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Have you decided to move to Kern County, California? Kern is the energy capital of the country and has a thriving health care system. One of the biggest advantages of living in Kern County is the cost of living. Kern County is the second least expensive county in California. Agriculture and oil production are important components of the county’s economy. As one of the best movers Bakersfield, we would like to help you with this. We’ve chosen the best cities in Kern County that you could move to. We’ll provide you with cities that you’ll fall in love with. Let’s pack our stuff and get ready to move.

Our first stop is the biggest city in Kern County – Bakersfield

Bakersfield, once known for oil and agriculture, is transforming into a center for arts, entertainment, and sports. With its population of over 400, 000 it’s the largest city in this county. Bakersfield is about 100 miles north of Los Angeles and serves as a route for Highway 99 which is really important. This Highway is an important route since it connects Bakersfield with a lot of cities including Sacramento. If you go south you’ll get to Interstate 5. From there you can go to LA and absolutely anywhere from north to south California. Many moving companies Kern County know that this is one of the best places in California to move. We would to present you with a couple of reasons why we think that this is one of the best options to move to Kern County. Here you go:

  • House prices are three times cheaper than in Los Angeles
  • Commuting to LA is easy, about 80, 000 people commute daily
  • The cost of living is a bit more expensive, but housing is cheaper
  • Manufacturing and retail are on the rise as many businesses move to Bakersfield
Los Angeles from afar during golden hour overlloking best cities in Kern County.
The good thing about Bakersfield is that it’s a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and a four-hour drive from Sacramento.

On the other hand, the area has low magnitude, earthquakes. This isn’t the reason to take it away from the best cities in Kern County, but we must mention it. However, there are a lot of things to see like the California Living Museum Zoo, The Park at River Walk, and McMurtry Aquatic Center; just to mention a few. So having a lovely time with your family will be just a couple of miles away.

Our next stop is the Ridgecrest 

Ridgecrest is famous for its stunning sunsets and mild, sunny weather. Residents of Ridgecrest live in a sparse suburban atmosphere, and most people own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Ridgecrest, and residents tend to be conservative. Ridgecrest’s main industry is the military with the base Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. So jobs in the military and especially in military science would be particularly lucrative here. On the other hand, the civilian sector is also very prosperous. You can expect to find many government jobs, such as working in a hospital in Ridgecrest. The most common jobs include nurses, nurse’s aides, and graphic designers.

Since the city is too hot they say that it’s the only disadvantage of the city. But as movers Ridgecrest CA like to say there are a lot of fun things to do here. Leroy Jackson Park in Ridgecrest gives you plenty of room to run, softball and soccer fields, and six tennis courts. The Maturango Museum offers a fascinating overview of the history of Ridgecrest and the Mojave. There are guided tours of the famous Native American petroglyphs. There are exhibits on the settlement of the area and wildlife encounters, and much more. The Maturango Museum offers Ridgecrest residents an unforgettable experience!

Photo of museum during a golden hour.
In one of the best cities in Kern County, you’ll find the most interesting museum in all of CA. On the other hand, if you prefer outdoor activities visit Leroy Jackson’s Park.

The second-largest city in Kern County

Delano is a suburb of Bakersfield with a population of about 52,000. Kern County includes Delano. Delano residents live in a suburban atmosphere, and most homeowners own their homes. There are several parks located in Delano. In 2021, the median cost of a single-family home in Delano, California, will be about $242,000. This is the highest in the nation and the lowest in California. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $670. Industries that employ the most people are natural resources, construction, and maintenance. While jobs like management, business, science, and arts employ are less common.

Delano has 17 neighborhoods, so you’re sure to discover one that meets your needs. So movers Delano CA would like to present you with Albany Park, Bel-Aire, and Fremont. These are our top three picked neighborhoods. Albany Park is ideal for families because it’s close to a highly regarded elementary school. Bel-Aire has many grocery stores, which is ideal for young people. Fremont is a larger neighborhood with a diverse population. Many of the schools are located near Fremont, which makes it convenient for parents to drop off and pick up their children. Delano Marketplace and Delano Village Retail Center are two convenient shopping centers in Delano. If you’re in the mood for outdoor activities, Lake Woollomes is a great place for swimming, family picnics, fishing, and boating.

Kern County’s hidden gem – Tehachapi

Movers Tehachapi CA would like to let you know more about Tehachapi. This is the last city on our list and it’s a bit more expensive than Delano. That’s if we compare the cost of a one-bedroom apartment. Tehachapi is less likely to be hit by an earthquake. Most people work as business people, managers, and artists. While, the main industries are health care, education, and social assistance.

California desert landscape during the day.
Many Hollywood movies were shot in Tehachapi. This city is safer to live in since it has less chance of earthquake activities. Also, the weather is quite nice since it has four seasons.

First, if we take a closer look we’ll see that Tehachpapi is near an airport. Second, there is a low risk of natural disasters unlike in other places in California. Furthermore, the weather can be dry and extremely hot. Although the place can be hot it’s not too windy and most people like the weather. You were probably wondering why did we call it a hidden gem? We’ll a lot of Hollywood movies were filmed here; one of them being “The Hangover Part III”. So that sums it up. These are the best cities in Kern County in our opinion. The only drawback is that utilities can be a bit more expensive than in large cities. But on the other hand, they are close to major cities and it’s easy to commute out there. We hope that we helped you and made a wise move!

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