A guide to moving to Bakersfield: A haven for retirees


Moving to a new place in retirement is an important decision. Having a guide to moving to Bakersfield will help you make an informed choice among the numerous options. As one of the leading moving companies Bakersfield has encountered, we’ve assisted countless retirees in starting their journey in Bakersfield. Its allure is undeniable, and by the end of this guide, you’ll grasp its entire essence.

The city’s natural features promote a healthier lifestyle for seniors

In the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley is the city of Bakersfield, where the beauty of agricultural land meets the lively atmosphere of a growing urban center.  The city’s backdrop includes the scenic Sierra Nevada to the east and the rolling Tehachapi Mountains to the south, adding a picturesque quality to its landscape. Although you can see the mountains, the very city is fully flat. This feature can be considered a big plus at a certain age when every incline is dangerous and exhausting.

Bakersfield’s climate is semi-arid, marked by hot, dry summers and mild, moist winters. This kind of weather is especially beneficial for those suffering from problems related to heart and lungs. Also, in places with warmer climates, people are more physically active, which is a precondition for preventing a large number of health issues. Therefore, we can safely say that moving to Bakersfield can dramatically improve your health without you having to make too much effort to achieve that.

a field of yellowish grass with hills one can see after following a guide to moving to Bakersfield
Bakersfield is a city that provides its residents with a lot of access to nature.

Bakersfield has a rich heritage

Transitioning to the town’s historical aspect, Bakersfield has a rich cultural background. It’s a place where the legacy of oil fields and the rhythm of country music coalesce, shaping its unique cultural identity. Bakersfield’s cultural fabric is woven with music threads, notably the Bakersfield Sound. This genre revolutionized country music and launched legends like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

Furthermore, the city’s streets and museums echo tales of its Native American, Spanish, and Gold Rush-era past, blending seamlessly with today’s multicultural community. This mixture of history, culture, and innovation defines Bakersfield and makes it an amazing place to explore and call home at any age.

Understanding your finances before following a guide to moving to Bakersfield is very important

Before one relocates, it’s essential to gauge the financial implications. Consequently, like every other city, Bakersfield has its unique financial landscape.

The housing market

In the latter part of 2023, Bakersfield’s housing market exhibited a steady yet dynamic character. The median home price in October reached around $400,000, marking a modest 1.3% year-over-year increase. This data underscores a gradually appreciating housing market in this city, characterized by stable growth and relatively quick property turnover. And while creating your budget for home-buying in this city, don’t forget the extra costs. For example, at a certain age, people are not as agile and can carry heavy boxes and pieces of furniture. To ease the transition to another state, movers Kern County provides, offer specialized packages for senior relocations. With their help, the move will be hassle-free and not as physically demanding.

Utility and grocery costs are important expenses as well

Next, understanding daily expenses is very important. On average, the utility bills in Bakersfield are a bit above the national average. The only bill not as high is the one for water, thanks to the city’s large underground aquifer and the Kern River.

Moreover, grocery shopping in Bakersfield can be a delightful experience. With local markets offering fresh produce, the cost often aligns with the national average. Nonetheless, the presence of organic farms, such as Cal-Organic Farms, can sometimes lead to slightly elevated prices for organic products.

Tax and financial tips for retirees

Lastly, retirees must understand the tax implications. California has an income tax, but it is of the progressive type. That means it increases with the person’s income. That means that those with lower incomes shouldn’t worry. These tax rates can range from as low as 1%.

Picture of a cup next to papers
It is important to know the details regarding the taxes in the country where you live or want to move to.

Maximizing your finances in Bakersfield: Smart spending tips

As a guide to moving to Bakersfield will show you, relocation here can be an exciting adventure and a thoughtful investment, especially when you’re well-prepared financially. Making the most of your money in this charming town involves planning and local insight.

  • Firstly, consider tapping into local senior discount programs. Numerous establishments offer price reductions for older adults, from eateries to entertainment venues. Availing these can lead to considerable monthly savings.
  • Additionally, investing in energy-efficient appliances and home upgrades can prove beneficial. By reducing energy consumption, not only do you align with today’s environmental principles, but you can also significantly cut down on utility bills. Local programs might even offer rebates or incentives for such eco-friendly adaptations.
  • Exploring the local farmers’ markets and seasonal sales is also wise. While organic products might be slightly pricier, many other local goods can be snagged at a bargain during specific times of the year. Keeping an eye on local community boards or joining neighborhood groups can keep you updated on upcoming sales or barter opportunities.
  • Lastly, engaging with a local financial advisor familiar with Bakersfield’s economic landscape can offer personalized strategies, ensuring your finances remain stable while you enjoy all the town has to offer.

Top-notch healthcare for peace of mind

Starting with healthcare, Bakersfield boasts several state-of-the-art medical facilities. Kern Medical Center, for instance, has been consistently rated among the top such institutions in the region. They offer specialized geriatric care, ensuring retirees access to the best health services.

Moreover, multiple specialized clinics and primary care centers mean that routine check-ups and specialized treatments are never a hassle.

Numerous parks provide venues for connecting with nature

On the recreational front, Bakersfield doesn’t disappoint either. This city has over 60 parks, each with unique offerings. For example, the Kern River Parkway is a natural highlight of Bakersfield, stretching along the Kern River. It offers extensive biking, jogging, and walking trails and is a popular spot for bird watching and enjoying scenic river views.

Furthermore, Hart Park, located northeast of downtown Bakersfield, is one of the city’s largest and oldest parks. It features picturesque lakes, picnic areas, and abundant wildlife. The park is ideal for family outings, fishing, and outdoor sports. Living close to so many green spaces in your golden years is good for your health. Numerous scientific studies have proven that spending time in nature greatly impacts people’s mental and physical health.

Staying social is easy with local gatherings and festivities

In Bakersfield, seniors can enjoy a variety of culturally enriching events. For example, the Bakersfield Jazz Festival offers an enjoyable experience with its array of renowned jazz performances in a comfortable outdoor setting. Also, the Kern County Fair, celebrated annually, is a delightful mix of live music, art, and local food, ideal for seniors interested in the city’s agricultural heritage. The Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra’s regular concerts also cater to classical music lovers. At the same time, the ArtWalk at First Friday in downtown Bakersfield presents an inviting atmosphere for seniors to appreciate local art and cuisine. These events provide seniors with engaging, accessible experiences that make their lives more interesting and fun.

Bakersfield Senior Center is a hub for seniors

The Bakersfield Senior Center is proof of the town’s dedication to its senior population. Offering programs ranging from fitness classes to art workshops ensures that retirees have a hub for growth, learning, and socialization.

Also, to help seniors transition seamlessly, a guide to moving to Bakersfield advises to get the help of logistics companies Kern County boasts that collaborate with local centers. These companies facilitate the transfer of essential items, making the shift to community programs smooth.

two elderly people playing chess
The city offers centers where seniors can socialize.

Groups with varied interests exist in this city

In addition to formal centers, retirees have numerous clubs and organizations. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, a book lover, or a passionate baker, there’s likely a club in Bakersfield waiting for you. And what’s best is that some of these people will likely be able to recommend some packing services Bakersfield offers, in case you want to return to your old place.

Bakersfield’s senior-friendly transport system

First and foremost, the ease of mobility plays a significant role for retirees looking for a guide to moving to Bakersfield. The city is not just about scenic views and social hubs. It has a commendable transport network tailored for its senior residents.

Picture of a bus interior
Seniors can enjoy the accessible public transportation system in Bakersfield

Stay connected with services

Managed by the Golden Empire Transit (GET) District, Bakersfield’s public transport system is thoughtfully designed to cater to seniors and individuals with disabilities. Seniors aged 65 and older, along with customers with certified disabilities, benefit from discounted fares on buses, for which they can use various forms of identification like a GET Senior ID or Medicare Card.

Additionally, for those who have recently completed their move with the help of residential movers Kern County recommends, public transport can be an ideal way to familiarize themselves with the new city in another state.

Unique transport options for seniors

Furthermore, recognizing the unique needs of its senior population offers specialized transportation options. The city offers an On-Demand Paratransit service, a shared-ride, curb-to-curb system operating alongside the fixed-route buses. This service is particularly adapted for those whose disabilities prevent them from using regular buses, providing essential mobility for general-purpose trips such as medical appointments and shopping. Operating seven days a week with extended hours, this paratransit service ensures that all residents can access convenient and reliable transportation within Bakersfield, regardless of their mobility needs. When it comes to moving, hiring Bakersfield long distance movers is somewhat similar – you call them, tell them your needs, and everything else is their worry!

Savor the best at senior-friendly eateries

Bakersfield’s dining scene is senior-friendly, with many restaurants offering comfortable seating, easy access, and menus suited to diverse dietary needs. These eateries ensure a relaxing and accessible dining experience for older patrons.

Markets and centers

Furthermore, the city’s farmers markets are a great attraction for seniors, providing fresh, local produce in a lively community setting. Senior centers in the area also host food-centric social events, fostering a sense of community and offering enjoyable dining experiences for seniors.

Picture of tomatoes on a market
Markets offer socialization, aside from fresh produce

Ensuring your safety when moving to Bakersfield

Safety invariably tops the concerns when relocating, especially in the golden years. Fortunately, moving to Bakersfield provides scenic beauty, amenities, and a secure environment for its residents.

A lot of effort is invested in improving safety stats

A concerted effort by law enforcement and community organizations is making strides in enhancing public safety. With a focus on community policing and neighborhood empowerment, the city fosters a stronger bond between residents and the police. Inevitably, that leads to more effective crime prevention. Local programs and initiatives actively create safer, more engaged communities, reflecting a growing sense of unity and commitment to safety among residents. These collaborative efforts gradually shape Bakersfield into a safer, more inclusive city.

Moreover, for those looking to make the move soon, local movers Kern County offers are known for their secure handling and efficient service, ensuring your belongings are in safe hands – same as you will be living here.

Community vigilance

Furthermore, the community plays an active role in maintaining this safety record. Bakersfield has several neighborhood watch programs in place. These groups, in collaboration with the Bakersfield Police Department, ensure that residents are always alert and aware, fostering an environment where everyone looks out for one another.

Volunteering in Bakersfield

Bakersfield offers numerous avenues for active participation once you’ve settled in and want to integrate more deeply into the community fabric.

Numerous non-profits are awaiting your contribution

Bakersfield is home to various non-profits dedicated to multiple causes, from social services to environmental conservation. These organizations offer opportunities for community engagement through volunteering, donations, or advocacy. Their work addresses issues like homelessness and food insecurity, significantly impacting the local community. Contributing to these non-profits supports their vital missions and strengthens Bakersfield’s community spirit.

Stay active, stay engaged

Additionally, Bakersfield prides itself on offering multiple programs that enable seniors to remain active. Whether group exercises, educational workshops, or community clean-up drives, retirees can easily find activities aligned with their interests.

Picture of a senior that is enjoying their life after following a guide to moving to Bakersfield
In Bakersfield, it is easy to stay active and engaged

Follow a guide to moving to Bakersfield for the best results

As you can see, a guide to moving to Bakersfield shows plenty of benefits for retirees. The city’s rich cultural scene, music festivals, and markets offer great entertainment and social opportunities. Its senior-friendly amenities and active community involvement foster a sense of belonging and engagement. Also, Bakersfield’s focus on safety and accessible transportation supports a healthier, worry-free living environment. This combination of social vibrancy, community support, and safety makes Bakersfield an ideal choice for a rewarding retirement. If you decide to relocate here, make sure to contact reliable movers to get all the help and support you deserve during this process.

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