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A full gallery of people exploring the arts and cultural scene in Kern County

Exploring the Arts and Cultural Scene in Kern County

Kern County, located in the heart of California, is known for its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse cultural heritage.…

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A girl on the beach smiling after learning why Ridgecrest CA is a great place to live

Why Ridgecrest CA is a great place to live?

Ridgecrest, California is a small town located in the southern part of the state. It's known for its beautiful natural…

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parents walking with their kids

Should you move to Ridgecrest or Maricopa with kids?

When you have a couple of good candidates for a new home, it is essential that you gather all the…

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Room with older furniture symbolizing the question what to do with old furniture before moving

What to do with old furniture before moving?

Making some huge decisions is what the relocation is all about. And while choosing the place to move to and…

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palm trees

Checklist for moving to Delano California

If you start asking around what is the most important thing you must do before your relocation, a lot of…

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A woman unpacking.

Unpacking after a move: what can go wrong?

Are you wondering how to properly approach your unpacking after a move? You are in the right place! The unpacking…

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A home for sale.

Buying a property in Kern County: stats and trends

So, you have decided on buying a property in Kern County? Well, you are in the right place. Relocating to…

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A picture of family relocation to Kern County CA

Family relocation to Kern County CA: do’s and dont’s

Your next move takes you to Kern County, California. Every relocation can create a mess, but getting organized is the…

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A landscape of San Francisco

Moving from Bakersfield to San Francisco: how to plan your budget

California is a state that has so much to offer because of its diversity. You can live inland, surrounded by…

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Moving boxes and flowers, moving off-season

Benefits of moving off-season in Kern County

Kern County is considered a great place to live and affordable. You've found your new home here. As you prepare…

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