Buying your first home in Kern County: what to expect

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So, you are going to buy a new home soon. This process is always exciting however, you need to keep in mind that in order to do it right, you have to follow a few essential steps. Research is extremely important. Buying your first home in Kern County is going to be quick and easy with a few tips and basic info that we will give you. In addition to this, we will be mentioning the importance of having reliable movers such as Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA when you begin your relocation.

Kern County – The basics

Kern County is located in the southern Central Valley of California and it has a population of 892,458 residents. The median home value is $226,600 and the median rent is$994. Most residents here own their homes. There are lots of families living in this area. The education system is great with lots of quality schools to choose from.

Expect a relatively affordable cost of living when compared to other areas in CA

Moving into a new area is always challenging. One of the first things that you will want to take into consideration when buying your first home in Kern County is the cost of living. So, what can you expect when moving to Kern County? First of all, the area of Bakersfield, CA where Kern County is located, is not cheap. However, it is more affordable and less expensive than most other areas surrounding it. When it comes to the cost of living in Kern County, is 1.5% lower than the national average. Keep in mind that the cost of utility prices are 36% more expensive than the national average.

A person looking at statistics when buying your first home in Kern County.
When buying your first home in Kern County, you need to take into consideration the cost of living and know your finances.

Make sure you have a car when buying your first home in Kern County

If you are planning on living downtown, you might be able to get around without having your own transport. However, Bakersfield is very spread out. Overall, the area does not have good walkability for residents trying to get from home to work. You will definitely benefit from having a car to get around. If you bring your car during the moving process, do not forget to register your vehicle and get your new state driver’s license. Before moving, make sure you do your research and have trusted local movers Kern County to help you relocate to your new home.

Expect hot weather

As you might have guessed already, Kern County can get hot. A local steppe climate similar to the rest of southern California is dominant in this region. Throughout the summer months, you can expect quite a lot of dry and hot days. The hottest month is, of course, July, so keep that in mind when organizing your relocation process. This season of hot and sunny days lasts from the months of June to September. In case you are moving from a colder climate, you can freely leave some of your winter clothes behind. Rainfall is almost non-existent. Moving during the hot summer days can get tricky, so make sure you have expert movers Kern County helping you with your relocation. That way, after buying your first home in Kern County, you will be able to move to it with ease and without any stress.

A sunny day.
Expect very hot weather in this region of California, especially during the months from June to September.

Good news for those looking for a job

In case you are moving to this region in pursuit of a new job, you are in luck! Over the past 10 years, the entire area of Bakersfield, CA has seen an increase in job growth by 10.6%. When it comes to Kern County, jobs have increased by 1.2%. Job growth is positive which is also good news. What about the future job growth prediction? Well, over the next ten years it is predicted to be 19.6% however this is still lower than the national average which is something to keep in mind. And relocating here is easy if you have reliable residential movers Kern County helping you move.

Expect lots of new things to see and explore in Kern County

Often referred to as the “Golden Empire”, Kern County is located in the southern Central Valley of California, and because it was settled in 1866, the entire area has a rich history of oil, black gold, and agriculture. Furthermore, The Mojave Desert is home to several natural wonders which are both interesting and unique. There are definitely lots of places worth visiting and exploring in Kern County such as:

  • Kern River Valley,
  • Lake Isabella,
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park,
  • Tehachapi Murals,
  • Silver City Ghost Town,
  • California Living Museum Bakersfield.
Exploring the nature.
There are lots of different things to see and explore in Kern County and all of its areas.

Relocate to Kern County with the help of reliable movers

The process of moving should be fun and exciting. However, with so many moving-related tasks, it can get quite challenging at times. That is why it is so important to do your research and connect with the right movers. The role your movers play in the relocation process is huge. Having reliable movers that you can trust by your side during the relocation to Kern County means a stress-free and quick relocation journey. Reliable movers can help you with the right moving services. Furthermore, you will know for sure your items are safe and protected throughout the relocation process.

Finding reliable movers takes time. So, give yourself at least 6 months before your relocation date to properly prepare for your move. Furthermore, use this time to get multiple moving quotes and find the right movers for the needs of your upcoming move. All in all, moving can be quite fun and exciting but you need to be ready for it. We hope you have learned the basics about Kern County and know what to expect after buying your first home in Kern County.

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