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When someone says they are moving locally, it sounds pretty straightforward. The move that is close or at least in the vicinity won’t require as much effort as a state move or a long-distance one. But that’s exactly why many people tend to be caught off guard when problems arise. In order to avoid those problems, there are some solutions. One of them is finding the right moving services Bakersfield. Also, there are some Bakersfield local moving tips to consider that will make your moving process easier and stress-free.

Make a moving plan

Everything good starts with a moving plan. This is crucial in every move. The type of the move is not important. Even if it’s a long-distance move or a local one that doesn’t matter. Actually, sometimes people take local moves as a joke. They think that because it is close it won’t be a problem. But when they face reality they see they were wrong.  Bakersfield local moving tips are easy to remember and even easier to do! Even if you don’t want to do them yourself you can always call some of the movers and packers Bakersfield has to offer.

A client talking with her movers about some of the Bakersfield local moving tips
Bakersfield local moving tips are helpful to you when moving even if you hire movers.

Moving plans are there to make your day-to-day easier. That way you won’t have to rush and everything last minute. Most of the moving stress comes from rushing in order to complete everything on time before the moving company arrives.

Packing supplies

If you decide that packing is something you can do yourself be ready to organize your time. Before you start anything getting all of the packing supplies is a must. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! When moving you can never have too many of them. But there are some Bakersfield local moving tips you should know when getting them. The box must not be too large or too small!

It must fit perfectly and leave no access space, except for the space for wraps. Sometimes asking professionals for advice or help is a good idea. There are many people that actually save appliance boxes in case of moving. Don’t forget labels, paper wrap, bubble wrap as well as tape!


Sometimes it happens that the new apartment isn’t as spacious as the first one. Or that some of your furniture is too big for it. In those cases, there are some Bakersfield local moving tips.

  •  There are some things that you don’t need that will be a blessing to others. So even considering donation is a nice thing! For example, The Furniture Bank is a charity you can consider for donations in case of furniture. There are also many other appliances, clothes, products and so on.
  •  You can sell the items you don’t use, or have duplicates of. A yard sale is a good idea to make extra cash before moving. If you decide to do a yard sale, you should promote it well and tell friends and family. We bet at least one of them has something of yours they have been eyeing for some time.
A woman dividing clothes
Make three piles when decluttering – for donation, for trash and the last one should be the items you want to keep.

Rent a storage

What do you do in cases when there are some things you don’t want to separate from but don’t have where to place in your new home? Bakersfield local moving tips offer you a simple solution for that as well. And that solution is storage Bakersfield has. Here you will have your belongings safe, and still easy to access.

There will be security there at all times, and can also serve as a place where you store expensive belongings. But at the same time, it’s easy to access and can store many things.

Make sure your new home is ready

Is there anything better than moving in into an already clean apartment? It is the best feeling to come in and not have to move muscle after a tiring move. And even though it’s a local one that doesn’t mean it will be stress-free. So one of the Bakersfield local moving tips to consider is cleaning the apartment. Not only the cleaning but making sure that everything is ready for you to move in is a must as well.

From water, electricity and other necessary things, everything should be checked. Make sure there are no leaks or any type of damage that will need to be repaired. Bakersfield local moving tips to consider are always giving more and more. One of them is actually painting the walls and doing the floors in your new home before moving in.

A clean appartent
Your new home should be clean and ready for your furniture and boxes.

Child-proof and pet-proof

If by chance you have any pets or kids then making sure they are safe is a part of your job. And while packing services Bakersfield are doing their job it’s the perfect time for you to pet-proof and child-proof your home. But that’s not all. During the process of moving and getting ready to move don’t forget to pay special attention to the little ones. Being pets or kids most of them sense your mood. And if you are stressed they will be too.

There are many Bakersfield local moving tips to consider, and one of them is to divide your time. Make sure your kids, pets, and loved ones get a certain amount of time with you. And take that time to relax as well. Moving is hard and will require a lot of energy, but being with loved ones can charge your batteries and make you ready to take on the world.

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