Common moving day myths


You probably heard a lot of things about moving and the entire process. And while some things are positive and useful, others could be less helpful. In fact, some things made a lot of people postpone their move completely as they sound too difficult to achieve. Luckily, almost none of those things is true or at least is very easy to avoid. If you have a relocation on the way and some things about it bother you, it is good to know what exactly to expect! So, before you find good Kern Country movers take a look at some of the common moving day myths that circle around!

Moving on your own is cheaper

This one is very easy to debunk as most of the time it is not true. Moving with companies like Hansen’s Moving and Storage California can actually help save your budget. The thing about moving on your own is that people usually lack experience and skills, and will come face-to-face with a lot of moving obstacles. Once they do, it is very hard to come up with a proper solution and that usually leads to spending more time and money. You must think of transportation, packing, and of course, loading and unloading your items. Professional moving companies will calculate the final price according to the distance and your inventory list, and most of the time it will come out as way cheaper.

person putting money in the piggy bank as moving day myths include price of the relocation
No, your relocation will not be cheaper if you move on your own and you should be smart about making that decision

The origin of this myth lies in the lack of information and good experience. People become aware of the real cost of their relocation once they manage to move and get a closer look at their budget. To avoid spending money on trucks, packing supplies, and gas, a moving company is a much better option.

You have to move everything with you is one of the moving day myths as well

Relocation is not about gathering every single item that you have and moving it to a different place. In fact, moving is all about change and improving our life for particular reasons. Once you start packing and preparing your items, you will see that there is no need to pack and move everything with you. Your logistics company in Kern County can help you classify all the items and decide which ones to take. But that is not so difficult to achieve yourself. All you need to do is think about what you want to see in your new home. Keep in mind that your new space deserves to be refreshed and that you will feel much better if you get some new items for it.

No, packing is not easier because you know your home

One of the myths that surely is true is that packing can be very difficult and time-wasting. Even the tiniest mistake can lead to bigger issues, and before you know it you are surrounded by a pile of items without a proper solution. This process is not something you should start last minute no matter how small your home is. Moving day myths saying that packing can be finished in one day usually don’t mention other specific details that follow. Packing that fast can make you forget or damage some items, and your mood will instantly change. Once that happens it is very hard to get back on track. If you are really convinced you can do it, there is an easy way to check that.

Start packing a room that you seldom use. This could be a second bathroom or a guest room. This will show you how good your packing skills are and how much time you will need for the rest of your items. If you are moving across the cities in Kern County, put yourself to this test way before the moving-out day.

woman holding boxes
Carefully go through your items and decide what to take and what to leave behind

Decluttering can wait

A lot of people get really surprised once they decide to declutter their home before moving. And the reason why so many skip this step is that they think there is no need for it. If you see an item that should be thrown away, you can just do it. In reality, decluttering is one of the essential steps before your relocation begins. It will release your home from all unnecessary items and help you make clear categories before packing. In case you decide to skip it, you will have to do it later nevertheless. Once residential movers Kern County finish unloading their trucks, you will end up with the same amount of time, just a different location.

To avoid doing all that hard work later, simply declutter your home before you start packing. The results will include a neater and fresher home and you will find the rest of the tasks to be extremely easy and quick.

Moving day myths regarding your first-night kit

This usually happens to those who move locally. If your new home is just across the street or in a different neighborhood, why would you need the first-night kit? Well, a lot of people out there got a chance to find out. Those who are moving with their kids, elderly parents, or pets, must think about the first night in the new home. Considering that the kit is very easy to make and transport, there is no reason to include it. It should contain essentials like:

  • Fresh food or hot meals
  • Drinks
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Toys
  • Chargers and other devices
  • Toiletries
people packing food
Moving day myths regarding your first night are often present so make sure you and your family have everything you need

At a certain point, your relocation will be over, and you and your family will need to take a deep breath. Moving day myths saying that you will go straight to sleep forget to mention that you will probably be too excited to do that. Make sure everyone in your household has their essentials, and enjoy your first night at your new place!

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