


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