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Looking for the best places to live in Delano CA? With its low traffic, short commute times, and rich multicultural identity, Delano offers a range of vibrant neighborhoods to suit different lifestyles. From the tight-knit and unique Fremont to the historic charm and annual Grape Festival of Downtown Delano, there are plenty of exceptional options to call home. Embracing its diverse community, these neighborhoods celebrate a blend of cultures and languages. Discover the best that Delano has to offer and why it’s a great place to live in.

Cecil Park is a real estate heaven for those with smaller budgets

Cecil Park, a vibrant urban neighborhood in Delano, California, is distinguished by its reasonable real estate prices and rentals. In fact, this area is significantly cheaper than most in the state. Its built environment comprises primarily medium-sized to large single-family homes and small apartment buildings. Most of them are occupied by owners. The neighborhood, which has a unique character shaped by its multicultural residents, is a hub of Mexican and Asian ancestry. An extraordinary linguistic trait is the substantial percentage of residents who primarily speak Tagalog at home.

As for the employment scene, Cecil Park’s workforce stands out with a higher-than-usual percentage still employed in farming, forestry, or commercial fishing. Interestingly, it’s also known for its high car ownership, with households owning four or more cars. Its friendly community is populated by long-term residents, many of whom were born abroad. Also, this neighborhood which is highly rated for its college-friendly environment and safety, and you can often see moving companies Kern County residents trust, assisting everyone in and out of their new or temporary homes.

two people hugging after buying a home
The price of real estate in Cecil Park is lower than average which makes it one of the best places to live in Delano CA

Calico/Elmo offers ideal conditions for a comfortable family life

The Calico / Elmo neighborhood stands as an inviting blend of remote tranquility and familial warmth. It presents a medley of medium to large single-family homes, including mobile homes, primarily owner-occupied. Many residences are contemporary, built in 2000 or later, indicating a thriving real estate sector, energized by a demand above the U.S. average. It’s not unusual to spot on the streets the movers Delano CA citizens are hiring.

The neighborhood radiates a unique ambiance, shaped by its setting, architecture, and diverse population. With a rich representation of Arab and Mexican ancestry, Calico / Elmo is linguistically unique. A lot of residents speak Arabic at home. Its low population density and minimal traffic, as 91% of the residents commute by driving alone, contribute to a serene atmosphere.

One of the reasons why Calico / Elmo is among the best places to live in Delano CA is the fact that it’s ranked among California’s best family-friendly neighborhoods. It owes that flattering title to its low crime rates, excellent public schools, and strong community spirit. Impressively, the area is barely affected by child poverty, presenting an environment reminiscent of a “Leave It to Beaver” episode. Remarkably, this neighborhood shows an extraordinary level of stability with most residents choosing to stay for years, resulting in a well-connected community. This residential haven indeed offers all the amenities needed for a family to thrive.

a happy family that has just moved to one of the neighborhoods that is the best place to live in Delano CA
In Delano, there are neighborhoods that are ideal for a family life.

Albany Park, Delano’s coveted jewel for exceptional residency

Albany Park is a charming neighborhood in Delano, California, that offers a high quality of life. One of it’s main features is its peaceful atmosphere. Also, it boasts well-maintained homes, lush green parks, and excellent schools. The community is friendly and welcoming, fostering a strong sense of belonging among residents. Local amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities are conveniently located, making everyday living easy. The neighborhood also has a low crime rate, adding to its appeal for families and individuals seeking a safe, comfortable living environment. Overall, Albany Park is a wonderful place to call home in this part of the world.

If you hate spending too long commuting, Fremont is a place for you

The Fremont neighborhood in Delano, CA, is a community characterized by its unique occupational makeup and cultural heritage. With a higher concentration of residents employed in farming, forestry, or commercial fishing than 99.9% of U.S. neighborhoods, it stands out as a bastion of traditional industries. The neighborhood’s Mexican ancestry is prominent, with 90.1% of residents identifying as Mexican and Spanish being the primary language spoken at home for 75.1% of households. However, the neighborhood also faces economic challenges. Most households have low-income levels and a high rate of childhood poverty. Despite this, the neighborhood offers a convenient commute, with many residents spending under 15 minutes traveling to work. All taken into account, the Fremont neighborhood is a vibrant mixture of diversity and contrasts, showcasing the complexities of American neighborhoods.

For a more lively atmosphere and access to various activities, move to Downtown Delano

Downtown Delano’s charm lies in its lively, historic charm. A blend of assorted businesses, restaurants, and cultural attractions contribute to the neighborhood’s vibrant character. Annually, residents and visitors alike flock to Downtown Delano for the celebrated Delano Grape Festival. It’s a testament to the area’s strong agricultural legacy. In addition to that, the pedestrian-friendly layout encourages exploration, with a wealth of public art installations that weave a rich tapestry of local creativity throughout the district.

Green spaces are a major feature of this neighborhood. There are sites like the Delano Recreation Center that offer leisure and outdoor activities. Given its central location, Downtown Delano serves as an excellent hub for various service providers. Some of them are the local movers Kern County is home to, for example. That makes it an optimal location for those seeking to experience all that the Central Valley has to offer. In essence, this community truly embodies a place where you can live, work, and play amidst an engaging, historic backdrop.

a close-up grapes
Downtown Delano is the most vibrant neighborhood in the area with many events such as the Delano Grape Festival.

Choose the neighborhood that suits you among the best places to live in Delano CA

There is a range of neighborhoods that can be considered the best places to live in Delano CA. From the low traffic and short commute times to the rich multicultural identity, Delano provides an inviting and diverse community for its residents. Some may prefer it’s the unique occupational and cultural characteristics of Fremont. The other might find the historic charm and annual Grape Festival in Downtown Delano enchanting. With its vibrant mix of cultures, languages, and ethnicity, Delano truly exemplifies the best of community living. Discover the beauty and warmth of Delano’s neighborhoods and find the perfect place to build your nest in this lively California city.

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