Best places to start a business in Kern County


If you are considering starting a business in Kern County, you are on the right track for achieving entrepreneurial success! Known for its rich agriculture, dynamic industries, and burgeoning communities, Kern County presents an area brimming with opportunities for aspiring business owners. But where exactly should you plant the seeds of your business dream? It depends on certain factors such as the type of business. However, some locations can be generally considered as the best places to start a business in Kern County. From the bustling streets of Bakersfield to the innovative spirit of Ridgecrest, each location offers unique advantages and opportunities. So, take some time to read about each of them and decide which suits your business philosophy best.

Bakersfield – a place offering numerous business opportunities

Bakersfield, the ninth-largest city in California, is an economic powerhouse in Kern County. With its strong oil and agriculture sectors, it has a diverse and stable economy. The city has seen steady growth in both population and job opportunities, making it an ideal location for new business ventures. This growth has also led to an increase in ancillary services, including those offered by reputable Bakersfield movers, catering to the needs of a growing population and businesses relocating within the city.

Business opportunities

The diverse economy of Bakersfield opens doors for various business ventures. The most prominent sectors include:

  • Technology and innovation. With a growing tech scene, there’s room for innovative startups and tech services.
  • Retail and E-commerce. The increasing population supports a thriving retail market, both in physical stores and online.
  • Food and beverage industry. Capitalizing on its agricultural roots, there’s potential for farm-to-table restaurants, specialty food shops, and agri-tourism.
  • Healthcare services. With a growing demographic, healthcare services, ranging from clinics to wellness centers, have a promising market.
  • Entertainment and leisure. Opportunities for entertainment hubs, fitness centers, and leisure activities are ripe, given the city’s expanding population.

It is clear that Bakersfield’s dynamic economy, combined with its growing sectors, makes it one of the best places to start a business in Kern County.

items dentists used one might need after moving to Bakersfield, one of the best places to start a business in Kern County
In Bakersfield, there are many different opportunities to start a business including those in the health sector.

Ridgecrest – one of the best places to start a business in Kern County

As a city known for its proximity to the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Ridgecrest offers interesting business opportunities. Namely, the presence of this military base has cultivated a skilled and technologically adept population, making the city a hotbed for innovative businesses. The stable economy, primarily driven by government and defense-related activities, provides a solid foundation for new ventures. The influx of professionals, often relocating with the assistance of services like movers in Ridgecrest CA, has also led to a growing demand for various other business services and retail options, further diversifying the economic prospects.

Ideal industries in one of the best places to start a business in Kern County

In Ridgecrest, the synergy between the military base and civilian life creates distinct opportunities. The need for advanced technology solutions to support the base fosters a conducive environment for tech startups and defense contractors. Additionally, the city’s evolving demographic profile opens avenues for education and training services, catering to both the military and civilian populations. There’s also a growing need for recreational and social venues, offering potential in sectors like dining, entertainment, and leisure services. This combination of a skilled workforce, a steady economy, and evolving consumer needs makes Ridgecrest an intriguing option for entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in a city with a unique character and strong growth potential.

several people working on their laptops in one of the best cities to start a business in Kern County
In Ridgecrest, tech startups seem to have a great chance of succeeding due to today’s situation in the local market.

Delano – cultivating success in agriculture and beyond

Agriculture is big in Delano. Known for its rich soil and favorable climate, Delano is an ideal spot for agribusinesses and related industries. However, there’s more to this city than agriculture.

Agricultural strengths

Delano’s reputation as a hub for agriculture, particularly for grapes, tree fruits, and nuts, offers unparalleled opportunities for agribusinesses. This sector not only includes farming but also extends to food processing, distribution, and agritech innovations. Thanks to the city’s agricultural success, the sight of a truck belonging to some of the movers Delano CA residents speak highly of, has become very common. People go where they can find jobs, and apparently, this city can give them that.

Diversifying economy

While agriculture remains a cornerstone, Delano’s economy is branching out. The city’s strategic location, being a part of the larger Bakersfield-Delano metropolitan area, presents opportunities in retail, hospitality, and service industries. There is growing potential for businesses that support the daily needs of the local workforce, including education, healthcare, and entertainment. Moreover, the city’s initiatives to foster economic growth make it an attractive location for entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on a developing market with strong roots in a key Californian industry.

a neatly organized agricultural field
In Delano, businesses that have something to do with agriculture thrive.

California City – the future of business in expansive landscapes

California City, known for its vast land area, presents a unique canvas for entrepreneurs. As one of the largest cities in California by area, it offers ample space for business development and expansion.

Growth potential

California City’s expansive land provides an excellent opportunity for large-scale business operations, especially in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The availability of space, combined with relatively lower land costs, makes it an appealing choice for businesses looking to establish, expand, or relocate – a trend that has been supported by services such as California City movers. Additionally, the city’s ongoing development plans are set to enhance infrastructure, further increasing its attractiveness to potential business investors.

the empty streets of a vast California City
California City occupies a very vast area which opens up many opportunities for manufacturing businesses.

Taft – transitioning from a strong industrial past to a more diverse future

When it comes to oil and energy industries, Taft is definitely one of the cities in Kern County that comes to mind first. This historical association with energy production has shaped this place into a city with a strong industrial base. Today, Taft is expanding beyond its traditional roots, welcoming a variety of new businesses and industries.

The past and present of the economy in Taft

Taft’s economy has historically been anchored by the oil industry, which continues to play a significant role. However, the city is diversifying its economic base, attracting businesses in sectors like manufacturing, retail, and services. This trend has led to an increase in commercial activities. As confirmed by the individuals working for commercial movers in Kern County, each year more and more companies choose to make this small city their headquarters. Taft’s growth is supported by its strategic location, skilled workforce, and the city’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment.

Emerging business sectors

Among the new business sectors that are developing in Taft, small and medium enterprises in technology, renewable energy, and agribusiness are emerging. The city’s transition from a predominantly oil-based economy to a more varied one illustrates its adaptability and potential as a destination for diverse business ventures.

Shafter – cultivating modern industries in a historic setting

Shafter has been experiencing a significant industrial boom, largely thanks to its strategic location and investment in infrastructure. The city has successfully attracted a range of logistics and distribution centers, which has, in turn, increased the demand for related services, including moving services Bakersfield companies provide. This industrial growth complements Shafter’s agricultural heritage, providing variety in terms of economic environment for businesses. The city’s commitment to industrial development, coupled with its transportation networks, makes it an ideal location for businesses in the logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors.

Nurturing technology and creative industries

Beyond its industrial and agricultural strengths, Shafter is making strides in technology and the creative arts. With initiatives to foster high-speed internet access and tech-friendly policies, the city is becoming an attractive spot for tech startups and digital creatives. This environment is ideal for businesses in software development, digital marketing, and creative media production. Moreover, Shafter’s support for the arts and culture sector presents opportunities for businesses in event management, cultural tourism, and the performing arts.

Wasco – a growing center for retail and logistics

Wasco, a city in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, is witnessing a transformation. In fact, it is in the process of positioning itself as a key player in the retail and logistics sectors within Kern County.

Retail expansion and downtown revitalization

This city is strategically focusing on retail expansion and downtown revitalization. It has embarked on a significant project to enhance its HWY 46 corridor, attracting major retailers and supporting smaller businesses. This initiative, aimed at boosting the local economy and improving quality of life, is an encouraging sign for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the retail sector. The city’s efforts, including a streamlined development process, are designed to attract and support new retail ventures. Various services, including packing services Bakersfield offers are now seeing some more activity in the area of Wasco, which proves that the efforts for commercial development of the city are successful.

Logistics and industrial opportunities

In addition to retail, Wasco is becoming a hub for logistics and industrial activities, thanks to its advantageous location and growing infrastructure. The city offers a business-friendly environment with expedited permit processes and available commercial and industrial-zoned land. This setting is ideal for businesses in logistics, warehousing, and light manufacturing. Wasco’s commitment to economic growth and its readiness to support new business initiatives make it an attractive destination for companies looking to capitalize on the growing demand in these fields.

a clothing store with lots of plants decorating it
In recent years, the retail industry is on the rise in the city of Wasco.

Arvin – emerging opportunities in agriculture and beyond

Arvin is one of the best places to start a business in Kern County, especially if that business has something to do with agriculture. However, the city has taken a proactive approach towards expanding its economic sectors and creating new business opportunities.

Agriculture and industry

The economy of this city has been traditionally anchored in agriculture, earning it the nickname “Garden in the Sun”. The city’s strategic focus now includes bolstering its industrial development. This shift provides opportunities for businesses related to agricultural processing, agricultural technology, and support services. Alongside this, the city’s location has made logistics hubs successful, highlighting opportunities in the transportation and warehousing sectors. The growing industrial sector in Arvin also suggests the potential for related businesses like storage Bakersfield solutions, which can be found in the wider area of Arvin.

Emerging sectors with potential

  • Industrial development. The city’s industrial sector is expanding, with opportunities in manufacturing and warehousing.
  • Commercial real estate & retail management. Urban development projects present chances for commercial real estate and retail management ventures.
  • Tourism and hospitality. With an emphasis on showcasing its natural beauty and rich history, Arvin is opening doors for businesses in tourism and hospitality.
  • Event management. The development of community spaces like farmers markets offers potential for event management businesses.
  • Transportation services. A growing logistics hub, the city offers opportunities in the transportation and warehousing sector.
  • Urban development projects. Various planned urban development projects create opportunities in construction and urban planning.

The economic situation in Arvin, with its rich agricultural heritage and evolving industrial, commercial, and tourism sectors, presents a fertile ground for the growth of a variety of businesses. Entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on these emerging opportunities will find Arvin an increasingly attractive destination within Kern County.

vegetable crates in Arvin, one of the best cities to start a business in Kern County
Arvin is another city where agricultural businesses are very successful.

The future of business in Kern County

After examining these best places to start a business in Kern County, it’s clear that this region is more than just a collection of cities. It’s a mosaic of opportunities, each with its distinct flavor and potential. Bakersfield’s vibrant economy, Ridgecrest’s innovative spirit, Delano’s agricultural roots, and California City’s expansive landscapes are just the beginning. Each city explored here offers a unique blend of resources, community support, and market potential, making Kern County an ideal place for diverse business ventures. Whether you’re looking to start a tech company, open a boutique, or launch a new culinary experience, there’s a place in Kern County where your business can thrive. Bear in mind that the key to success lies not just in the location you choose, but in how you integrate your business into these thriving communities.

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