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Everyone is aware that relocations are stressful and energy-consuming. Everyone thinks about money and packing your belongings when you talk about moving. But few homeowners think about the real danger and consequences of a residential move that is always present. Unexpected things happen that we cannot predict. Moving injuries can happen in a second when you least expect it. There isn’t any warning that will let you know that something bad is going to happen. Whether it is a paper cut when you are packing your belongings in cardboard boxes, or a muscle injury while lifting heavy items. All these injuries, especially the serious ones, can delay your relocation or slow things down. Getting hurt on your relocation day is even worse, so you need to be aware of this before you start moving. We are here to show you how to avoid moving injuries with these 3 simple tips.

Common moving injuries that can happen

When organizing your move, you have to plan everything in advance. Every single thing needs to be planned in detail if you don’t want to rush things. Often rushing things and trying to finish everything last minute leads to moving injuries. People tend to forget about precautions and do unnecessary things just to finish everything on time. One of the most common injuries is back injury. It happens all the time when lifting heavy items. Often people do not think about the way they lift their boxes or how they bend. The same goes with sprained ankles. One wrong step or twist can lead to a serious injury and can delay your moving. Especially if you move all your belongings on your own. Other common injuries are knee injury, common cuts, and broken fingers/toes. With the help of one of the residential movers Kern County has, you can avoid injuries.

An injured man
It is necessary to take all precautions to avoid moving injuries that can happen.

Tip 1 – Avoid a last-minute packing and moving

Most of the moving injuries happen when you are trying to do everything last minute. You are trying to pack everything before the moving truck arrives. It is most likely that you will end up hurting yourself. The best thing to do is to make a detailed plan for your relocation. If you are hiring a professional, feel free to research the prices and moving services Bakersfield movers have to offer. If you start on time, you will not have so many things to do on your moving day. Creating a timeline can help you out in this process. Getting the right equipment is also essential. Instead of moving your sofa last minute, prepare a furniture dolly that will help you out. You will save your back and ankles if you read more about moving large items in a proper way.

Tip 2 – Make sure to clear a path when moving your items

If you hired one of the moving companies Bakersfield has, it is likely that their moving truck will be parked in front of your home. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you will have to get your items outside. Before you start moving boxes or your items, make sure to clear a path through your home and in front of your house. If you have children, the best thing is to send them to your friends or relatives until you load the truck. Look for any hidden dangers such as extension cords, slippery stairs, or children’s toys around the house. Additionally, always walk forward when carrying items. Do not move sideways and try to see where you are going. This is extremely bad for your back and can cause a back strain.

A man helping another man lifting boxes in order to avoid moving injuries
Do not hesitate to ask for help when moving in order to avoid moving injuries.

Tip 3 – Do not test your limits when lifting boxes

Everyone thinks that moving and lifting boxes is quite easy. They are just boxes that you need to move from one location to another. How hard can it be? If you try to lift more weight than you actually can handle, you risk getting seriously injured. If you have the means, feel free to leave this to the local movers Kern County has to offer. Decide how much can you actually lift and leave the ones you can’t. You can always ask for help from your friends and neighbors. You need to learn how to lift items properly. Always keep wide support with your feet and shoulders. When you do squat to pick up a box, do not put all the pressure on your back, rather your legs. Remember to breathe and take breaks whenever you feel you need one.

How you dress plays a key role if you want to avoid moving injuries

A lot of people tend to move in season, in the summer months. That means you will be wearing flip-flops, sandals and light summer clothes. Imagine what would happen if you decide to go down the stairs, carrying a heavy box, in your flip-flops. One of the most important things is to dress appropriately. You need to wear shoes with closed toes, to avoid toe injuries. Additionally, wearing safety gloves to protect your hands and skin is essential. It is recommended to cover your skin as much as you can, even on a hot summer day.

people loading the moving truck
Wear appropriate clothing when you are lifting heavy boxes to avoid moving injuries.

Follow simple safety rules when moving out

Although these simple steps and rules seem irrelevant, in the long run, they are really helpful to avoid moving injuries. The moving day can be really overwhelming and you will try to get over it as soon as you can. Take your time, organize your relocation and use appropriate equipment. Do not overpack boxes so they don’t break when trying to move them. Talk to the professional and seek their help if you think that you cannot make it on your own. Find reliable movers to lead your relocation and make sure to listen to their advice.

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