Common moving day mistakes and how to avoid them

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Everyone who relocated at least once knows relocation is stressful, costly, and complicated. And those who haven’t relocated yet at least heard stories about it. When relocating home, one must find good local movers, organize packing, prepare an adequate budget, and work on legalities. All those tasks are quite hard to accomplish without good preparation. And behind each corner, you have chances for moving mishaps that can end up in injuries, damages, and additional costs. So, let our Hansen’s Moving and Storage experts introduce you to the common moving day mistakes and teach you how to avoid them. You can have a safe and pleasant moving experience after all. Let’s go!

Prepare to prevent

If you expect to have a successful and safe relocation, you must create a good moving plan. Start with a thorough home inspection where you’ll check the environment first. Inspect all your robust furniture and then make sure it can leave the house through narrow corridors, staircases, doors, etc. Ensure your home is a safe place to work in. Then, list down all the furniture and household items onto the inventory list and this way you’ll know how many packing supplies you must purchase. And your residential movers Kern County must know this information so they can bring an appropriately sized vehicle for all your belongings.

a man creating a guide to avoid common moving day mistakes
Create a moving checklist and use it as a guide to avoiding moving mistakes.

Once you know how many items you have and the situation you are in, you can decide on the moving date and start working on your budget. List all moving-related responsibilities on your moving checklist and try to stay organized. If you skip this part and start relocating without a moving checklist, it is one of the common moving day mistakes right there. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest ones.

There are many common moving day mistakes related to hiring movers

One of the common moving day mistakes is to hire movers at the very last minute. Or not to do any research before you hire them. This can end badly in many ways because you can end up with a fraudulent moving company, damaged goods, stolen belongings, or something similar. Therefore, you simply must do your research about moving companies, prices, moving services Bakersfield, and the moving industry in general. It will take about an hour to gather all the information required on the internet. Therefore, find a few moving-related websites and read moving reviews. Make sure the movers you chose have the following:

  • Licenses to work.
  • Moving services required.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Moving insurance and safety standards in place.
  • Enough knowledge, experience, and a good reputation.
mover noting down the inventory
Research movers and find a reputable and professional moving company to avoid common moving day mistakes

Obviously, you will implement your personal search criteria as well and narrow your search down quite a bit. But to make your search easier, we will recommend Hansen’s Moving And Storage company as one of the best choices. Take a glance and you will be amazed by the professional moving service they provide.

Packing-related common moving day mistakes

Another among the mistakes you can make that can cost you quite a bit is to prolong the packing process. As soon as you find your movers and set a moving date you must begin gathering packing materials. You can purchase everything from the nearest home depot or order online. Maybe you can check the hardware store in the area or purchase from your Bakersfield long distance movers. There are several options, to be honest, so you’ll have to choose the best one for you. As long as you deliver your materials to your home at least two weeks before the moving date and start packing.

cardboard boxes on the floor
Purchase all necessary packing materials on time and avoid last-minute packing.

Note that you will need cardboard boxes, packing paper, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Those are the common packing supplies designed to cover each relocation. Also, they are easily accessible and affordable. But if you have unique and highly valuable items you should purchase higher-quality materials designed to protect such objects. Options are vast so you better do your research about it or ask your movers. And one more thing, while packing, we suggest you do a bit of decluttering if you have time for it. It is a healthy process where you’ll get rid of unused items and make a lot of space in your moving truck and in your new home. You can donate everything or organize a pre-move garage sale. You will earn a buck or two and your move will be cheaper because there will be fewer items to pack. Lovely, right?

Sort out your legalities

Another mistake people make from time to time is to forget to cover their legalities on time. You must remember to gather all your documents, personal IDs, medical records, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. Yes, this goes for each member of the family. At least for those who are relocating with you. The goal is to inspect everything and ensure it is up to date and ready to be used. Especially if you are moving to another state where different laws apply. Therefore, you must do this at least a month in advance because some of the hard copies take a longer time to transfer.

Also, you must contact all relevant parties to inform them about the change of address. At least this part is easy because you can do most of it online. Furthermore, if you want to transfer any of your services like wi-fi, cell phone, landline, magazine subscriptions, etc. you must reroute them adequately as well and on time. Do the same with your PO box to have your mail rerouted and to avoid losing any leftover bills.

Think about your well-being as well

In the end, after all the hectic moving environment you will be exhausted and you can easily get sick. Some people even feel down while in the process of moving because they can hardly keep up with the tasks ahead. Therefore, you must take care of yourself and give your best to stay in a good shape. More so if you are one of the key players in this story. So, in the weeks before the moving day, you must take some time to exercise, sleep better, eat well, drink enough fluids, and take vitamins. Especially the week before the moving date.

Although, your physical health is not the only thing to pay attention to. Moving is stressful and you must watch your mental health as well. Do something to relax and set your mind at ease. For example, watch a good movie or read a good book. Take short breaks from packing and take a walk outside to remove yourself from the moving process just for a second. It will help you greatly. Do whatever you think is best for you to stay in shape physically and mentally.

Now you know more about common moving day mistakes. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to successfully avoid them. Or at least to prepare for what is coming your way. Good luck and stay safe.

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“I highly recommend Hansen's moving and storage, Jessie Montecino came out and help me move my house. Not only did he show up early but we also finished in a great time. Jessie made sure everything was wrapped and protected. He has a great sense for detail. I would use Hansen's again.”

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