Buying a property in Kern County: stats and trends


So, you have decided on buying a property in Kern County? Well, you are in the right place. Relocating to a new area is always exciting but you should also do your best to find out as much as possible before you move there. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the main stats and trends in Kern County, particularly in Bakersfield as it is the most popular area when it comes to buying a property. Furthermore, since you are going to move once you’ve bought your property, we will also discuss the importance of hiring trusted movers such as Hansen’s Moving and Storage CA to help you out.

 A bit about Kern County

Before we get into details, we should also briefly mention a few important details about Kern County. The seat of Kern County is Bakersfield. It is located just 2 hours from L.A. Kern County and has a population of around 900.000 residents. Affordability, different housing options, and high quality of life all make this area a very desirable place to live. Naturally, this brings many newcomers each year. However, if you are looking to buy your property here, you will need to arm yourself with a few key tips and tricks as well as get all of the necessary information about the trends and statistics. Before you hire your trusted movers Kern County, you will want to ensure you have all of the info needed to safely buy your new home. Let’s take a closer look.

A house as a symbol of buying a property in Kern County.
Before buying a property in Kern County, you will need to do some research.

Kern County real estate – The basics

We should take a look at some of the basic statistics related to real estate in Kern County. In Kern County, most residents own their own homes. The median home value is slightly lower than the national average. It is valued at around $226,600 while the national average is $229,800. The median rent in Kern County is $994 while the national average is $1,096. Around 63% of the residents say that housing is affordable in this area. The fast-growing city of Bakersfield is the most popular choice and has quite a lot of housing options.

Bakersfield is trending

The seat of Kern County, as mentioned above, is currently the biggest trendy place in this area. Of course, it is the largest city and it has the most options. Due to its growth and expansion, but also relative affordability for California standards, Bakersfield presents an opportunity for many to escape more expensive areas of CA and relocate to a more affordable place. Although the state demographers recorded California’s first population decrease, the city of Bakersfield grew the fastest out of the top 10 cities in CA. Its population is currently at around 400.000.

A person doing online research.
Find out as much as possible before choosing your new home in Bakersfield to get the best deal.

The popular areas of Bakersfield

Home values have increased slightly over the last couple of years but the market is very stable in this area. Compared to most places in California of a similar size, you can definitely find a very good bargain in Bakersfield, Kern County. Namely,  the city does not have the same income-earning potential as surrounding areas, and thus finding a good price for a home, even in a highly-populated area such as Bakersfield, is very much possible. Bakersfield has many different neighborhoods and, of course, prices will differ depending on the exact area you are looking at. Some of the most popular neighborhoods right now in Bakersfield are:

  • Olde Stockdale. This is a very well-established neighborhood. The prices here can be competitive. If you are looking for big, family houses and trees lining up the entire street, this is the right neighborhood for you.
  • Quailwood. Located next to Kern River, this neighborhood has very easy access to nature. This area has many parks and walking trails. At around $260,000, the median price for housing listed in this area is considered affordable.
  • Downtown Bakersfield. Many company buildings and businesses are located in this area. Usually, it’s the people who look for jobs, namely, young professionals seek their homes in Downtown Bakersfield. Offering a convenient and safe living environment, with a median price of around $207,440, this neighborhood is worth considering. If you’ve already made up your mind and you wish to relocate to one of these neighborhoods, make sure you have reliable residential movers Kern County helping you move.

Hire trusted movers to help you relocate after buying a property in Kern County

So, once you’ve made your choice and are ready to proceed with buying a property in Kern County, you will want to make sure you are ready and prepared for the relocation process. The process of moving, as we all know, should be fun and exciting. Looking forward to relocating to your new home is only natural. However, a few challenges and complications can happen along the way. This is why it is always recommended to have trusted and reliable movers assisting you with your relocation. Reliable movers can help you with quality moving services. Furthermore, they will make sure all of your items get to your desired location in Kern County on time and in one piece.

Couple moving in.
Once you’ve chosen your new home in Kern County, make sure you relocate with trusted movers.

So, to sum up, the Kern County area is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the fact that it still retained many affordable housing options many people opt for buying a property in Kern County. When compared to other places in California of a similar size, we can see that Bakersfield in particular is a very good choice both price-wise and opportunity-wise. Just remember to enlist the help of professional logistics companies Kern County, and your relocation is going to be fast, easy, and stress-free!

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