Color-coding boxes for moving: how and why


Some time ago packing was one of those processes no one wanted to go through. Even now it is considered to be time-consuming and very difficult. However, if you plan on doing it soon, you will find out there are countless tips and tricks that will make it enjoyable and fast. One method, in particular, is getting more and more popular all over the internet as well as in households. Color-coding boxes for moving will help you in different ways and is cheap and easy too. So, if you have never had a chance to try to do it before, here is what you should know!

What exactly is color coding?

Just like your spices in the kitchen have different containers with their labels, so will your boxes. But instead of naming each box and writing down a specific category or room, all you will need is a piece of tape in color. Immediately you will have a couple of different categories regarding your items and packing will take a different turn. By the time the Bakersfield moving company sends out its movers, every single item you have will be in its place. Every category or room will have its color, and both packing and unpacking will be easier.

tapes and sccisors representing color-coding boxes for moving
If you never had a chance to use this method don’t worry because everyone can do it

Choosing colors

This is where you can be as creative as you want. Once you decide to go with this method you can decide what colors you will use and how to divide them. For example, you can use the green one for kitchen items, red for the living room, or blue for your bathroom. You can even go further than that and choose a specific color for all glass items, and another for paper materials. There will be no limits to options so just choose the one that suits you the most. And once you add professional moving services Bakersifeld to all of that, the total duration of your packing and moving will be much shorter.

The tapes will be extremely easy to find as well. Almost every local store has them, including bookstores and megamarkets. One roll is $10 on average, but some places offer special packagings where you can get a couple of them for a lower price. Before you go to get them, make sure you know the exact quantity. This way you will not have to go back and get more or mix colors once packing begins.

The process of color-coding moving boxes

If you want to make packing even faster, start by packing one room at a time. Simply take all the boxes with you, and pack everything that you will be taking. The room will be finished once all the items are properly packed and there is no need to keep it on the list any longer. You can leave the boxes in each room until movers arrive if that will make things easier for you.

At the top of each box or somewhere on the side of it, put the piece of tape in a particular color. Make sure the piece is long enough and that the tape is completely visible. Avoid using old boxes that already have something written on them, or that have huge logos in different colors. This can cause a lot of confusion.

person taping the box
Each box should have a tape of a particular color representing items inside

The next thing you should do is write down colors and their meanings. If you have a lot of items, color-coding for moving boxes will not be so easy to remember. You can write it all down on your phone or a special notebook with other relocation tasks. Be precise and make categories short and clear. 

Should you be color-coding boxes meant for storage?

Absolutely! If you want to get storage in Bakersfield for some time color-coding will be super useful. Not only you will get to neatly place your boxes there but when the time comes to pick them up, you will know exactly which one should go where. Even if you want to get rid of those items you will be able to get only the boxes that you need at the moment. For example, use red for items you wish to sell or green for those you plan on recycling. No matter how long they stay in storage, tapes will still be there to keep the track of your inventory.

In case you plan on going with packing services Bakersfield, that doesn’t mean color-coding is not an option. Movers have their own methods and supplies when packing your items, but if you want, they can label your boxes this way.

Other benefits of using tape when packing

Keep in mind that not everyone has the same relocation. In fact, just like our homes are different, every move is unique in its own way. Those who plan on giving their items to their friends until the new home is ready will help them by using tape. They will not have to read labels every time you need something and can just set aside boxes according to their categories. 

two people carrying moving boxes
Color-coding boxes for moving will help you unpack as well

When people pack they often come across dilemmas regarding where some particular items should go. This could be your first aid kit, the rest of the packing material, or anything that doesn’t have a category on its own. You can get one large packing box and decide to tape different colors on it, meaning this is where you store all those items. As long as you are creative you will keep on coming up with different solutions.

Even if you are moving somewhere within Bakersfield City, don’t think labeling your boxes like this is too much. This method is highly advisable for both huge and small relocations. And once you master color-coding boxes for moving, you can apply it for some other things as well!

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