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Is there anything harder than being a single parent? Probably no. So what do you do when you, as a single parent, face something as complicated as the relocation process can be? If you are in Bakersfield and preparing for a move, you are surely worried and scared at the same time. Luckily, with the help of the finest movers Bakersfield can offer, you can have a smooth and stress-free relocation that you and your children can enjoy. Just follow this Bakersfield moving guide for single parents and you will glide through this process as if it was nothing.

Start with a talk

We know that kids and parents do not get along so well all the time. And that is perfectly normal. That is why the first thing that you need to do is to talk to your kids and explain to them what is about to happen. Of course, how well your conversation will go depends on many factors such as the age of your kids, or how far you are moving. Nevertheless, notifying your kids is the most important thing that you need to do at this stage. You do not want them to feel left out or like you are making such bug decisions without their consent.

dad and daughter talking
Every good Bakersfield moving guide for single parents will tell you to include your kids in the process as much as possible

Naturally, we all know that the decision is already made and that your kids do not get a vote in this situation. However, do not let them know that. You want to make them feel like they are included in the decision-making right from the start. That is how you will make them accept it much easier.

Include your kids in planning

After a long and constructive conversation where you and your kids made a final decision to move, you need to start planning the process. Relocation is often perceived as something stressful and physically exhausting. We do not say that it’s not. But it can be far more simpler and enjoyable if you make a good moving plan that you will follow. This plan needs to contain all the steps that you need to take from day one until you enter your new home – things like decluttering, packing, hiring Bakersfield long distance movers, and such. Of course, every move is different, so make sure that you prepare a moving plan that is suitable for your upcoming move.

Your kids can help with decluttering

Once you prepare a moving plan, you can start preparing your items for the move. Of course, at this stage, the thing you need to do is to clean up your inventory. It means that you need to get rid of the excess items that every home has in abundance, regardless of how clean or neat it is. The good thing is that your kids can participate in this process no matter how old they are. If you have smaller kids give them the task of cleaning up their toys and identifying items that they can get rid of.

kid with toys
Your kids can declutter their toys for example

If you do this on time, you can also organize a yard sale where your kids can also enjoy and earn a few bucks along the way. Or, if you are not sure about getting rid of your excess items just yet, you can simply find some good storage Bakersfield offers, and put your items there until you decide what to do with them.

Let your kids list all the items that you have to move

Another task where your kids can contribute a lot is making a moving inventory list. This is a very important task but also very time-consuming. So you will have a much easier time if you let your kids help. Of course, this is not a task for smaller kids. Only those that know how to read and write. Nevertheless, make sure that you check your kids from time to time as the moving inventory list needs to be as precise as possible.

Find reliable Bakersfield movers that offer packing services

Now that you got rid of the junk and listed your moving items it is time to start searching for reliable Bakersfield movers. But before you do that, think well about packing. Packing can be an overwhelming and pretty difficult task depending on the size of your home. So think about whether you can do it on your own or if you need to find some professional packing services Bakersfield has to offer. If your kids are too small to help you pack, our suggestion is to call professionals. Of course, be aware that not all moving companies provide packing services. So make sure that you locate those that do.

packing a box
The best thing to do as a single parent in Bakersfield preparing for a move is to hire professional packers

Find someone to watch over your kids while you pack your inventory

Packing and handling furniture can be a pretty dangerous process, especially for smaller kids. So make sure that you find someone who will take them out. And take care of them while movers are wrapping up your home. There are a ton of websites where you can find babysitters in Bakersfield. However, the best thing would be to send them to your parent’s house if you have that opportunity. Just get them out of the house while you are packing.

Follow this Bakersfield moving guide for single parents and you will have fun while moving

And that is it. As you can see, moving as a single parent doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Be prepared, and organized, and talk with your kids to help them cope with the relocation. Simply follow this Bakersfield moving guide for single parents, and you can even have a fun time moving.

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